Trust the Singing in Your Cells


Trust the Singing in Your Cells

 Humans are part of the earth. We too have a permaculture. We can know it authoritatively if we watch our bodies and spirits as patiently and analytically as a farmer watches sky and earth.

Food is a main way we take in nature’s healing gifts. Study your body’s needs. Study its interactions with both good food and pseudo-food. Trust the singing in your cells that wholesome food creates.

The above text is excerpted from an earlier blog, called Dandelion Blossoms:

Graphic: I took a snapshot while preparing dinner, took a screen shot of my typing, then combined them in Procreate. This is pretty primitive, but I believe in using what you have, until (if ever) you have better. Yay! (So I took a photo, even though I am not a photographer.) BTW, I just got Adobe Photoshop, guys. Between that and the fabulous Procreate, I am excited about what I can do now. Hey, just thought of something! Using what you have right now would be part of human permaculture. Heh!

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  1. Dyhana says:

    love this!

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