Updates re My Book, the Fundraiser, and My “Authorly” Life

Hiya, the fundraiser brought in a total of $675, for which I am crazy-grateful. I feel such love for and from everyone who helped! I hope the gratitude I expressed to each of them (privately) conveyed my enormous appreciation. I’ll enjoy makings the talismanic art promised to donors of $100 or more, though I have no time for that til the book is back from the printer—I want to do the talismanic work really well for them.

Help proofing galleys (yes, she is sitting on top of
them, completely covering them).

Worked on the back cover til 1 a.m. yesterday. It is the weekend now, and I worked on it more today. But hopefully it is finished. What you see below is unproofed. Tomorrow, I’ll proof it against the text file, plus have someone check it for problems I might have missed re text, art, layout, or anything else—so if you see a glitch of any kind, please speak up. If you see no glitches after looking carefully at it, please speak up! Also have to proof galleys, etc., tomorrow, so the book can go to the printer Tuesday, yes! I do not know why I continue to think that someday publishing a book will be easy, LOL, but I love musing with my Muse, despite all. And I won’t have to work full-time this weekend, which is good.

Sitting on galleys, but is too cute for me to move her. So I have to take a break. Kittens are good teachers.

Okay, scroll down to see back cover, I worked hard so want to share it, and would love feedback—good, bad, or indifferent about any aspect of it.

Oh, the back might not make sense if you haven’t seen the front, which is here.




Unproofed back cover. The cover does not have a gray border, I put that there to distinguish it from the rest of the blog.

Woohoo, reserve your copy, this is a limited edition. And now I’m gonna go make a hamburger for dinner. Yes!

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