Accessories for a Stylish Faerie

KaScarf2Kathleen, here’s the scarf, for your yay or nay. Click on pics to see em bigger and clearer.

I want you to have something you adore and that fits in with your wardrobe, so that you can wear it bunches.

So if you don’t love it, I’ll make you another.

100% silk, crepe de chine, 12 mm, 53″ x 10.” Washable one-of-a-kind art.

For this painting’s “canvas,” I dyed white silk a mottled olive green. The mottling provides textured background for hand painting. I’m having a hard time getting good photos—there are few overcast days lately. So am shooting in the shade, ugh. Which means the photos may not show how rich the green is. I mixed it myself and, although, it’s olive and very dark, it’s gorgeously rich, especially on the crepe de chine.

KaScarf1After dyeing, I hand painted freehand.

It came out unexpectedly folky and, between my pallet and the rest of my style, in an unusual and modern way. I did not expect it to be Faerie tale-like, but I should’ve, since it is by a fantasy artist for a fantasy artist, and I intentionally chose a palette that I think of as “a faerie tale palette.” Duh!

This photo is very dark but shows the painting well.

This photo is very dark but shows the painting well.

As soon as you decide, I will pack up your little box of fashion accessories, you stylish Faerie. I am always excited when you want me to design items to make for you, since you make me so many cool gifts.

PS The leather cuff I made you is in the banner below. I am glad you wanted a scarf, bc it delayed my shipping you the cuff long enough for me to finally get a half decent photo of it. I love all this sunshine this year, but it is so bad for photos!!


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2 Responses to Accessories for a Stylish Faerie

  1. OMG! Yay or nay? I say, Yay-hooray!!! I love it and will wear it a LOT!!! Thank-you,. thank-you!!!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Awesome. I have everything boxed up, waiting to ship next day there is mail. I hope you enjoy the package as much as I enjoy the ones you send me.

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