I Own My Throne

The series of paintings and the poem after it are not interchangeable. I was going through a profound personal experience, some parts of which I could express best by painting, and other parts I could express only through lyric. (And most parts I feel I did not convey at all, though I suspect it is all implied … so I guess I did convey it …No, wait, there is still way more, but this is just one blog post, so I will leave it at that.) But the visuals and poem do go together, to create a larger whole. I may not be finished with the paintings yet, am still deciding. Would love feedback.

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I Own My Throne
Francesca De Grandis, 2013

Place yourself upon a throne.
Bow down to yourself, the Queen.
Next, place a part of yourself that you have rejected onto the throne.
Whether it is the child, goddess, fat girl, loser,
quitter, matriarch, whiner, singer, scaredy-cat, bitch,
dancer, lover, artist, mother, merchant, choose just one, for now.
And put her on the throne.
Bow down before her, the Queen.


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