Handcrafted Faerie Good Luck Charm

The info below is for a client, but I thought other folks might enjoy it. For information about your own talisman, email or call me.

My dear, thanks for your patience. Took me a while to make you something wonderful. Felting by hand is labor intensive—which provides plenty of hands-on time to bless the felted objects—then I did additional ritual on them.

I posted here to make it easier for you than receiving a bunch of emails with photos. But I’m careful to not identify you. To maintain your privacy, respond to my post by email or phone. Otherwise, respond in the comment field below.

I snapped the following pic of luxuriously soft Merino top fibers, as an example of the wool I turned into felt for your handcrafted, faerie, good luck charm.


I felted wool around six stones. Though that resulted in six separate objects, they’re not separate magically; together they constitute one talisman. In other words, they work together as a whole, the whole being a good luck amulet. Another way of putting it would be to think of them as adding up to one magical piece.

Reminder: It is an amulet for good fortune in all areas of your life, for as long as you own the stones. As an overall charm, it’ll make you lucky in whatever you go through in your life.

Here’s a photo of the exact stones I felted wool around, except for the round bead. I’d already felted an identical bead in wool colors I think are perfect for you, but put this bead in the photo for you to see what’s concealed beneath the wool, like Fey Folk hiding in a forest.


I’m not 100% sure, but think the stones are—left to right—rose quartz, amethyst, lapis, quartz crystal, and obsidian. If not, it doesn’t matter because the power of this talismanic set relies not on the stones but on my work. I used the stones as a jumping off point, but the effectiveness of my magic did not rely on them.

I also included the type of smoothed rock I love finding at the beach or on a walk. Its weight and heft counterpoint the wool’s softness, providing a lovely tactile experience.

I tried to choose wool colors and gems you like.

For three stones, I hand blended different colored wools to represent the stone inside the wool. I used white wool on the quartz crystal but, after felting it awhile, decided to layer a lot of other colors over the white, to represent glimmers seen in crystal.

Might’ve also blended wools for the larger stone.

Carefully selected wools were used: if memory serves, a good portion if not all of the wool is Merino top; the white wool I blended in is either Merino top or lovely Corriedale.

Here are photographs of the talisman. I took a couple of pics so you can see different sides of the stones.

FeltStonsCharm2The photographs might not show that the felted quartz crystal is egg-shaped. I think a crystal hidden within that multicolored egg is magical.

Mother Earth created the talisman’s mojo: the innate magic of stones, beautiful energy of wool, and blessings from me—a child of the earth.

The witch’s five elements—earth,water, air, fire, and ether—empowered the charm:

1) Wool and stones are the earth.
2) Water is used in felting.
3) Fire is included because I use hot water when wet felting. The Goddess tends the flame in my water heater.
4) As to air: when the stones reach you, they may still be fragrant from essential oils, added for their magical properties and to keep moths from the wool.
5) Ether is my creativity and blessings.

Receive the rocks’ blessings effortlessly. Simply put the rocks on your altar, or display them anywhere in your home. That’s all you need to do. If you don’t want to display them or have no altar, you can just tuck them in a drawer.

Let me know if the set suits you. If you do not love it—I mean absolutely love it, 100%—I’ll know it is for someone else and make you another talisman, no problem. I want you to have something that’s right for you.

I offer my love with this talisman.


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