Talisman Set 24

This talisman set has sold.

I’m leaving this post here anyway, exactly as is, because
1) It discusses a vision that inspired a series of shamanic necklaces. I’d love to share that vision with you.
2) Most of my sets are shown through private viewings, e.g, my newsletter. I list a few sets here to introduce my sets to site visitors.
This one-of-a-kind set is available exclusively to one of my newsletter subscribers. Crafting amulets only for folks traveling alongside me feels true to who I am. If you don’t subscribe yet, click here for a free subscription: https://www.outlawbunny.com/newsletter/.

Consisting of two unique handcrafted talismans, the set is suited to one buyer who’ll think, “This is mine.”

I ritually blessed both amulets in a major Faerie rite.

The set includes a one-of-a-kind Faerie Shaman necklace titled Fey Memories of Future Days.

It is pictured above and in photos below.

Fey Memories of Future Days is the third piece in a series called Hidden Power Places. I expect the series to consist of a small number of talismanic necklaces. Here’s how the series started:

I had a vision in which a necklace appeared and told me what its magic would be. It said, “I am the spaces in between, the hidden places of power, safety, and beauty. Wear me to be in those places.

“You can live in them throughout the day, live your mundane life in safety, beauty, and power, without it being obvious to those without the eyes to see, or those to whom your essence should not be revealed.

“I’m not meant to adorn the loud flashy Pagan who has more volume in speech than actual power in deed. Instead, I am the amulet to foster the power, safety, and self-realization of the quieter practitioner—the Fey soul who strives to live magic.

“I’m the dark rainy day that most people complain about, but in which you find ecstasy. I am the gray days of winter that most people dread, but in which you find peace. I am the magical circle between the worlds. I am the heart full of joy in solitude.

“I am the road you wander, thinking yourself lost, until the way before you opens into the primordial forest, where Fey welcome you. I am all hidden places that are goodness. Adorn yourself with me to receive the blessings those places confer.

“Know I am bestowed upon you by Goddesses often viewed as one-sided, as only fierce or frightening. You know that those who hold such limited views miss immense Divine blessings.

“The Snow Goddess brings death in winter, but She also brings snow-dusted winds sparkling with enchantment that ignites hope and fortitude in even the weariest heart. She is also a springtime Goddess, bringing pale budding greenery and sweet blossoms of new beginnings. She is only one example of Goddesses viewed in too limited a manner. Here’s another: many a dark Goddess, lauded for dangerousness or ferocity in battle, is known by too few as a gentle, kind healer and peaceful companion, loving us in the dark maternal safety of Her starlit womb.

“I will help you walk with loving Goddesses in Their full power and all Their caring for you.”

I ritually imbued this set’s one-of-a-kind necklace with the powers described in the vision.

I was delighted to receive additional visions of a few more Hidden Power Places necklaces. Each has an entirely different-looking design, yet all have the same magic shown in the first vision. Each distinct design represents a different doorway into the powers described in the first vision.

And each doorway has its own additional magic, which I wove into that doorway’s corresponding necklace. So let me tell you about the necklace in this set. Fey Memories of Future Days:

Faerie Shaman, your DNA holds memories that promise your day can be beauty. These memories are a door to hidden places of power. As are your whimsy, lightheartedness, down-to-earth attitude, and love of Nature.

This necklace is a blend of new and old beads, which I wove together, while also weaving magical power into the necklace.

Almost all the beads are designer beads. It takes time to find the right looking beads, let alone with large enough holes for what I do. Even tiny designer seed beads might be costly. Time and money spent are worth it because I try to create dreams with jewelry. I don’t want the wrong beads to pull someone out of the dream. Modern bead makers have amazing techniques. For example, beads can be etched or subtly multicolored, as if time had weathered them, creating an aged look that can be perfect for my designs. Or a luscious patina can add an otherworldly feel.

The pendant is moss agate. Above it is a moss agate bead, then a rosey-pink Bali recycled glass bead, then a luminescent-honey, faceted bead with a pink blush at the top rim when the light hits just so, and then another moss agate.

Here is information about some of the other beads. Past the pendant and aforementioned beads, one side of the necklace starts with wee, round, green stones that I was told might be aventurine. They also look like they might be quality jade. I’ve no expertise in gemstones identification, so my guess holds no weight. But they really look that way to me, and were part of a destash that had some fine pieces. In any case, these sweet green beads have an ancient, lovely, calming yet vivacious energy that runs smooth as a quiet pond’s surface. If memory serves, I acquired that destash about 12 years ago, so who knows how old these green beads are. If they are really old, it’s more likely they’re fine jade.

I often save beads until I find just the right use for them—even if that means them sitting in my stash for decades—so it’s lovely to tell you about old beads so you know how special these talismans are to me.

I’ve possibly had some of the other beads 10 or 15 years, but I’m not sure.

There are also two oak wood beads I made. The last bead on the side of the necklace with those two oak pieces is a Swarovski crystal.

Oak symbolizes strength, prosperity, protection, and overall blessings. Oak is also a door into Fey realms and their mysteries.

I associate oak with the Green God, often known as Herne, and with the green Goddess, often known as Elen of the Ways.

If you enjoy using a wand, the pendant is a fine keppen. (A tiny wand is called a keppen). It is a general purpose wand, but you could also gently tap yourself with it, to be enfolded by the power this talismanic necklace bestows. Simply wearing the necklace will do the same thing, but it’s a nice and different experience to do it with the wand.

I left the top part of the necklace simply braided and bead-less because that looks nice, is more comfortable, and makes the necklace hang nicely.

The necklace is woven with waxed linen cord.

To benefit from the power of the necklace, when you don’t want to wear it, put it on your altar.

This set also includes an elder wood threshold talisman to protect and bless the home.

This lintel amulet will do its magic when hung by or above the door, another opening to the outdoors, or elsewhere in your dwelling. You could instead use this threshold charm as a protection and blessing for a space other than a home.

Elder wood can add power to your magic, facilitate change, protect from evil spirits, and be used in exorcisms.

Elder is sacred to Goddesses Freya and Holda, as well as to the Crone Goddess. I myself experience elder as invoking the Great Goddess, Creator of All Things. Some folks, myself included, meet a Goddess called “the Elder Mother” living in the tree.

One reason I started woodworking was to discover mystical powers a specific type of wood might have that go unmentioned in any books, blogs, etc. When woodworking, I experience a wood firsthand and at length; this intimate, direct experience creates a chance for the wood to speak to me, sing to me of its powers, and bless me with them. When sanding elder, it appears primordial to me—the original archetype of a tree mystically.

Elder wood’s energy—as distinct from the energy of elder berries or elder flowers—is suited only to a person who
* serves a Goddess (other than the Goddess within oneself. I am not diminishing the importance that viewing self as deity has for some people. I’m instead stating what’s needed to work with elder wood.)
* works hard on surrendering to that Goddess
* strives for humility
* and devotes substantial time to serving humans (as opposed to serving non-corporeal beings. My emphasis on humans doesn’t diminish the importance of serving spirits. I’m simply stating what’s needed to work with elder wood).

If the above requirements are met, elder wood can safely provide all the marvelous magic described in the three paragraphs that kick off with “Elder wood can add power.” For anyone other than the type of person I described, elder wood energy might automatically backfire harmfully on them. So I dare not sell an elder wood talisman without cautionary statements.

To readers who lack confidence: if you underestimate your devotion to the Goddess, the importance of the service you provide your community and/or family, your surrender to Her, and its humility, then your under-estimation might not let you realize that you can use elder wood when many others cannot.

Magic is everyone’s birthright, but not every magic is right for everyone. I’m comfortable with elder, adore it, but I couldn’t work with a garnet stone if my life depended on it.

If you think elder is safe for you though you don’t fulfill the requirements listed, trust yourself. My belief in elder’s restrictions is purely my own. I’ve never seen it in lore. It is something the Old Gods of the Druids told me directly. Even if it appeared in traditional material, lore is not law. You are the ultimate authority on you.

Lore provides food for thought. Though my theory that elder wood use is restricted to certain persons isn’t spelled out in traditional material, I analyzed lore and found it congruent with my ideas. If you’d like to read that analysis, go to https://www.outlawbunny.com/2018/12/20/the-magic-of-the-elder-tree/

You might consider spitting on the ground outdoors, as a one-time offering to the Elder Goddess and the Great Mother, before you first hang this elder wood amulet in your space.

Lore tells us to never burn elder. Many folks, myself among them, believe that includes pyrography.

I want to add that the serious, hard-working Elder Mother is also lighthearted, gentle, and merry, if you get to know Her. A far cry from the dour depictions often given of Her, She enjoys my joy and whimsy.

Above the elder lintel charm is a large piece of copal, and below is lavender-colored Bali recycled glass. The two wee blue pony beads were in my stash ballpark 15 years, waiting for the right use.

Elder has a soft pithy core. I hollowed it out, to put a string through it so you could hang this talisman on your wall. The core was off center, so the elder hangs at an angle. That natural hollow is a channel through which magic can travel to this realm.

Cost for the set is $130 plus $8.20 shipping. I ship only to U.S. non-military addresses, USPS using a tracking number. Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal:

Your set will arrive with simple care instructions for your amulets. I’ll also enclose a print up of this PDF.

All wood was ethically harvested and finished with a natural beeswax and oil treatment. The lintel charm is strung on waxed cotton cord.

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