Fundraiser—New Book

After Her Winged Silence in the 80s, I vowed to never self-publish again. Hah! I’m doing it once more.

This upcoming book has seen many false starts since the 80s. But they honed the book—honed in on what it was meant to be and honed its words down to the project’s essence.

An early version was even shopped around in the 90s but, right after we sent it out, Publisher’s Weekly declared this sort of book dead. They were wrong, but the article killed my book.

The right book finally emerged, bit by bit.  It will be ready to print in a few weeks. I am indie producing it because it does not fall in line with corporate media.

There will be a limited 1st edition printing, each copy numbered. It will be 50-300 copies, depending on how much money I raise. (I don’t know if I’ll manage a second printing.)

Page count being limited by printing costs caused another eye-opener about what the book was meant to be: I saw I needed to apply my gift as a wordsmith and bard to writing small rich passages, instead of the long ones I first wrote for this project. Once you see the book, you’ll know why it needs succinctness to do its job. (Heh, a little teaser there!)

My hope and vision is an unusual format: a wee saddle-stitched (center-stapled) spiritual text with old-fashioned black and white ornamentations—which I have already painted—throughout its pages.

Whether I use any of the ornamentations depends on whether I receive enough donations, because ornamentation increases page count.

Please make a contribution so this project happens. I need help to pay printing and other publishing costs.

Donate $50. You reserve a numbered copy of this limited first edition printing. Go to Use as the Recipients Email.

Donate $100 to reserve two numbered copies of this limited first edition. Plus, I’ll make a talisman channeled especially for you. Go to Use as the Recipients Email.

Donate $250 for two early-numbered copies of this limited first edition. Plus a talisman channeled especially for you. I will also paint a digital fantasy portrait of you, or a pet, or a friend, suitable for online viewing as well as for sending to a printer if you want a hard copy. Go to Use as the Recipients Email.

Donate $500. Receive two numbered copies, starting with #1, first come first serve. Plus an amulet, digital fantasy portrait, and a copy of The Ecstatic Goddess with a painted cover. Only ten copies of The Ecstatic Goddess—a self-published limited first edition—are still available. The book has a black and white cover, but I painted the cover of four copies. Two books with painted covers are available. This page will say when two people have donated $500, AKA the painted cover option is no longer available. Go to Use as the Recipients Email.

Thank you for your support, because I cannot serve my community without my community’s support, Francesca De Grandis

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