Giveaway Expands Me, Out into the Stars

Update on the blog that is below: Someone has already claimed the earrings. But come back, lots of other cool stuff happens here: Contests, prizes, deep thoughts, informational rants . . .


Giveaway expands me, out into the stars. Hoarding will contract me. Do you want these garnet and pearl earrings? Free! 

Been simplifying home space, getting rid of stuff, even fabulous stuff. My spirituality and sanity require one of the decluttering laws that you always read about: If you don’t use it, get rid of it.

These earrings were made with sterling silver, white pearls, garnet, and green adventurine hearts. I loooovvveeee them, but was gifted them by a lovely woman in Feb. I finally have to admit, sigh, I don’t wear garnet. I do not honor her gift by letting it sit in a drawer. I honor it by regifting it.

First person to email me their postal address (U. S. only) can have them. I’ll even pay shipping. Pls don’t ask for them if you’re going to take them apart to make something else with their parts. I coulda done that myself – I’m a jewelry maker! But they’re too pretty! I want to honor their maker and her design. Include your ph # in case I have trouble shipping. My email:


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  1. AngelaRobin says:

    So pretty!

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