Wild Magic from Fairy Gods Gave Me Freedom and Wholeness

Wild Magic from Fairy Gods Gave Me Freedom and Wholeness

Healing My Spirit, Solving Awful Problems, and Making a Good Life

One focus of my 70+ years on this planet has been health of spirit and body. It is a core of both my personal strivings and my teachings.

Spiritual health eluded me for the first thirty years of my life.

The terrible things that happened to me in my childhood and early adulthood crushed my spirit, to quite a degree.

Then I found my place in wild magic from Fairy Gods. Their magic freed me and made me whole.

Before that spiritual empowerment, all my efforts to improve my life fell short. Sufficient money, safety, physical health, joy, and other human heritages eluded me.

I don’t blame myself for tragedies inflicted by other people and circumstances. I never blame the victim. Bad things happen to good people.

What I’m saying instead is this. Magic filled with love from my Gods empowered me to overcome awful problems and make a good life.

This Faerie Witch magic continues to free me and keep me whole, despite the major problems and emotional upheaval that life can bring.

Nothing Happens in a Vacuum. Not Tragedy, Joy, or Anything Else

The spiritual devastation of my childhood was at least partially due to rough circumstances.

In the same vein, spiritual health doesn’t grow in a void.

That lesson was brought home to me today. While finishing this post, I noticed flower bulbs I put in a vase four days ago.

The photo shows that they’re above the waterline. That is a standard method for blooming bulbs in water. Roots appeared almost immediately and are now a third of an inch long.

A glass vase of flower bulbs. The bulbs are starting to root.

It only took four days for the bulbs’ roots to start growing down toward the water that would feed it. These bulbs arrived dormant but are already on their way to blooming. We bloom even more quickly when near love, safety, and magic! And even more quickly if, instead of being near “the water” like the bulbs, we are enveloped by love, safety, and magic!

A Sacred Magical Space
for You to Bloom and Thrive

I’m devoted to helping you access the gifts the Gods have given me.

I learned to create a healing, empowering, magical, safe, love-filled space.

If you want that, I’ll perform a shamanic ceremony for you. It builds a magical environment all around you as you go about your daily life. This is the magic with which the Fairy Gods changed everything for me. It transforms you and your life, giving you greater power and good luck.

You can also think of that environment as a flow of blessings and good luck that embraces you. Or think of it as Divine love healing your spirit, body, and life.

The shamanic ritual I’ve outlined has miraculous results, giving you even more than what I’ve described. Learn everything about it: Click the good luck banner below.

Francesca De Grandis, best-selling author of Be a Goddess! provides Faerie Shamanism classes, Shamanic counseling, and healings. Trained from birth in a European Shamanic family tradition of Celtic and Italian Witchcraft, she has lived this lesser-known Faerie Shamanism for 72 years. Her Goddess mysticism is combined with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Nickname: Outlaw Bunny.

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