Walking Between the Stars: A Weekend Spiritual Retreat, Pagan Style

Walking Between the Stars: A Weekend Spiritual Retreat, Pagan Style

Imagine a weekend where you are cared for spiritually, in ceremonies led by a shaman elder.

Envision a pagan retreat! 

Ritual will range from peaceful to ecstatic to transformative to very ol’ fashioned witchy to solemn to funny.

Escape the grind and take care of you.  A two day ceremony to:
* Spiritually refuel and rejuvenate.
* Center into authentic self.
* Be immersed in Divine love.
* Receive insight about your goals, challenges, and your life in general.
* Get covered in stardust!

Suitable to all levels, no experience needed. E.g., the above centering into self is suitable whether you’ve never felt the real you, want to deepen your sense of self more than ever, are a bit un-centered because of a crazy schedule, or …

Guardian Ancestor, silk painting, Francesca De Grandis

Guardian Ancestor, silk painting, Francesca De Grandis

Drawing on 25 years experience as a spiritual healer and ritualist, I’ll use time-honored shamanic modalities. A lot of the weekend ritual will be channeled to meet the needs of attendees. Each person also receives personal guidance and direct spiritual transmissions.

We who are Fey-touched often find self, Divinity, and power when playing in other realms. During our weekend together, we’ll be walking between the stars.

This relaxing exhilaration will occur just outside Meadville, Pennsylvania, Sat & Sun, AUGUST 18 & 19. We are in ritual each day from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. (with an hour break for lunch). The rest of the weekend we can hang out together, or wander off on our own to play or ponder or nap—it’s up to the individual. 
I’ve heard the following accommodations are affordable and pleasant, but I can’t make endorsements. Motel Six (814) 724-6366 / Wynken, Blynken, and Nod (B&B) (814) 337-2018 / Azalea House (B&B) (814) 337-8883 / Holiday Inn Express (814) 724-6012 / Brookdale Campgrounds (814) 789-3251

This is a lovely rural—though very conservative—area.

Having fun learning digital art the past few weeks. I made the banner for this event using an app called Procreate. The three spheres are photos of pieces I’d painted on silk. I drew the calligraphy right in the app—great app for $5! Francesca De Grandis

REGISTER for Walking Between the Stars at www.paypal.com  : log into your account, then click the Send Money tab. Use outlawbunny@outlawbunny.com as the Recipients Email. Fill in the amount of $250. PUT THE FOLLOWING IN THE NOTES SECTION: the words “Walking Between the Stars,” your name, postal address, and phone #.

Upon receipt of payment, your place is reserved; event details will be emailed to you. No refunds. If you need more info, prefer to pay by check or money order, or want to discuss scholarship or trade, call me: 814-337-2490. Don’t email; disabilities = I can’t discuss events by email. Thanks!

Blissed out weekend, blessed with renewal, sacred fellowship.

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10 Responses to Walking Between the Stars: A Weekend Spiritual Retreat, Pagan Style

  1. Corrine says:

    I know this is last minute, but is it too late to get in on this? You are almost a 6 hour drive and my old Toyota has 220,000 miles on it, but I’m feeling pulled.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Come, come come. Yes!

      • Corrine says:

        Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m throwing caution to the wind and having faith my car will make it. Bee-sides, when drawing cards to see if I should risk the drive, I got a ‘pampering’ card. Yep. I’m going for it. I can’t wait to meet you Live and In Person. I come bearing freshly extracted honey from Southeastern Pennsylvania…
        Big Big Love

        • Francesca De Grandis says:

          Yahooooooooooo! I am excited, we will have fun. Unfortunately, I do not eat honey, I am allergic to it, sigh. I love the stuff but cannot eat it. It is very sweet of you to think of bringing it though, I appreciate that a lot, thank you. See you sooooooooooon, look forwarding to beeing with you. 🙂

  2. Phaedra says:

    O, I wish I could go! But with hubby not working means Phaedra doesn’t get any trips. Too much for gas and lodging. =( Hopefully you’ll have one next year and I can revel in ritual with you all.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      oh  I wish you cld come, that would be cool. I won’t do one next year, sigh, may not do another for a coupla years. So few people attend (thus far I have two paying registrants and one scholarship) that doing it more often would not leave me time and energy to earn enuf for my groceries and other basics. Argh!!! But I love being with the few peop who come, we have an incomparable time, so I am really looking forward to it, I just can’t offer it often. 

  3. thomas byrnes / Chicot le Fou says:

    I really hope we can attend ; of course I have to wait upon events and try to be reasonably sure that Evelyn will be up to it . That said , I intend for us to be there ; can’t wait !

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      O, that wld b wonderful!! I think it is going to be such a relaxing fun weekend!! I wld luv to share that with you two!

  4. Bonni Cardoza says:

    I want to go!!! I miss you so much! I need a little Francesca in my life!! Hopefully I can save enough money to make it there.

    love and blessings to you, my teacher!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Oh, Bonni, I am so glad to hear from you! It has been so long. Also, I have been thinking about you lately, just because i love you. I would so love to see you, darling,

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