The Princess and the Pea, Re-Visioned

Once upon a time, in a land much like yours and mine, people said their princess was so neurotic and fussy that she complained about a pea under her mattress.

Her father, the king, had explained to her that there couldn’t be more than a tiny pea or pebble under the mattress.

But her back hurt badly and, raised to believe she could not overcome obstacles herself and must rely on a man instead, she vowed to marry the first fellow to solve her problem.

From far and wide, suitors came. Rich men, poor men, royalty and peasants, scholars and magicians—they all tried their hand. Some of them examined her, after explaining they wanted to figure out what was wrong with her. Others examined her mattress, after explaining they wanted to figure out what was wrong with it.

Then they would hold forth at length about what she needed to change in her attitude, her diet, or her clothing. Or they would explain what sort of new mattress would be required.

None of their suggestions stopped her pain.

Then a fellow arrived with no suggestions in tow. Upon examining her sleeping quarters, he disclosed, “There are large pointy rocks under your mattress, sticking up and hurting you.”

She married him because he was the only damn man who wasn’t trying to convince her that her problems were all in her head.

Together, they rolled the boulders out from beneath her bed.

And they lived pretty dang happily ever after.


Dear reader, I re-vision myths, Faerie tales, and lore, so we will no longer be weighed down by lies told in tale after tale.

Re-visioning is an aspect of my larger work, which is to live and help others live the truth and beauty each of us finds in our heart.

We need not bear up under the same old stories. My shamanic events help you:

* release harmful stories, whether societal norms or self-defeating beliefs you tell yourself

* live empowering myths, your truths, and your heartfelt dreams—actually live them in your every day, so you walk in power, abundance, and self-fulfillment

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