You Can Have Power, Help, and Miraculous Magic Now

New Event:
You Can Have Power, Help,
and Miraculous Magic Now

A Three-Month Shamanic Ritual
to Get What You Want and Need

with Francesca De Grandis,
Fairy Witch elder and best-selling author of Be a Goddess!

We begin Monday October 31, 2022.
Enrollment ends Wednesday October 26.

Definitions if you’re new to my work:
*Witchcraft and Shamanism are synonymous in my tradition. Ask me why if you want.
* Ditto spells, rituals, meditations, etc.
* All the magic I teach is Fey, whether described as such or not. I use different spellings of fairy, basically using them as synonymous. Ditto related words—fae, fey, fay, etc.

This event consists of weekly ceremonies that immerse you in good luck, healing, power, and other blessings. The rites foster success in finances, family matters, creativity, or your other heart’s desires.

The weekly sacred circles help you
* Conquer what life throws at you.
* Land through Divine grace into the life you want—the life you deserve.

On top of all that, these Shamanic circles will suit you if
* You want well-being, success with goals, and triumph over challenges.
* To have those blessings, you need more support, spirituality, and ritual in your life.
* But you don’t see any way to fit them in, at least not enough.

Perhaps you can’t fit them in—or fit them in enough—because you are busy pursuing a wonderful opportunity, are overwhelmed by emotional turmoil, are buried in a crisis, or have other obstacles.

To explain how the event solves this standstill, I’ll start with a question: Do you relate to any of the following remarks?

“I need support but keep putting it on hold because my plate’s full.”

“I’m afraid my project won’t do well. I wish I had time to do magic to help make it succeed. Magic for confidence, creativity, and clarity could make the difference. So could spells that smooth the path by removing roadblocks.”

“I want to cast spells to stop the crisis in my life. But my head is filled with my problems so I can’t focus enough to do magic.”

“I’m always stressed. I need spirituality more, to have serenity and clarity. But I never feel centered enough to do ritual.”

“I have so many problems that I need to do rituals for fortitude and calmness. But I’m too busy keeping my head above water.”

“I desperately want the inner power to overcome my challenges. But I am always exhausted and have no energy for rituals to empower myself.”

If you could have made any of those statements, don’t worry. You don’t have to wait for help, power and miracle-causing magic. To benefit from this three-month Shamanic rite, you can show up at our circles exactly as you are and then do exactly as you do. Magic will welcome you, accept you as you are, and help you. So will I.

If you’re distracted, unmotivated, upset, or whatever, we’ll still make important progress toward your goals.

Whether they are love, money, health, serenity, strength, self-love, or something else, I will help. Where and who you are now in your life, that’s where we begin. Examples:

Having trouble focusing? There will be spells that don’t require sharp focus to succeed. The spells that need concentration include steps to increase focus, and those spells don’t require perfect concentration to succeed. Your attempts alone feed success.

Don’t know your goals? The event includes rituals for clarity and Divine guidance. You can use one or more of them to decide on goals. I’ll give you a psychic reading about it if you need that too.

Struggling emotionally? The rituals for this event take that into account and still work.

Wondering if there’s any point in trying? The rituals we’ll do for inner power can be applied to hopelessness.

This event accommodates you rather than you accommodating it.

Another example: It’s okay to miss some sessions.

In a moment, I’ll address enrolling despite a full schedule. In the meantime:

For four decades, I’ve helped people manifest greater personal fulfillment. And I always start with where they actually are in their lives rather than their having to forgo improving their lives until they were in the “right” state of mind or “right” situation.

Patriarchal “spiritual” teachers insist we must be worthy before receiving Divine help. They say we must prepare this way or that before approaching a God.

My Gods stand by me exactly as I am in any given moment. They stand by me when I’m desolate or don’t trust Them. They stand by me in hard times. They stand by me when I cannot or will not stand by myself. This event is a way you can allow Them to stand by you.

They offer me miracle-making magic in all circumstances—not waiting until I am “worthy.” Their magic is abundant in the upcoming event..

Enroll in my new three-month Shamanic ritual—You Can Have Power, Help, and Miraculous Magic Now.

Attend Circle by Phone. It’s Easy!

The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.
The group meets by teleconference: Simply call the event phone number to attend.


We meet Mondays, 6:00 to 7:00 pm pacific time, from October 31 through Jan 30, skipping the following Mondays:
* November 28
* December 26
* January 2

Reserve Mondays February 6 and 13, 6:00 to 7:00 pm, for makeup sessions in the unlikely chance I’m unavailable for any of the planned dates.

Enrollment ends Midnight Weds October 26.


Cost is $200 a month. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

If you must drop out, simply cancel your subscription, and further payments aren’t required. No refunds.

Click the Subscribe button below to enroll securely through PayPal.

If you don’t receive an email confirming payment within a few days, check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a scholarship, semi-scholarship, trade, or payment plan other than the subscription, or you need additional information about the event, please call me at the number below. Upon payment, your seat is reserved. A few days before our first meeting, you receive an email with the event phone number and other details.

I’m fiercely passionate in my belief that my teachings create miracles because decades of lessons have proven it.

Trained from birth in a European Shamanic family tradition, I have lived this obscure tradition of Faerie Witchcraft for 72 years. A long life of training and experience inform this three-month Shamanic ritual to get what you want and need.

I combine Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. When you work with me, we won’t spin our wheels, pie in the sky. You’ll accomplish what you need to accomplish.

I am fiercely passionate about supporting my students because I care. I commit to you, with all my cells and all my magical skills.

Just show up, and I do a lot for you. The results are big. The price for the event is a deal because so much Fairy magic will enchant your days. Here’s how:

Four Master-of-the Arts Magics
Will Fuel Your Success

Here are four Master-of-the Arts magics I bring to this event:

1) Oral Tradition Faerie Rituals

I use master-level Witchcraft techniques to create healing and empowerment ceremonies safe for beginners and substantive enough for adepts.

Enrollment is limited because we work in oral tradition, in which immense headway can happen quickly. Fairy oral tradition magic happens in small groups. A small group also allows participants to receive individualized attention.

In addition to the benefits I’ve mentioned, weekly circles help you stay on course toward your goals and maintain progress. How? The meetings provide ongoing support, are a chance to consistently apply magic toward your goals, and empower you to take the necessary mundane-plane steps toward your ideal life.

2) Every Week, I Do a Spell For Your Success

For the whole three months, I cast spells for you to achieve goals.

The spells give you good luck, add power to your efforts to improve your life, and strengthen the magic of our meetings.

Creating the life and state of mind you want can require good luck. This Shamanic circle helps you be soooooo lucky.

The magic I do for you adapts to your needs automatically (instead of me arrogantly deciding what you need), e.g., personal growth, peace, physical health, confidence.

The spells don’t focus on one benefit but bless you as a whole being and enrich your entire life.

3) Psychic Readings about Your Goals

You receive psychic readings about your goals, situations, and process regarding them.

My readings include practical advice, no matter how serious, complex, sophisticated, or unusual your circumstances are.

4) One-on-One Shamanic Support by Phone

I’m available if you have concerns that you prefer to discuss privately. Or, if you have a question that’d take too long to answer during a group ceremony, you can call.

I address your concerns with common sense, channeled information, and a blessing rite.

Each of those four magics constitutes a major power that transforms lives big time. The powers together make a whole even greater than its parts. Reviews:

Life-changing. I don’t have words adequate to thank you. … One of the most deeply meaningful experiences of my life .”—Melissa

I am truly blown away at how much I was able to resolve and heal.”—Chad Woodward

My life just seems to go better when I’m taking one of your classes!”—Shauna Farabaugh

Cost for three months of Shamanic circles, my weekly spells for you, psychic readings, and one-on-one support: $200 a month for three months. Your carrier might charge you for the calls.

Click the Subscribe button below to enroll securely through PayPal.

So Busy that There’s No Time for Self-Care?

Don’t know where you’ll find time for magic? Save time by participating in this Shamanic ritual:

You can avoid going down rabbit holes. The event includes rituals in which you cut through inner and outer blocks. This streamlines your life, helps you focus on your needs and wants, and creates effective actions on the magical and mundane planes. 

Classes are only one hour per week.

You Can Have Power, Help, and Miraculous Magic Now is not a course of study. Actual classes can require endless assignments and other work. This three-month ritual consists of weekly Shamanic circles that provide ongoing spiritual and Shamanic support.

When I commit to something, the universe responds by supporting my effort, often with miracles. This includes giving me the time and energy to fulfill my commitment.

Enroll now for the time and energy to have power, help, and miraculous magic in your life now:

Don’t let anyone keep you from a happy life. Live the way you want. Enroll.

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