Ride Eagle


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Ride Eagle

Without realizing it, I’m always bobbing and weaving, in case someone throws a blow. This exhausts me; I’d be less capable of defense if attacked.

I discover a phantom self who wants to remain indomitably hidden. I welcome her into the circle. She realizes she is queen, terrified, and alpha. She sees her good traits and bad. She insists on staying hidden for now.

Self-care—yummy meals, naps (under a blue sky!), early bedtime, pink lipstick—is profound healing. But she won’t allow it enough, she might be seen. I will not rush her.

Is it her who makes me forget other parts of this story? Are they crucial, showing core aspects of this problem and its solution?

Eagle invites her companionship. They are both shocked when she leaps on Eagle’s back and rides ecstatic.

Eagle carries me, safely, always. I need not bob and weave.

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4 Responses to Ride Eagle

  1. Karen McKenna says:

    Haha ! Yet again you articulate beautifully an emotional /psychological/spiritual dilemma that we seem to cross swords with everyday…you remind me to be kinder to myself, thanx Francesca*x

  2. Julie says:

    This moved me so! thank you!!!!!!!!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      O I am so glad!!! Because I adore you and want to be a support to you, and also bc I was wondering if anyone would relate. Yay!! TU sooooo much for letting me know!

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