Soaking Up Sunshine, Winter, Health, and Life

Soaking Up Sunshine, Winter, Health, and Life  
Written Sept or Oct 2011 (finally got it edited).

Me, drinking in autumn light

This is a follow up to my last blog about soaking up sunshine. Since then, I have continued to make a real practice of it, looking at bright things and letting them fill my eyes. One thing I’ve noticed is that I mustn’t mistake taking a photograph of things for soaking them up visually. It is the same challenge I have as a poet: not mistaking the poem for the moment I’m trying to capture in the poem. Action is the living poem. Keeping a record of things can be the death of the soul.

My eyes drink in, before I snap the pic.

Francesca De Grandis, 2011. I appear in a deeply meditative mind. I want to always discern whether this is my experience or just a photograph.

I also have been making myself be outside as much as possible, which I need for my health (e.g. vitamin D helps the multiple sclerosis). Now that the temperatures are in the 40s, I can’t sit down outside because I’d get too cold. So I have to create activities that keep me moving. (Heh, cripple outdoor activities, sans my wheelchair.) Today, I hobbled out to see if any fresh herbs were left. Yup, a bit of sage, perfect for the soft-boiled eggs I was about to make for lunch.

At first, I don’t like being outside in the chill, brrrrrr. After a while, it feels great—exhilarating, health giving, fun, invigorating.  

Looking out my window last winter

Barbecuing is a winter activity for me. It only has me outside for moments, but those moments are yummy. And so is the food, BBQ is delicious in winter! My caretakers set up barbecue supplies in a way that I can manage them when no one is here (which is most of the time).

A friend suggested building a snowman, to keep myself moving enough to stay warm. That’s way more than I could physically manage. But I could make a little tiny snowman or snow-woman. So I’m planning on making a row of them on the front-porch railing, one every day or so day until they have a little community.

Francesca De Grandis, Yule 2010 - - yet another snapshot I took of myself by holding camera at arm’s length.

I do physical therapy in rain or snow, will do it in 8° weather. I love snow, being in the solitude of white and trees is lovely. My heart is growing just thinking about it. I intend a winter that will help my health!

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One Response to Soaking Up Sunshine, Winter, Health, and Life

  1. Hello Old friend. So nice to hear how you’re doing. Sending you much love for this Solstice! your words encourage me to “woman up” and get outside. I always feel so much better when I do… the cold of Northern Canada is fierce but I have always said that I love a good challenge!
    Have a wonderful Solstice Celebration!
    Krista Thornhill

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