Calligraphing Phaedra

Phaedra, Detail. Calligraphy Handpainted on Silk, by Outlaw Bunny

Phaedra confessed that she has to buy anything with her name on it. I asked, “Does that mean, if I paint your name, you have to buy it?” She said, “Yes!”

So we discussed her budget, which she decided was $60, and you see the result.

I want you to see the pics at their best. When WordPress shrinks a pic to fit the page, it blurs. Please click on the small pics to see em unblurred; it makes a real difference.

Phaedra said to do it however I wanted. That’s awesome from a fellow artist, a true honor. She said she loves doings things this way because, when she give up control, the artist makes whatever they are inspired to make, and it is a surprise for her.

Phaedra, Detail. Calligraphy Handpainted on Silk, by Outlaw Bunny

I did ask for her fave colors, and whether she wanted a digital painting or a painting on cloth. I also inquired if there was anything else she wanted. She told me she likes her name elaborate, and girly in the sense of floral. Which is great for me as an artist, bc I love adding a lot of calligraphic ornamentation that is feminine or nature-oriented, as well as lots of little curlicues and the like. 

I chose to paint on a silk hoop to get maximum ornamentation.

I am happy with how this turned out. The colors I mixed came out well. And I love painting silk, colors become luminous on it.

I want to keep it, I love it, but what would I do with it? It is not my name! Or that of a deity I worship, LOL.

I’m honored by a commission from an artist. For some reason, half my commissions come from artists, which I think is really cool. 

I showed Phaedra the project in its early stages. I don’t always do that, because early stages are often misleading.


Phaedra, here are product details:

Hand painted silk on hoop, 9&1/2” across.

Phaedra, Detail. Calligraphy Handpainted on Silk, by Outlaw Bunny

My original design painted freehand, one-of-a-kind, initialed and dated by artist. 

Hang on wall. Or display a contemporary way: Lean it against a vase. Not for outdoor use. Before shipping, I’ll attach a string to hang it by.

Phaedra, if you are not 100% happy with the project, say the word. I want you to feel really good about buying this. If you do not, I am happy to paint you another or, if you prefer, drop the project.You will not lose a cent.

I even have a tiny bit of leeway in terms of redoing part of the painting. Can’t change a lot without a smeared mess developing, but I can change a bit.  

Just post your decision below. 

To my other guests, if you want to commission your calligraphed name, I would do it in a unique way, in whatever style the Muse guides me as right for you. I am virtually incapable of repeating my designs, so your painting would not look like Phaedra’s. 

Thanks for dropping by, everyone! Do comment to let me know you were here and what you think.

Phaedra, Detail. Calligraphy Handpainted on Silk, by Outlaw Bunny

Phaedra. Calligraphy Handpainted on Silk, by Outlaw Bunny

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6 Responses to Calligraphing Phaedra

  1. Sandra says:

    ~* So Beautiful! I love the rich colors, and I KnOw it’s even more Beautiful “in person”. These would be great for new babies/nurserys! Birthdays, Yule …

    Love you!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thank you for kind words and cool ideas for commissions. Yuh, you have bought enough of my art to know I can’t take good nuf pics. But then, I have never seen a print of any art that matched the original. I never liked Matisse til I saw the originals. Now I love Matisse.

  2. Phaedra Gallagher says:

    Oh. My. Gods. That is absolutely, fantastically, superbly, wonderfully, beautifully a-ma-zing! I knew from the outlines that I was going to like it, with the colors I am madly in love with it. This will be proudly hung near my altar, where I can see it often and I know every time I see it I will smile. The colors are almost jewel-like and I love that it has a stained glass feel to it. My grandmother did stained glass and I was always fascinated by it. I love pieces that reflect that style of art. I can’t tell you how many levels this resonates with me on, thank you!

    I can’t even begin to say how lucky and honored I feel. Amazing work, Francesca, absolutely amazing.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      You always boost my ego, thank you, I need it.

      I am so glad you like the project. And I get what u r saying re too many levels of resonance to express, so I feel so great that I connected with you that well via the painting. 

      The stained glass look is because I started with resist – the black lines. Silk is so porous that, if you apply dye to it – even if u just apply a thin line with a brush – the dye  spreads every which way. So one way to paint on silk is to apply resist, then fill in the areas the resist delineates. Like a coloring book! The resist is kinda tarlike til it dries. The tiniest break in a resist line allows paint to bleed out of its border, so it is challenging but I forgive little bits of bleed. And as a calligrapher, resist is a natural approach for me with painting. 

      Phaedre, Thanks again for such kind words and for the commission. Cool!

  3. chase says:

    I LOVE this! One of these days… = )

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