The Muse Loves Fools



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The Muse Loves Fools:
Tips to Overcome Writer’s—or Another Creative—Block

Many people wait for inspiration before they start writing, and hence never express themselves (or not as much as they might wish). Just write—then inspiration will come.

The act of writing invokes the Muse, because writing requires the willingness to throw yourself into the void. Go into the empty spaces that She loves to fill.

(Or, if you prefer, the act of writing opens a channel inside you, through which your deepest thoughts and feelings can surface.)

Yes, sometimes Muse (our deep self) inspires us before we ever write—but not as much. Once you start to write, She blesses you even in the moments you’re not writing. She’ll visit you constantly with creative ideas and impulses, hound you night and day—because you are now in the void. You were brave, you were foolish, you made a commitment to start from nothing. The Muse loves brave, committed fools who risk juggling nothingness.

If you are creatively blocked not as a writer but in another way, adapt the above advice to the art form in question.

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  1. Robyn says:

    Dear Francesca,
    I love it! It will help me get my thesis written… bless you!

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