Help, Hope, Power, Miracle, Solutions—A New Event

Help, Hope, Power, Miracle, Solutions—A New Event

This Three-Month Ritual Begins April 24, 2023

Enroll by April 19.

The event is simple:
I constantly cast magical spells for you.

You don’t have to attend a meeting, meditate, or do anything else. I do the work for you.

For three months, five days a week, I perform a ceremony for you.

The event is pure power:
I do constant spells for you.

The spells automatically turn into whatever spells will help you the most. They could become spells for money, health, love (that includes self-love), fertility, personal transformation, joy, safety, peace, and/or anything else.

In other words, the rituals transform as a matter of course to manifest everything you most desire. Magic for a lot of different benefits occurs. This multifaceted approach doesn’t dilute magic. It strengthens magic because of the particular way I’ll cast the spells. This energy can cause a miracle.

The spells also draw ongoing good luck to you.

Receive major support for three months. Pay securely with PayPal. Click the subscribe button to make a monthly payment of $200 for three months.

If you don’t receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email is not there, please call me. Also feel free to phone me to discuss a payment plan other than the subscription described above, scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade, or if you want more info. No refunds, but you may cancel your subscription at any time.

I offer support for newbies and advanced practitioners even when they don’t need lessons from me or have no time for them. This new Shamanic event is not a class so doesn’t demand study or other work. I simply have your back: I provide ongoing support by generating miracle-making magic for you. I will be a constant ally silently in the background of your life.

This event helps folks even if they lack focus, energy, time, or direction. People shouldn’t have to wait until something shifts—in or around them—before they can receive help. They should be helped exactly as they are. My new event is the easiest way to have more help and power in your life.

Whether you can’t figure out the direction you want to take, feel stuck in an endless cycle of devastation, are a hot mess, enjoy enormous success in every part of your life, or are experiencing whatever else, this event is for you. You be whoever you are and still experience significant improvements in and around you.

Five days a week for three months is a lot of magic done on your behalf.

More about the spells I’ll do:

You can also call them blessing ceremonies, direct spiritual transmissions, or spiritual transmissions. If I’ve done a spiritual transmission for you, you know how beneficial one is.

These ceremonies don’t focus on only one benefit but bless you as a whole being.

They also bless your whole life, adding luck to your day.

I was trained from birth to perform effective blessing ceremonies.

Most people feel immediate and substantial results. They increase over the three months, continue to build afterwards, and are long-lasting.

Enrollment ends April 19. Enroll now by clicking the subscribe button below.

The rituals in this event are congruent with the ancient Faery Faith and its loving Faerie secrets.

For one thing, you don’t have to figure out what you want my spells to accomplish for you. I don’t need to know, either. The Fairy Gods know and will lovingly, generously shape the rites I perform.

When I do spells for you, the Great Mother Goddess is the wind at my back. And my kindly, protective Father God stands by Her side, adding His power, upholding me and the rites.

These Old Fey Gods believe material happiness is holy. The Magna Mater, Great Mother Goddess, is known worldwide in various traditions as the Fairy Queen. Always, the Fairy King stands by Her, loving Her and us. They hold you sacred and want you to enjoy life immensely. They will bless my work for you.

Check out these reviews:

Your (spells) saved me! The angiogram showed my heart had not gotten worse. And there is peace back in my house, and your help also kept me in a positive mindset. You’ve done so much for me!—Linda

I won a major writing award recently, and your shimmering energy helped immensely, I am sure. Thank you for your magical work.—Grateful Poet

Open to miraculous magic: Click the subscribe button below.

The following information isn’t needed to decide whether to enroll. I simply want to share some thoughts, if you have the time and inclination.

Unlike the typical absent father, my Beloved Father God is reliable and steady. Unlike the oppressive patriarchal deity who selfishly must be the center of attention and control everyone, my Beloved Father God sometimes remains quietly in the background, supporting you.

When more noticeable, He can be loud and striking in his ferocity, a flame blazing across the sky. When he steps back instead of remaining in the foreground, He doesn’t become namby-pamby. His ferocity manifests in His quiet support. I am fierce in my support of you.

My Father is a role model for how I want to be—in the background, passionately supporting you during the upcoming event.

He’s so invisible sometimes that, when channeling artwork for this post, the art overall was more overtly about Her. That doesn’t mean He is absent.

About painting Her:

Children are wise. I strive toward a child’s wisdom.

Children wisely carry hope in their hearts. When time and trouble diminish my hope, magic renews it.

Trusting the goodness of wild, untamed magic is childlike wisdom.

Children wisely believe in miracles.

When we have hope, accept help, accept power, and trust in miracle, solutions come to us.

This event’s title evokes childlike wisdom: Help, Hope, Power, Miracle, Solutions.

If I am to do effective rituals to help you with hope, power, miracle, and solutions, I must do what I can to maintain my hope, power, miracles, and solutions.

In that spirit, I used painting as a meditation and made the above fairy. A friend said it looks like a cake doll. That’s perfect because the painting is like the fairytale-like girly figures I’d draw as a little girl. They sprang from my belief in magic and miracles. May I remain childlike all my years. So mote it be!

Francesca De Grandis is the bestselling author of Be a Goddess! Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional family tradition that has Celtic Shamanism and Strega practices in its heritage, she practices an ancient European Witchcraft that is a form of Fairy Shamanism.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling, medical care, or other treatment. Participants are responsible for the consequences of their participation. This Shamanic ceremony is effective but may not work for everyone.

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