See Beauty, Express Beauty, Adorn the Cosmos

I calligraphed today’s blog.

I wrote the above prose in 2008, and wrote it out yesterday as a meditation. An aside: I never thought I would share my calligraphy publicly. It was for myself, mostly. (And I did not think it was good enough. Now I don’t care if it is “good enough,” I just want to share this personal part of me sometimes.) I’d calligraph class handouts, but they were for the students’ use only, not to be shared further. Heh, in fact, in 1986 I calligraphed 120 pages of notes from which to teach a twelve week Third Road class, though no one has ever seen those pages except me (except for the handful that I used as handouts). I added ornamentation, Celtic knot work, the whole nine yards, just for my own viewing. But I needed the act of calligraphing my words, to ensure my mind was not entrapped and confined by academic parameters, because I was in college at the time (returned to school late in life). Luckily, I taught that class once or twice a year for a long time, so all that pen work was not consigned to a drawer, I saw it a lot. Make art for yourself!

OMG, having typed that last sentence, I realize that this aside is not an aside! It totally ties in with the blog. Yup, my subconscious once again is doing its job, contributing quite well! Embrace inner chaos!
Speaking of embracing inner chaos, Share My Insanity has methods, musings, and madness to help you do that! Oh, wait, LOL, there are more connections happening, I love it. The book connects chaos to other themes of this blog: creativity, knowing your beauty, connectivity , and anarchy. Share My Insanity, available on Amazon.

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  1. So pretty! 🙂 Thanks for the words too. So very helpful.

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