Nature’s Wildness Is a Mandala

Nature's Wildness Is a Mandala, detail4, Francesca De GrandisHi, Andy, This wall-hanging is a thank you for doing my taxes. And for your patience with my confusion about navigating tax season. 🙂 

I call the piece “Nature’s Wildness Is a Mandala.” I am happy with how it turned out. (Artist living alone, needing to share her process.) I wanted the spiral to really move, and the vegetation to be wild. And the pink helped make it three-dimensional. 

Nature's Wildness Is a Mandala, Francesca De GrandisIf you know floral German folk art, you’ll see a bit of its influence here. Not that I try to do that style authentically. But a glimmer of its spirit has blessed my own. I grew up with two pieces of floral German folk art in my home. They were my father’s, and among my favorite childhood items. 

I want you to see the pics at their best. When WordPress shrinks a pic to fit the page, it blurs. Please click on the small pics to see em unblurred; it makes a real difference. 

If the painting is not right for your home, no problem, I will sell it and make you another. It is about 20″ X 20.”

Or you could keep it as a possible investment. An Amazon used-book dealer just sold a chapbook I self-published in the 80s. He got $205 for it (plus S&H, LOL!). It was only 64 pages and very funky – old style photocopy! Not that I got any of that $205. My point is that the painting might be an investment. 

Nature's Wildness Is a Mandala, detail7, Francesca De GrandisIt is Initialed and dated by artist. 

An aside, I gotta say: My current art and limited edition stuff barely gets noticed, which is ironic, especially if one compares my awful financial situation with the price that dealer got. And for some reason, people will not buy at that price from the actual author or artist, usually. It is weird. I take solace from the fact that William Blake, brilliant mystic though he was, died a pauper. Despite everything – finances, poor health, etc – I manage to still serve community. My life is weird, spelled W-Y-R-D! 

If it matters to you, I would sell it for $100 or more. 

Nature's Wildness Is a Mandala, detail2, Francesca De GrandisThat is a low price for a painting but that is the market. 

More info on the piece: Some people assume that, because i paint on cloth, i use stencils, patterns, or otherwise am copying. Be clear, this is my own design. Also, it is not, like some cloth art, a variation on something I vary over and over. I am a painter. I just happen to paint my pictures on cloth. 

Frame it, or use it a wall hanging. For the latter, put three loops of thread at the top – one on each end and one in the middle – and stick a pole thru them and hang the pole. 

Here is a picture of it 1/2 way finished. (Artist living alone, needing to share her process.)

 Or hang in a window (sun shines through it. Pretty! Though I bet sun fades it). Would look beautiful stitched to a throw-pillow cover. 

It is a bit hard to let go of, but my home does not have room for all my art. Plus it is important to me that my art be in other people’s homes. For one thing, I bless my artwork, this piece carries a blessing on it. So photos of it are my way of keeping it. 

I will enclose cleaning instructions should you ever need to clean it. 

Here is a picture of it later. Still lots to do though. I was going to add metallic paints, but threw out that idea and went back to original idea: adding several more colors and a good deal more detail. It was risky but fun. I don't want to play it safe, wld rather the project fall on its ass than be only so-so from playing it safe. Besides, if it ain't fun, why bother, it is not as if I will earn big bucks on it.

You can let me know below whether you want it, or email me about it. 

Much love and thanks to you, my fellow traveler of the cosmic spiral!
These are not all great pics. I had to shoot in the shade or wait til fall for diffused light. But check out Etsy feedback: Many of my customers post that my art is way better in person than in its photographs, adding that they’d even loved the photos. (Nice folks!)

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2 Responses to Nature’s Wildness Is a Mandala

  1. Phaedra says:

    I love the way it moves and flows! I think my favorite is that center flower which looks so natural and graceful. You have a real gift with your art, you multi-talented goddess!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thank you!!! Wow. You have been so complimentary re my art since we met a few months back, and even buying it, and now I find out that u r an artist yourself, an amazing one!! It is really good when artists can appreciate each other instead of being “superior.” wheeeee!

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