Online Shamanic Journey

The Fairy Witch Shamanic Adventure

An Online Event

with Magical Spells for What You Need and Want

The Fairy Witch Shamanic Adventure. An Online Event. With Magical Spells for What You Need and Want

I’m delighted to announce this audio recordings series.
Every recording leads you through a Faerie ritual.
The series is a magical adventure
to reach your life goals.

Receive audio, magical art, and more
for a eight-month-long multidimensional shamanic journey

Spells for prosperity, protection, peace, confidence, soul-healing, justice, and nearly anything else you want.

* Receive your weekly ritual by email *

* Witchcraft, straight up *

* Experiential learning—doing a ritual is the lesson *

* Every week, learn a new spell *

* Spells to manifest worldly goals *

* Personal growth *

* Increased intuition *

* Power from Ancestors *

* Power to serve your tribe *

* Simple, easy to follow instructions *

* Accessible to beginners *

* Substantive enough for adepts *

I’ll explain multidimensional shamanism and experiential Witchcraft lessons, while expanding on the above list. But first, some basics:

If you’re new to my work:
*I use Witch and Shaman synonymously because they are synonymous in my tradition. Ask me why if you want.
* Ditto spells, rituals, meditations, contemplations, etc.
* I usually use different spellings of Fairy (Faerie, Faery, etc.,) as synonymous. I love all the spellings. Ditto related words—fae, fey, fay, etc.


We begin our magical journey on December 10, 2023.

Our adventure lasts eight months.

If an unexpected event keeps me from sending a week’s planned material, I’ll extend the event an extra week.

If you can’t do the ritual some weeks, no problem. Start again with that lesson when you’re able.


Enroll by Midnight Weds December 6.

Cost is $169 a month.

Use the Subscribe button below for eight monthly payments of $169. Enroll securely through PayPal.

Pls give me yr phone #

If you don’t see an email confirming payment within a few days, check your spam. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a scholarship, semi-scholarship, or trade, or you need more information about the event, please call me at the number below. No refunds.

You can cancel the subscription any time after you’ve paid for the month you’ve already started.

If you felt something different from typical Witchcraft when you came to this site, here’s a possible reason:

I can promise extraordinarily effective magic. You will make significant headway, even for goals that seem impossible. You might be shocked to discover how free you can be from the limits society puts on you.

After decades of leading shamanic rituals, I know how good my work is!

The event’s price is a super deal. Here’s why:

As an elder trained from birth as a Shaman, I use Master-of-the Arts magics for this event:

1) Multidimensional Shamanism

An abundance of Fairy magic will enchant your days. My approach is so unusual that I’ve met almost no one doing anything near similar. For one thing, Mom raised me this way, training me as a shaman from birth. Her multidimensional approach influences my teachings.

Multidimensional Shamanism is a combination of methods arranged in a specific manner. Below are some of the methods and arrangements.

Please note, the different approaches overlap. Shamanism is not meant to be divided into parts to make its pieces fit into rigid categories. Instead, everything weaves together.

To put it another way: Everything is connected. And each part of something is connected to each part of every other thing.

If the following isn’t crystal clear, don’t worry. Words can’t completely explain this multidimensionality. But The Fairy Witch Shamanic Adventure conveys it experientially.

Here are some of its aspects.

2) A weekly ritual,
usually a ten to fifteen-minute audio recording

I call them audio rituals. Every audio recording consists of a easy, quick spell. I lead you through it step-by-step. After the 10-15 minutes is over, you’ve done a spell! .

No unnecessary information. We get right to the point: This is live magic. Here are examples of goals for the spells we’ll do: prosperity, confidence, serenity, health, money, soul-healing, creative fulfillment, business success, and self-love.

Each spell has many goals so at least one will be relevant to you. Despite having many goals, the instructions are simple and easy to follow.

The rituals are also experiential learning, which is the traditional method for witchcraft. The teacher led students in rituals. You will learn by doing. These are not lessons in the usual sense.

Learning witchcraft experientially is so effective that I can accurately call this an online course. Online lessons.

My audio recordings allow you to kick back for two reasons.

A) The audio leads you step-by-step through the rite.

B) You won’t need to listen the way mainstream education often demands. In other words, you aren’t expected to concentrate with a ridiculously sharp focus that requires so much effort that you end up exhausted. Or with a headache or brain fog. No need to analyze every detail of the lesson.

Instead, for example, sometimes hearing an audio-ritual is like listening to a fairytale. Think of the way a storyteller spins an enchantment. During an audio ritual, you can just listen and coast along on the enchantment I weave verbally. Simply by listening, you are doing the ritual.

The spoken word can add more dimensions than the written word sometimes. A voice’s subtleties can carry us into other realms. Hearing a spell’s words can be enchanting.

Some weeks, audios include my original music, which adds another dimension of magic.

When the event ends, you have all its enchanted recordings to rely on again and again.

3) I perform a ceremony for your success

The entire eight months, Fey magic simmers in my cauldron for you. It is a spell that blesses your efforts to improve your life—not only your efforts during our rituals, but later.

The cauldron spell also adds good luck to your daily life.

Usually, there are immediate important results, and they increase throughout the shamanic journey.

Another term for the spell I cast for you is a direct spiritual transmission.

4) I’m available by phone

A Shamanic journey is personal. If you want individual attention in one-on-one phone calls, we can talk as many as three times. If you have questions about the journey, need support because your commitment to the lessons falters, want to explore a particularly tantalizing part of the course, or have other concerns, feel free to phone.

Conversations must occur during the span of the course.

5) You are immersed in Shamanic culture

This immersion lets magical spells come alive for you experientially, making magic work in your life as opposed to remaining theory. The fairytale-like aspect of lessons is an example of Shamanic culture.

In Shamanic culture, receiving a spiritual transmission is often part of someone’s spiritual journey.

Caution: Many people have copied my descriptions of multidimensional Shamanism. They promise that their books or classes, whether Shamanic or not, deliver results. Sometimes they may erroneously think this because they don’t know the difference. Use your instinct about whether they’re providing the real thing. So mote it be.

6) My original shamanic art blesses our work
and layers on more enchantments

Some weeks include visual art. I create as much magic as I can for your magical experiences.

Each art piece is a quality digital file (much better than what’s on this page. I have to moosh files for the page, or it takes forever to appear.) I’ll send you instructions on how to use some of the art as talismans.

7) You receive videos
from my Fey hearth to your Fey heart

Occasionally, you’ll receive a video, instead of, or in addition to, the audio recording. At any point in the journey that a video would provide more magic than audio, so be it!

8) A few rituals will be written instead of spoken

The written word has its own magic, guiding you into yet another experiential layer.

9) Rituals address your needs as a multidimensional person

And not only your needs but also your wants. Shamanic culture embraces you as a whole—all parts of you. And not just theoretically, but in a living Shamanic process.

Caution: I have seen shamanic paths that seem multidimensional until you notice they do not respect the various aspects of you and your life.

In contrast, for example, a few of our rituals will focus on relaxing and nourishing you. During almost the full length of those audios, you get to relax and be cared for as the ritual’s magic nurtures, revives, and replenishes you.

If we don’t pause for spiritual and magical nourishment, working toward goals becomes counterproductive. Times focused on nourishment prevent burn out and restore us if we do burn out.

Also, you will learn that the nurturing rituals spin special magic that moves you toward your cherished goals faster than if you did not stop to rest.

Over the eight months, we approach improving our lives from many different angles. The combination makes each of our spells more powerful. Here’s why.

Let’s say we do a spell for prosperity. It will have extra power from work done in our previous lessons. For example, we’ll have performed rituals in which we travel inward to heal ourselves of self-defeating beliefs. Clearing away negative beliefs boosts a prosperity spell—even when those beliefs have nothing to do with prosperity! Why? Because the less blocked we are, the more easily and powerfully our magic flows.

The course will show you other reasons why improving our lives from numerous angles adds power to all spells.

And wait, there’s more, LOL. After a spell to reach a cherished goal, you’ll be more able to follow through on it with mundane actions. I help you find relevant action on the mundane plane and the power to act. Head in the clouds, and feet on the ground.

You’re not limited to the examples I’ve given. You’ll have a chance to do spells for almost anything—inner peace, happiness, worldly power, the ability to be of maximum service. There will be spells you can apply to whatever goal you choose.

Here’s more about goals that we’ll hit:

This adventure helps you claim your magical and worldly power. If you’ve already claimed them, they will increase.

Life’s stumbling blocks, traumas, and oppressive societal messages can create self-defeating beliefs. For example, “I never manage to get ready to move forward in my life.” But you don’t need clarity, certainty, or trust before you receive the help you need to move forward. The rituals help you have clarity, certainty, and trust!

The idea that you must improve yourself before receiving the help to do so can be a coping mechanism for trauma. Or an idea that oppressors shove down our throats so that we don’t take steps to power. Or taught by a well-intended person who doesn’t know better yet.

An oppressive society doesn’t want you to claim your power. Wanting you isolated, oppressors will insist that you need to change before you can be part of something that would support you.

No matter who you are or what anyone says, Fairy Witch magic belongs to you. Do the lessons exactly as you are, and their magic will work for you.

If anyone—including yourself, if you’ve internalized oppression—says you cannot make headway because you’re “too fat,” “too tall,” “too short,” Native, Druid, gay, …, jump into this course.

These spells are powerful and manageable for anyone. Power is everyone’s right. It does not belong to just some people.

Let’s look more at inner—and outer—blocks.

10) Faerie magic can free us
from inner and outer limits

For example, if the sort of terrible messages I described above have gotten into your head, the journey helps heal that.

More examples: self-defeating beliefs like “The life I want is unrealistic.” Or “My challenges are too big to overcome.” No one is ever completely free from inner blocks. But we can remove enough of them that they no longer keep us from our dearest goals.

You will make important progress with other inner blocks too, like despair, simmering resentment, and immobilizing fear.

To overcome outer blocks, expect magic for success, worldly power, guidance, and more.

For example, traditional witchcraft makes efforts to fight oppression and find justice more powerful.

Don’t let anyone stop you. Have power and happiness. Create the life you want. Take this Fairy Witch adventure with me.

11) We call on the power of your ancestors

This is yet another blessing on your adventure.

Our ancestors will travel with us. We will ask for their guidance and empowerment.

If you don’t know who they are, or how to call them, you will learn.

We will also call on your Faerie ancestors. You don’t have to be of northern European descent for that. Fairy is part of most cultures’ lore—African, Italian, Hawaiian, etc.

Though I’ve listed many ways that our journey will be blessed and empowered, they fit into the brief, 10 to 15 minute, weekly ritual. (There are exceptions. For example, I teach a short preparation to do before each lesson and a quick ritual for afterwards. Once you learn those, they usually only take a minute.)

12) During the adventure, magic lovingly holds you

The universe is magical. It is always trying to empower you and carry you toward your goals. And our rituals will help that happen. I’ll explain all this more during the course.

One of the joys of being embraced by magic is experiencing greater connectivity to Gaia and the Cosmos. Again, you’ll see how and why during the course.

That connectivity gives us enormous power and healing. It can also lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness.

13) Teaching Shamanism is an art. That’s another layer of power

I paint and explore other art forms. But my primary art form is Shamanism. Good art, for me, requires a strong left-brain right-brain connection. For example, I rely on inspiration and logic equally when creating a course. I work hard.

I said that multidimensional Shamanism is a combination of methods arranged in a specific manner. The approaches I’ve outlined are not put together willy-nilly for my classes. Combining everything to create a cohesive, effective whole took years. I am dedicated to my art.

This complex, carefully-constructed arrangement makes things simpler and easier for you. Why? For one thing, life is multifaceted, and you are multifaceted. I artfully made that one of the curriculum’s underpinnings. So lessons and magic unfold in an organic natural manner.

Everything is connected. A shamanic process, as I teach it, embodies connectivity. All parts of our shamanic journey support the other parts. Here’s an example: my cauldron spell strengthens your magical and mundane powers. It also deepens the magic of each week’s ritual. That deepening, coupled with the strengthening of your powers, augments the experiential nature of lessons.

With all the approaches I’ve listed, there can be major successes no matter what.

(If you’ve ever realized that my Shamanism is deceptively simple, thank you! Your noticing my genius makes me feel appreciated, ha. The learning process in my classes is so organic. Hence, not everyone sees that it must’ve been constructed by a master who combines elements and details with precision to create miracle-making magic for you. Heh, untamed is not unintelligent.)

For decades, my students requested an event consisting of audio rituals. They want it because “Your voice is magical.” That makes me feel good.

Creating a powerful, safe, and beautiful magical adventure online has been a growing experience. But I don’t mind that it took decades to figure out an audio course that would accomplish everything I’ve outlined here. I wanted an event worthy of you. I am happy because this will serve people. I feel fulfilled. So mote it be.

$169 a month covers everything I’ve outlined.

That is a super-special price. The spiritual transmission alone would usually cost that. And when I artfully combine major powers, they make a whole even greater than its parts. So I want you in this course to receive big benefits.

Use the Subscribe button below for eight monthly payments of $169 each. Enroll securely with PayPal:

Pls give me yr phone #


It was an eye opener, I’ve grown in ways I didn’t know were possible and I was so grateful!—Catherine Mills

Your warm, calming voice and your wisdom have helped me through some very difficult times.—Thomas Byrnes

Now I have an artist’s website, and I’ve started to make jewelry. I’m doing all kinds of creative work and it joyously surprises the heck out of me. Thank you, thank you, Francesca!—Meghan

Loving, powerful, and most importantly, a SAFE spiritual teacher.—Shea

The essence and heart of magic.—Rebecca Brown

She helped me through the loss of my first child. … I continued to work with Francesca [which] finally led me to be able to conceive again and give birth to a healthy beautiful daughter.—Jenn Campus

There’s an awesomely deep love within her that heals people.—William Michaels

Huge positive repercussions. You are making things happen on a multileveled reality.—Holly Soutar

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