Upcoming Event: A Healthy Body

BlessingSummer2012-02Want to know how I survived illness, when I was months from death, a decade ago?

My shamanism saved me. A decade later, I still expect many joyful years.

A Healthy Body is a Seven-Week Intensive consisting of seven shamanic circles. These meetings include lessons I channeled to create my health, plus:
* an intuitive analysis of your health, with shamanic healing tips tailored to you
* individualized shamanic treatments of your body—every meeting! In other words, I give you healings.
*direct spiritual transmissions, every meeting, to strengthen your spirit so you can be proactive about your health. (If you don’t know what a direct spiritual transmission is, you could think of it as a blessing.) You also learn rituals to strengthen your spirit.

PinkDotStarts March 9, Thursday noon, EST.

Are you wondering how well my shamanism works for my clients? Here’s typical feedback from them:

“The first time in many years the pain from my herniated discs in my neck didn’t bother me. I became pain free from my chronic neck pain.”

“The treatment I received from you helped heal a gallbladder issue I’d had for years! I was told I’d need surgery, and was in pain, but not anymore!”

“I suffer from seasonal affective disorder. … Francesca really helped me to feel more energetic and enthusiastic and to be much more productive.”

Both complete novices and adepts report remarkable healing.

Enrollment is limited to ten people because this is an intensive. I work deeply with the group as a whole, and there’s also time for powerful work with each individual.

Circles are group meetings by phone: just dial the phone to participate.

SunnyDotThe group meets seven consecutive Thursdays, noon to 1:00 EST, starting Thurs March 9. Reserve Thurs April 27, same time, for a makeup circle, in case I am unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

SunnyDotTuition is $250. You might also pay long-distance charges; it depends on your long-distance plan; charges appear on your phone bill. The event’s area code is a U.S. #.

Use the PayPal button below to pay securely with PayPal.

Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved, and you receive event phone number, etc., by email. No refunds. For more info, or to discuss scholarship, trade, or payment plan, call me: 814-337-2490.

Is health important to you? If so, be the rare, proactive individual who takes action and reaps the rewards. Enroll now before all the seats are taken.


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