How to More Accurately Interpret Your Psychic Readings

How to More Accurately Interpret Your Psychic Readings. It’s Easy To Overlook Subtleties in a Divine Message

How to More Accurately Interpret Your Psychic Readings

It’s Easy To Overlook Subtleties in a Divine Message

When I say, “Never,” the Universe laughs at me. But I said it anyway because I misunderstood a psychic reading I gave myself. Here’s the story, as an example of overlooking subtleties in a divinatory message. (Perhaps you’ll find the story valuable for other reasons, too.)

Recently, I announced I would no longer make talismanic necklaces to sell. Wrong!

Everyone who has my talismans vouches for them as miraculous. In this post are photos of some talismanic necklaces I have made. Maybe you will sense their energy.

But I wrongly thought that my services selling hand-crafted charms had ended because a lack of sales seemed like Divine guidance in the form of synchronicity. Sales had slowed from these one-of-a-kind talismans being purchased within minutes of my posting them to talismans sitting idle.

I asked my Gods what to do. Psychic readings are among the means through which I receive Divine guidance, so I gave myself a psychic reading. During a reading, I might use Tarot, Oghams, or other divination tools to supplement my intuition, visions, etc.

I thought the Gods responded to my request for guidance by telling me to focus all the energy I had put into crafting talismans into a service I had recently started providing again. The revived service is energy clearings of a home or other space. (I do the rituals long-distance.)

But I had interpreted the guidance to an extreme, instead of picking up on its subtleties. I wasn’t to drop the talismans completely. After considering this guidance for a while, I realized I can do a better job at both services—making talismans and cleansing the energy of spaces—if I shift some of my hours from the former to the latter.

Though one way that I receive Divine guidance is through my psychic abilities, they aren’t perfect, hence I do not always correctly understand what my Gods say. Mind you, my accuracy as a psychic reader is extraordinary. But psychic abilities are a human mode of perception, thus are not perfect.

Why It’s Easy To Overlook an Otherworldly Message’s Subtleties

When I teach divination classes, some new students cannot recognize an oracular message’s subtleties often enough. I notice this challenge, whether the focus of a class is Tarot, Oghams, straight-ahead psychic readings, or another divinatory method. I think this inability is widespread. Our society is black and white, which makes it easy to misinterpret Divine guidance as black or white, either/or statements. I fell prey to this myself regarding talismans.

How to Recognize
a Psychic Reading’s Subtler Messages

Do you want to more accurately interpret your psychic readings? Do you misunderstand your psychic readings sometimes? I’ve already given one reason that might happen but let’s look at another.

Most people don’t know how to find the subtler messages that provide alternatives to erroneous black-and-white oracular interpretations. However, simply learning that more sophisticated, alternative interpretations exist opens the door. That could be all you need; you walk through the door, aka start watching for subtler messages. And when that’s not enough, here’s a technique to walk through that divinatory door:

Step 1) Be humble by admitting that, maybe, you misunderstood the information you received. Being psychic, intuitive, or whatever you call it shouldn’t make any of us feel like a know-it-all.

Step 2) Be open-minded about receiving further information and about the means through which it might come.

Step 3) Ask for further guidance that refines the message you’ve already received. Continue divination until you pick up subtleties that sufficiently refine the message. Accept that refinement may be a complex step-by-step process, over time; this is relevant to the means I mention in step 2. Here’s more about that:

Patiently allow the complexity of a divination process to unfold over time, instead of expecting a straight shot. It might be a quick, straight shot, but don’t close your mind to a complex, slow route. That route might include contradictory messages and your own mixed feelings. They will resolve if you just let them be. They are often part of the process.

I don’t think we’re always meant to understand everything all at once. When a message unfolds over time, the process of finding the full message is empowering and otherwise beneficial.

But society teaches us to expect instant fixes. Try not to succumb to a frantic unrelenting attempt to acquire this additional information right away. That’s counterproductive and exhausting. It’ll come in time.

Step 4) You receive that additional information. It might come from a psychic reading(s) that you do for yourself, a reading you receive from someone else, synchronicity, or another divinatory method such as tarot cards, crystal ball, or your intuition.

Step 5) You may not need this final step if the additional information you want comes immediately. But often, a combination of methods, occurring over time, whether a long or short period, is needed. So once again, accept that refinement may be a complex, step-by-step process that doesn’t finish right away. Here’s an example of how that happened for me, regarding the talismans:

Life Itself is Divination

After my initial psychic readings on the topic, I thought my talisman-selling days were over. I announced my last talisman set was available (sometimes I sell amulets in sets) and explained there would be no more amulets after that.

Then three different people were interested in the set. This was Divine guidance, in the form of synchronicity, helping me become clearer as to my Gods’ message. I wasn’t to stop making amulets to sell. But the whole Divine message was yet to come. More refinement of it was needed.

I couldn’t sell the talisman set to all of them, so one of them requested a custom piece. Then someone else asked for a custom piece.

It was synchronicity as Divine guidance, refining my Gods’ instructions to me. My Gods had meant, “Only make commissioned talismans for now.” I consulted Tarot cards for further information. The cards said that only doing commissions will stop me from overworking—which I had been doing lately—and allow me enough time to do an excellent job with both the space-cleanings and the talisman-making.

The real issue was my overworking, not whether to sell talismans!

Where I Am Going from Here

I’ve never made a lot of talismans to sell. My magical focus as a community servant is shamanic services. E.g., teaching, healing, and counseling. Now that I’m also performing space cleansing rituals again, I need to make even fewer talismans, to avoid overworking.

Accepting commissions will allow amulet-making to remain a happy magical experience, instead of being part of my recent too-busy schedule that would’ve led to burn-out.

If you want a custom talisman: comment below. No obligation.

Your comment gives me your email address (no one else will see it).

I will email you the current cost and ask what sort of magic you want your necklace to have. For example, maybe you want good luck, prosperity, physical healing, peace, and confidence. I might intuit more to weave in. I will email you photos of the finished piece for your approval.

Please note, I only ship to U.S. non-military addresses. I don’t know if I will sell talismans once I’ve moved to Italy because shipping from Italy to the States is expensive.

Whenever I say “Never,” the universe laughs at me. But the Gods guide me past my errors, step by step, when I watch for life itself to be divination. So mote it be!

My Gods guide me, step by step when I watch for  life itself to be divination.—Francesca De Grandis

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