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Enjoy Many Blessings
From a Five-Day Yule Ceremony
Performed for You

You do not have to attend an event or do any work. I do the work for you. Receiving this blessing is easy.

I’ll draw on the magic of Solstice week and on the Winter Queen’s generosity for five days of ritual. That’s a lot of power, so you can expect the ritual will:

* foster abundance
* spiritual rejuvenate
* heal inner blocks that sabotage happiness
* increase your ability to move toward your dearest goals
* center your energy on what’s important to you.

Those benefits help many areas of life, such as:
* Healing trauma symptoms
* Creativity
* Making boundaries
* Earning a good living doing what you love
* Standing up for yourself and others
* Avoiding holiday dysfunction
* Self-love
* Confidence
* Ending isolation
* Overcoming SADD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

The energy of the ceremony shapes itself to your specific needs. Another term for the ritual I’ll do is spiritual transmission. My spiritual transmissions adapt to your many needs. Here are examples: soul healing, peace, the strength to get back up after life’s knocked you down, physical health, and safety on the mundane and etheric planes. The transmissions don’t focus on one benefit alone but bless you as a whole being. They also add luck to your day.

The Yule spell helps your life and your enjoyment of it advance to the max. Whether you celebrate holidays this season or not, whether you’re with loved ones on the holidays or not, I want to help you enjoy yourself now and long after.

Benefits last long after the Solstice—for months, if not years. This helps your New Year be one in which you can find joy and create the life you want.

The ceremony starts December 17, 2023. The five ritual days will occur over a week’s time. Yule is a major Pagan holiday, and the week surrounding it is powerful magically. It is a perfect time to do this work for you.

Most modern Pagans used to focus on just the day of Yule. But I recognized that the time around Yule is powerful shamanically. A lot of the community eventually adopted my insight, and I’m delighted to have led the way.

And, having worked with that seasonal energy before many Pagans had even heard of it, I have decades of experience with it. So I am able to perform a life-changing ritual for you.

Total Cost: $150. Scroll down to enroll: enter your phone number and pay securely with PayPal.

Pls provide yr phone number.

Upon receipt of payment, I email you confirmation of registration.

If you do not receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email is not there, please call me at the phone number below. Feel free to phone me to discuss a payment plan, scholarship, partial scholarship, or trade, or if you want more info. No refunds, but you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Reap the rewards of magic spun for you for five days.

Magic is not a substitute for psychiatric counseling or medical care by a physician. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation. This ceremony is extraordinarily effective but may not work for all individuals.

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