Marketing Is Simply Reaching Out to Serve

Below, when relevant, please apply my experiences marketing shamanic services to whatever you want to give community.

Many people react negatively when I promote my shamanic classes or services. There is such corruption in modern marketing that they assume my motives and marketing methods are the same as that of the endless unethical sales-pitching creeps they’ve already met.

I don’t blame folks for their suspicion, but it still upsets me. For me, marketing is simply reaching out. Reaching out and letting someone know, “Heya, I might be able to be of service.”

I want to help people.

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

Francesca De Grandis, 2013

I also get criticized for being passionate about my work. I love that what I do really helps people. I also tremendously enjoy the work itself. Not that it’s always pleasant or easy. The work can be very difficult, for example when I’m guiding a trauma survivor. But even if I’m crying in empathy alongside the survivor, I’m grateful, because that person and I are in the real together. For that moment, we are authentic, honest, powerful, and moving forward. We are in deep connection with each other and cosmos, no matter how painful it might be for us.

But when I reach out to offer help (AKA am marketing), my passion is often misinterpreted. Decades of sales hype makes authentic enthusiasm suspect.

Expressing passion and offering help make one utterly vulnerable. I stand defenseless. Heart-based promotion is putting yourself out there nakedly. So when my sincerity is met by angry accusations, it can wound, discourage, or simply exhaust me.

However, my gods take care of me, sending me the healing and strength and human camaraderie I need.

My gods told me the shamanic gifts they’d given me were to be my 9-5. They added that, unless I strenuously reach out to offer my services (italicized words are my definition of vigorous marketing), I am hiding them, not being responsible to community. I can’t serve anyone unless they know the stats re my events. They also need a sense of me, bc spiritual work is so personal.

So I reach out. With offers of help and info about who I am.

Please stand emotionally naked before your Divine Caretaker, ask for strength to offer yourself to others, whatever your gift, whether it is spiritual healing, baking cookies, crocheting, or anything else. The Gods are smart, They give us talents that help others while helping self; we are blessed that, each time we serve, the gift we give wraps itself around us and kisses our own foreheads. Be naked. Do you need support to face your inner blocks to marketing? I’m here for you. Make a shamanic counseling appointment.

If you already reach out, I praise you. Do you need support to do it bigger, more easily, or otherwise improve it? Make an appointment. I’m here for you. And I have the background and down-to-earth mindset to channel both shamanic empowerments and sound marketing ideas for you, if you desire.

Marketing shamanism is not new, it is as old as shamanism itself. It is simply reaching out, driven by gods, driven by a gift that seeks a giftee, driven by a passion for being of authentic service. Do you need support for any of your goals, whether professional, romantic, creative, or other? Make an appointment.

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4 Responses to Marketing Is Simply Reaching Out to Serve

  1. Hello there! I have been a practicing Celtic Hedgewitch for over 6 years. I have always led a more shamanistic spiritual path although I was raised catholic and drifted from one christian denomination to the next til I was 40 years old. I was introduced to paganism via American Indian spirituality and have studied Wicca, Druidism, Celtic Reconstruction and Hedgewitchery since. In the past year however I have felt drawn to Celtic Faery Shamanism through my family heritage and feeling guided by fae through a year long process through and past colon cancer. Just yesterday I came across the the term faery doctor on the internet. I am intrigued and eager to study. I think a person should live what they believe and believe what they live. I have been acquiring books to study and am beginning to get into them. Something I wonder is how closely related to faery can we be? I would love to learn about faery doctor and faery shamanism to see if that is the direction I am being led to. Can you help me..please? I liked you page on fb. I understand your limitations and can communicate by cell phone.
    •♥•~Blessed Be~•♥•

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Hi, Daoine, I am honored you ask. I am also sorry you had to deal with cancer. As someone who has overcome life-threatening situations repeatedly, including terrible illness, I know what it is like. And I too have been led by the Fey through it. The Faerie Queen saved my life.

      As to your question about being related to the Fey: I am myself Fey, as was my mom, and the family before her. We are a family tradition, of European based shamans.

      My classes would be a way for you to explore faerie shamanism. My approach is very faery doctor, though I do not usually call myself that, bc it was a term that almost no one in the U.S. knew til recently, so they wld not have known what I was taking about. But my core, and that of the family tradition, are traditional faerie faith. My mom was italian Strega, but the family before that was Spanish and French. The latter is where we get both the name “De Grandis” and part of the family tradition, and the French is part of our old Celtic connection. If you want notice of upcoming classes, sign up for my mailing list at

      If you have any questions about my classes, feel free to call me, 814-337-2490.

      From one fey to another, Francesca De Grandis

  2. What a beautiful picture of you! I am pretty far out there right now with my third graders. Not much energy left for anything else!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thank you. It is a bit fisheye bc I was holding the cam myself but I still really like it a lot, so am glad u do too. It reminds me that i am gentle soul, I easily forget that about me. Am too hard on self. As to third graders, I bet they love having a teacher who is, according to yr above comment, far out there. 🙂 Sorry, cldn’t resist. And, even if u have no time to market, u made time to read about marketing, which is part of marketing, so good for you!! Hope to call u this weekend. Thanks for reading my post!!!!

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