Stone Magic: Succor Creek Jasper

Stone Magic: Succor Creek Jasper

magic necklace with heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper pendant

Stones Have Magic from the Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen (or Faerie Queene, Faerie Queen, or Faery Queen) blesses all of nature with magic, because She loves us.

Every rock, whether diamond or lowly pebble on the ground, is enchanted and can enchant. Also, each type of stone has specific energies, or metaphysical properties if you will. Every type of stone also has a Stone Spirit Who can guide you in its use, e.g., the Spirit of Diamond or the Spirit of Amethyst.

An individual stone, whether large or small, jade or turquoise, also has its own magic—distinct from the energies of all the other stones of that type—and is its own individual otherworldly spirit being. One might call that being a deva or a fairy. There are many types of fairies, and some are attached to stones.

If you’re not capable of tuning into those spirits, or don’t want to, no need. You can benefit immensely from the powers of a stone simply by having the stone close to you.

This post focuses on a spectacular jasper:

The Magic Power of Succor Creek Jasper

Succor Creek jasper is gorgeous. When I worked with it in the Faerie realm, I saw its energy is equally lovely.

Here’s more of what I learned, by holding a number of Succor Creek jasper pieces, while listening both to the Spirit of Succor Creek Jasper and to the individual spirits of each stone I held:

Succor Creek jasper fosters
* confidence
* healthy ego
* recognition of one’s inner and outer beauty
* appreciation of one’s inner and outer beauty
* appreciation of oneself overall
* diminishment of the false ego

The stone’s energy also helps you realize you are
* surrounded by immense love from the Goddess
* worthy of love
* a child of the Divine
* deserving of all possible goodness in your life
* incredibly powerful

Wearing Succor Creek jasper or having it in your environment is a way to:
* celebrate the Magna Mater, Great Mother of All
* draw near to Her
* realize you’re Her beloved child

The stone’s benefits in the above lists come about by the strong presence of the Goddess I sense in the stone, e.g., Her unconditional love that is the size of the universe. (She is in everything that exists, but sometimes it’s easier to feel it, such as when Succor Creek jasper is near. As I said, Her presence is strong in the stone.)

Another example of how Her presence in the stone helps create the benefits I listed: Succor Creek jasper has a dignity and presence, both physical and spiritual, that echoes the magnificence of the Magna Mater. That grandeur is in each of us because we are Her children.

Succor Creek Jasper Talismans

As I said, you can benefit immensely from a stone’s magic simply by having the stone nearby. And, if you want, you can be creative about making a charm that includes the stone.

Below are two charms I made. Each has a 25x24x6 mm heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper focal.

One piece is necklace for me. A photo of it is at the top of this post.

The Necklace has two, large, round multicolor Picasso jasper beads. They’re the largest beads on the necklace aside from the pendant. Here’s a close-up.

detail of magic necklace with heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper pendant

One of the properties I sense in Picasso is protection from the Goddess.

The other piece, which I am selling to a friend, started out as a necklace, but insisted on becoming a wall hanging: my designer boho version of a witch’s ladder, to be hung in the home or other space.

Witch’s ladder with heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper focal

What is a witch’s ladder (witches’ ladder)?

A witch’s ladder is an amulet consisting of a cord or cords, tied into knots, with perhaps stones, feathers, or other artifacts woven in. There’s also another artifact that has been called a witch’s ladder in recent years—beads strung together to resemble a rosary, for use when reciting Pagan liturgy or handled when doing other witch work.

The first type of ladder is discussed here.

Every witch’s ladder has its own magic—is a spell for a specific goal, e.g., prosperity, fertility, protection, or can be a spell for several goals. For this particular ladder, I wove in an amplification of the aforementioned benefits of Succor Creek jasper.

Immediately above the heart is a moss agate bead. I sense moss agate has a whimsical nature beloved by the Fay Folk, drawing their blessing to the ladder.

close up of witch’s ladder with heart-shaped Succor Creek jasper focal

I also wove other designer beads into the ladder.

This miniature wall hanging and the small size of its heart have a delicacy that counterpoints a heart made of stone. I wove magic of a heart that’s both strong and gentle.

If you’re drawn to Succor Creek jasper, photos of a carved Succor Creek jasper mermaid are in this post:

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