Druid Magic and Mysticism

Upcoming Faerie Shamanism Course:

The Druidic Hermit, Pagan Contemplative, Ecstatic Monastic

Learn Daily Spiritual Practices
That Fill Your Fairy Heart

This seven-week course begins October 22, 2020.

Enroll by October 14.

This course fulfills different needs for different seekers. For example, you can:

* Fit your spirituality, magic, and mysticism into a busy professional and family schedule.

* Fulfill the longing to devote to a full-time monastic lifestyle.

* If spending hours each day in formal ceremony like a monastic does isn’t right for you, but spiritual focus in all your activities, is important to you— e.g., career, creative process, and activism—the course shows how to find a schedule of sacred practices right for you.

* Devote to spiritual growth while avoiding needlessly difficult practices, rigidly structured days, self-shaming, and other unhealthy habits often associated with spiritual vigor.

* Aquire daily practices that draw on Fey mysticism while keeping your feet on the ground.

* Stand firmly on a spiritual path that helps you weather the worst and create the absolute best.

You’ll learn aspects of the ecstatic contemplative life, to draw on its
* empowerment
* serenity
* respite
* magic
* immersion in Divine Love
* utter joy
* being in one’s true self

We’ll touch the core of:
* earth spirituality
* inner power
* daylong connectivity with Divine love and guidance
* Mysteries that are alive every day

In trances, my mytho-poetic visioning of Druids revealed them to be the original monastics, an ecstatic fellowship of shamans. There’s little overtly Druidic material in this class, but it’s truly part of the Faerie Druid training I give.

I’m often thought odd for creating a worldview and system in which contemplative and monastic modalities support a Pagan ecstatic spirituality, instead of suppressing it.

The atoms of joy are far more subtle and wild than can be stifled by rigid categories. I am a Fairy witch, a fey touched Druid, and will not let my spirit be subdued. Words cannot express the happiness I feel about teaching this course again.

It can deliver everything this post says because the curriculum is carefully constructed and well-rooted. My journey as a devoted seeker informed my development of the lessons:

I spent seven years in a contemplative life, creating a Pagan monastic system for myself.

A lot of time has passed since, during which I’ve honed tools, theories, and routines to meet my ever-shifting schedule of community service, and to always bring myself more deeply into selfhood, happiness, and service.

Often, I had to breathe new life into my routine to make it fit my ever-changing needs and obligations. I did this by constantly, carefully, developing variations that remained true to the essence of what had taken years to create.

When Be a Goddess! was published in 1998, some readers told me that their belief system was earth-centered but they needed to borrow daily spiritual practices from other traditions, and were grateful that my book provided Pagan-specific daily practices.

For years prior to the book, my oral teachings shared even more of the daily practices I’d developed.

The daily practices I created eventually became standard Pagan material, influencing a number of traditions.

You receive spiritual transmissions, in every meeting.

Spiritual transmissions are an ancient Faery Faith method that deepen the experiential nature of the lessons, increase the serenity, power, and safety of your shamanic journey, foster personal growth, and add good luck to your life overall.

Part of oral tradition is the teacher being available. You can phone me, should you have a concern that’d take too long to address during class or that you prefer to discuss privately.

This curriculum is not based in specific dogma. I work with your belief system or lack thereof.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to spiritual practices or an old-timer.

The class meets by phone. Just dial your phone to attend.

Starting October 22, we’ll meet Thursdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST, for seven consecutive weeks, with the exception of Thanksgiving Thursday, which we’ll skip over. Reserve Thursday Dec 17, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

Tuition is $400. Your service provider might charge you for the call.

Pay securely with PayPal. Choose one of two options:

1) Use the Pay Now button below to send the tuition all at once, and you’re taken care of! Half price if you’ve taken this class before. It used to have a shorter name: The Pagan Contemplative, the Ecstatic Monastic. The drop-down menu has a half-price option.


2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two equal payments of $200, one now and a second one automatically a month later. Easy!

Upon payment, your place is reserved. A few days before the first meeting, you receive event phone number and other details by email. No refunds. To discuss payment plan, trade, reduced tuition, or scholarship, or if you have other concerns, call me.

Daily spiritual practices that draw on my Fey mysticism and also keep my feet on the ground give me what I need to weather the worst and manifest the absolute best.—Francesca De Grandis

Wee witchling Francesca De Grandis,   1961

Wee witchling Francesca De Grandis, 1961

Francesca De Grandis is the best selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of Fairy shamanism.

A mystical event is not a substitute for medical care by a trained physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation.

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