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Got lovely new review for Share My Insanity: It Improves Everything. The visionary artist 
Paul B. Rucker wrote: “When Francesca says she will personalize your copy, she isn’t kidding! I had a beautiful and intricate drawing/benediction added to my frontispiece by her — light years past a typical author signature. This book is intensely personal, so much so that any given reader will be drawn to special sections in particular… I myself am fondest of the moments that draw a mood-of-place that lets me picture myself there… such as a description of eating outside in a fairy garden that happens to be her own backyard. Francesca declares, “I live in myth” and jewel-like images such as this convey that to me. Consider this book in some ways like an introduction to Francesca the person, who may have something magical to give you, too….”

Grassroots support is what this book needs, and Mari Powers kindly wrote “Share My Insanity; It Improves Everything is one of the very few “self-help” books I have ever liked. Mimosa carries this little known title, and instead of just liking it, I positively enjoyed reading it. In fact I have read several parts more than once. Francesca de Grandis has written several other books that sold very well and were quite orderly, yet in this one, she gives explicit permission to read it out of sequence! Not only that, the print is actually readable without bi-focal glasses. 

“The advice in the book is cloaked in storytelling, rare glimpses into her personal life, non-linear in format, and has the best “section” headings in the table of contents I think I have ever read. She affirms our own wacky wonderful spiritual and healthful practices, and is compassionate in understanding our own all too human frailties. What is even better, she acknowledges her own frailties, and with humor. Negative emotions and the like are not to be judged, simply to be experienced, without wallowing in them.

“This is a book of kitchen witchery and revelations, a comparison of city and country living, a guide for other shamans and healers, and a positive affirmation that in an insane world, our own insanity may just be a survival mechanism; one we can turn into our own chaotic, fun and healthy living system.”

Sooooo happy! Midwest Book Review gave Share My Insanity a big thumbs up:

“It’s not a bad idea to be a little crazy. Share My Insanity: It Improves Everything is an inspirational book from Francesca De Grandis as she advises readers to bring in their own chaos to life and fully embrace it. Advising readers of any spiritual walk in life to break through and find their own endeavor, Share My Insanity is an inclusive call to improve one’s own life with its unique brand of humor, very much recommended.”

Please share the link to this post: I’m getting word out almost entirely word of mouth. Whew, that is taking a long time! I constantly encourage myself to keep going, because I believe in Share My Insanity, but sales don’t usually happen fast with grassroots promotion. Bless Midwest Book Review for reviewing a trickster mystic  (I call the book self-help  humor); their Small Press Bookwatch supports books from small publishers. This review is a real coupe for a grassroots project. Thank you, Gods!

Just got a painting app, I made this photo of me pretty. LOL. Oops, I should not have said that! I should have labeled this, “Self-portrait, Francesca De Grandis” to be a properly pompous literary figure.

I haven’t posted the book’s other reviews yet. Bad bunny! I hope to post ‘em soon.

If you want to interview me about Share My Insanity, shoot me an email, or post below. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Share My Insanity, available on Amazon.

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