New Course: Your Talents and Goals—A Fairy Witch Class

Your Talents and Goals—
A Fairy Witch Class 2024

Use Magic
to Lift Your Abilities and Your Life Sky High


Your Talents and Goals meets in group phone calls. No app needed. Use your phone to call into the classes.

This new eight-month course helps you

* Find and express your gifts, both mundane and magical.

* Use all your Goddess-given abilities to manifest life goals.

And the lessons give you much more. This post will discuss that a bit further down.

Ceremonies are safe for beginners and substantive enough for adepts.

Loving Gods Bless Us
with Abilities That Can Make Us Happy

Everyone has gifts—talents given them by the Gods. This includes parenting, writing, painting, marketing, teaching, playing music, counseling, or many other activities.

These gifts help us achieve goals, big and small. Examples:
* starting a business
* throwing yourself into your art
* creating an abundance of money, health, romance, serenity, strength, self-love, or whatever else you want.

A person’s talents fulfill them.

A person’s talents serve family, tribe, Gaia, all Her children, and the Gods.

Don’t know your goals? The classes will include rituals for clarity and Divine guidance. You can use one or more of them to figure out your goals. If that’s not enough, I’ll give you a psychic reading.

Along with helping you find your gifts, express your gifts, and use them to the max, Your Talents and Goals does even more. Here it is.

The Goddess Created All Things

The lessons reveal how your creativity holds all the Goddess’ creative power. She will lend us Her endless and exuberant fecundity to make the lives we want.

As the Goddess’ beloved child, we co-create our day with Her. Drawing on Her immense creative force, these classes bless you as a whole being. So every aspect of you thrives. In the same manner, the rites enrich your entire life.

The Goddess is the creative force of the entire universe. I created weekly ceremonies that immerse you in that magical opulence. So you receive good luck in finances, family matters, or your other heart’s desires.

A Life You Truly Desire

I have thought I wanted some things that I do not really want. Then I learned my heart’s true desires. Sometimes, I still get confused and think I want something that I don’t. Figuring out one’s true desires is an ongoing part of the human spiritual journey. And I have tools that help me become clear, tools that I will teach you.

If you experience any type of confusion about what you want, this class will help you know your heart’s desires. So you use your gifts to create the life you truly want—the one that will make you the happiest possible.

Creativity Takes Many Forms

Life is the ultimate art. Everyone has their own type of creativity. They can be used to artfully create a life. Examples of creativity are (and note how diverse these are): being the matriarch of a family, bringing joy to friends, listening to someone’s problems compassionately, building community, grooming dogs, being the matriarch of a corporation, painting, writing poetry, researching physics, giving psychic readings, and applying mathematics.

Lessons in Your Talents and Goals foster your particular creativity. And you learn how to use it as transformative shamanism that changes you and your life.

I Have a Gift for Helping People Use Their Gifts

One of my talents is the ability to help you with yours. There are a lot of different parts to my ability, and I apply the ones you need. Here are three examples. I know how to uncover someone’s powers. I can help someone become confident about their powers. I facilitate an individual using their powers effectively toward goals.

I don’t need a skill to help you excel in it. My experience with Margaret, a master astrologer, provides an example. She traveled the world to take astrology lessons from top people in the field. After working on her astrology for a mere half hour with me, she said it was the best astrology lesson she’d ever had. I am not an astrologer! Why would she need me? I know how to facilitate someone’s personal power. I also know how to do it in ever-deeper ways for individuals with highly-developed skills.

Do You Wonder
“How Do I Find Classes That Are Right for Me?”

Shamanic lessons need to be appropriate for you.

Enrollment is limited for Your Talents and Goals. This allows time for me to give participants individualized attention, including psychic readings. I tailor the curriculum to attendees. Here’s why that’s important.

Each person has different talents to explore. They also each have their own path, for example, they might face different blocks to self-expression.

Different people need different help with their gifts. Some people need to recognize them. Some people need confidence. Some want to figure out how to use their gifts professionally. Some individuals need other support so they can earn a living using their gifts. Some people need to learn how to schedule time to develop or use their gifts. Some people need to validate their skills that seemingly have no purpose. Some people need other help.

Whatever you need, this Fairy Witch course makes your gifts emerge and shine so bright that they will dazzle the stars in the sky.

Can Magic Be Practical?

Yes, these are practical Shamanic lessons.

If you’ve thought, “I can’t find magic lessons that actually change anything for me,” you’re in the right place now.

These lessons are not the abstract theory of an ivory tower. You’ll learn magic that makes a difference. You will be gently guided in rites to empower yourself and create the life you want. If you don’t know what you want or what in you needs to change, the rituals help you find that wisdom inside yourself. If you need more, I give you a psychic reading.

Another way that the classes are down to earth: We each choose large or small goals that we work toward together. If you cannot choose a project or projects, I’ll help.

Systemic Oppression and Pagan Rituals

I never say that all blocks can be overcome. I say that enough can be conquered to allow a wonderful life, and that magic helps us achieve a lot of what we truly want.

My belief that magic has the power to achieve anything is not naïve. I recognize the extremities caused by systemic oppression. I know how hard they can be to overcome.

My experience is that magic has the power to achieve anything. Ritual for myself and individuals like me—people that systemic oppression is tailored to crush—has consistently been successful. I am not going to recount nightmares that magic helped me survive and triumph over. The important thing is that magic worked. My life is a daily miracle. The magic I teach has helped my clients live in the same way. This includes individuals who are BIPOC, trans, gay, or another target of oppressors.

The weekly sacred circles help you
* Conquer what life throws at you.
* Land through Divine grace into the life you want—the life you deserve as your right.

Inclusive Spirituality
“I Want to Feel Like I Belong.”

Some “spiritual” teachers have the oppressive idea that not everyone is “worthy” of receiving help. They reject BIPOC, trans, older women, … If you have been subjected to homophobia, classism, racism, sexism, etc., you might hesitate before approaching a new group.

If you have internalized oppression, you might feel unworthy of any help.

My Gods stand by me in hard times. They stand by me when I cannot or will not stand by myself. They stand by me when I’m desolate or don’t trust Them. They stand by me exactly as I am at any given moment. This event is a way you can allow Them to stand by you. My Gods are inclusive and celebrate diversity. Their magic is abundant in the upcoming course.

They do not hold back Their aid, waiting until we are supposedly “worthy.” They offer miracle-making magic in all circumstances. We are always worthy.

Trauma and Hope

Have you had any of the following thoughts?

I don’t have time to finish my projects.

Problems fill my mind. So I can’t focus enough to get ahead.

I’m too upset, tired, and frustrated to move forward in my life.

I’m always stressed. I need rituals for serenity and clarity. But I never feel centered enough to do ritual.

I need to find inner strength. But I’m too busy keeping my head above water.

If you could have made any of those statements, show up at our circles exactly as you are and do exactly as you do. Magic will welcome you, accept you as you are, and help you. So will I. We’ll make important progress toward your goals.

Expect help, power, and miracle-causing magic. For fifty years, I’ve successfully helped people manifest greater personal fulfillment. I start with where they actually are in their lives. They don’t have to forgo improving their lives until they are in the “right” state of mind or “right” situation.

The Creative Force during Hard Times

When I feel there’s no time for anything but survival, work, or other responsibilities, it’s doubly important to make time for spirituality and creativity and to bring the two together. Creativity helps overcome crisis, even when it is ongoing. Creativity brings me to the ground of my being—the Divine. Creativity and spirituality combined lifts me out of fear and the mundane, into connectivity and wholeness. I suddenly see creative ways to deal with major problems. I find the power to do so. This class helps you with everything I’ve described in this paragraph. You’ll learn time-honored shamanic methods, as well as modalities I created that, for decades, have helped people claim their inner fire, their agency, and their ideal lives.

Attend by Phone. It’s Easy!

The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.
The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.


We meet in 2024 for eight months. Our classes will be on Wednesdays 6 to 7 pm pacific time, from February 7 through September 25, except for the following Wednesdays:
* March 27
* May 22
* July 17
* Sept 4

Reserve Wednesdays October 2, 9, and 16, the usual time, for makeup sessions in the unlikely chance I’m unavailable for any of the planned dates.


Enrollment ends Midnight Wednesday Jan 31.

Cost is $200 a month. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

If you must drop out, cancel your subscription, and no further payments are required. No refunds.

Click the Subscribe button below to enroll securely through PayPal.

Pls give me yr phone #

If you don’t receive an email confirming payment within a few days, check your spam. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a scholarship, semi-scholarship, trade, or payment plan other than the subscription, or you need additional information about the classes, please call me at the number below. Upon payment, your seat is reserved. A few days before our first meeting, you receive an email with the event phone number and other details.

These classes can serve as the two qualifying electives needed before the advanced Fairy Witch (Faerie shaman) training.

If you took the course The Spirituality of Art and the Art of Spirituality, these classes are a greatly adapted and expanded version of it.

Life is Art!

Photo of Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis is a Fairy Witch elder and the best-selling author of Be a Goddess! She believes that everyone is multi-talented, and that the right support can help them live as such. After teaching herself to play guitar at age fourteen, she immediately started performing in major metropolitan clubs. She indie-produced a best-selling Pagan music album. She does the bookkeeping and marketing for her business. She created the basic layout for Be a Goddess! and has done all the layout for her recent books. She’s not terrible under the hood of a website. Her primary art form, aside from living well, is being a Shamanic guide. For decades, Francesca has taught shamanic tools to foster mundane and magical powers of all kinds and at all levels.

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  1. julie harrington says:

    what an inspired thing to do starting on my birthday!

    your ideas amaze me.


  2. Bagheera says:

    I’ve been on your list for a few years now, but for lack of time, money, and spoons, have never registered for anything before. And since I know it’s usually announcements of things I can’t participate in, I admit your mails usually get filtered to a folder I check only occasionally. But tonight’s message just happened to come through unfiltered and it seems so perfectly targeted to me, I couldn’t resist. All logic says I still can’t afford it; I seem perennially stuck believing in wonder despite all the evidence to the contrary — and there’s a lot of evidence to the contrary, and a whole lot of forces telling me I’m a fool to believe. I keep trying anyway, but especially right now, I need all the help I can get! Thank you so much for offering this on a sliding scale.

    • francesca says:

      Thanks so much for posting, my pleasure. Yup, sounds like a meant-to-be. Also, I give scholarships for almost all my events and, since u get my newsletter, you get announcements of that, as well as of my free events. See above paragraph that discusses scholarships. Blessings in yr journey.

      To someone reading these comments later: this particular page holds temporary posts so, in a while, the paragraph I refer may not be there anymore, heck, the page might be offering a free   event.

  3. Maureen says:

    I posted a reminder to the list this evening, but I haven’t seen it come through. Grrrr.

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