Happy Sunny Oil

Dandelions blossoms growing by my echinacea

Dandelions blossoms growing by my echinacea

I just finished making dandelion oil. This is a wonderful happy sunny event. Let me share my old herbal journal notes:

May 5, 2007: Put fresh dandelion blossoms in safflower oil, in crockpot for maybe five hours. (I forgot it there. It was a tiny tiny tiny bit roasted. Usually I do four hours max.) This is my first dandelion flower oil. Rubbed it on sore back, and it really helped. (Dear reader, I underlined “really” three times!) My back feels a lot better. (“Lot” was underlined three times.) … Just took bath, then covered whole body with dandelion flower oil. Body feels good. (“Good” underlined three times.) This oil = health. I’m in love with dandelion flowers. (I underlined love.)

Here is a blog from last spring, about dandelion: https://www.outlawbunny.com/2012/04/20/dandelion-blossoms/

Gathering blossoms. Some are growing by my chives.

Gathering blossoms. Some are growing by my chives.

This year, I infused the flowers in olive oil, which I prefer for healing.

For full instructions on making dandelion flower oil, check out Susun Weed’s book, Healing Wise.

Ok, I put off using my new batch of oil long enough. I am gonna go rub it on my feet now. My feet do not hurt. I just want them to be really happy.
Disclaimer: I have no scientific basis for the above piece. It is not meant to prescribe, cure, blah blah blah. And what is good for me—e.g., my joints—may be the worse thing not only for your joints but also for your whole body. I’m no herbalist, can’t say what is safe for a given individual. I research herbs in terms of my own body and own contraindications (e.g., will a given herb mess with you because of a specific pharmaceutical med you are on?). Herbs may be natural but they are also powerful, and act differently on each person. So do your research. All that said, herbs have saved my life, make my life joyful, and are my close friends. I live immersed in them.
Want support from a shaman who imbeds herself in miracles, understands life’s practical demands, and combines miracle with practicality successfully? Please make an appointment for a session.

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