Shamanic Rituals that Fill the Spiritual Void

Overview of upcoming class: Even a spiritually-evolved individual can unknowingly suffer from a spiritual void inside. And they might mistake it for loneliness, fear about finances, or other feelings. Mistaking the source of the problem, a person might turn to the wrong places to fill the awful emptiness, desperation driving them into relationships with inappropriate people, unfair expectations of loved ones, lessons from unkind spiritual teachers, or other destructive behavior.

My class shows you how to change all this. You’ll learn rituals through which you and your Gods can fill that emptiness—only you yourself and Divinity can accomplish it. You’ll find fulfillment, happiness, and power that do not rely on other people or your circumstances. And you’ll become more able to follow your star.

I don’t make these promises lightly, oblivious of the tragedies people face, but am informed by my own traumas. For example, despite fearing for my life when racists made ongoing threats, some of them face-to-face, I found enduring happiness and productivity.

End of overview.

Faerie Shamanism Course:

Shamanic Rituals
that Fill the Spiritual Void

You Can Be Happy Regardless of Circumstances

This seven-week teleseminar begins January 16, 2022.

Enroll by January 12.

What Is a Spiritual Void?

Some individuals feel a spiritual emptiness that cannot be filled by someone’s affection for them or opinion of them. Nor can that emptiness be filled by food, money, possessions, prestige, or anything else except your own efforts and those of the Divine.

Humans are wonderfully tribal. The longing for love, support, and companionship is healthy. As is the instinct to be respected and even treasured. Interdependence empowers us to thrive materially and spiritually. However, being too dependent actually leads to alienation and isolation. Distinguishing between being interdependent and overly dependent can be difficult.

Spiritual emptiness can be mistaken for loneliness, isolation, or other ways we might feel unfulfilled or bereft. So we might turn to the wrong places to fulfill the soul. This can drive someone into
* relationships with inappropriate people
* unfairly high expectations of loved ones
* obsessions about relationships
* addiction
* compulsive work habits
* overwhelming sadness
* hopelessness

The upcoming course helps you avoid that pain and lost opportunities for abundance and happiness. I’ll channel transformative rites especially for that purpose. I will also channel rituals to meet your specific needs if you desire.

Fill the Soul to Create Spiritual Wholeness

In the course, you’ll learn:

* spiritual practices in which Divinity and self fill the emptiness

* practical mysticism that breaks the pattern—perhaps compulsion—of trying to fill the void with people, money, prestige, or anything else that won’t work

* ways to spot the difference between spiritual interdependence and spiritual independence

* how to integrate interdependence with independence

Instead of looking to people or circumstances to fill the soul, you’ll find fulfillment, happiness, and power that do not rely on circumstances. Changing circumstances won’t devastate you emotionally or otherwise.

Fill Your Soul
to Improve All Parts of Your Life

The shamanic practices in these lessons increase all goodness, from prosperity to creativity to sexual satisfaction. Here’s how:

Perhaps you experience mood swings caused by your reactions to other people’s feelings about you.

Or you lose time, energy, and focus because you’re preoccupied with what people think of you.

Or maybe you’re so busy taking care of others that you don’t meet your own needs.

Or perhaps you support everyone else’s goals but don’t pursue your own.

Or people’s ideas, problems, or emotions send you into hopelessness, heartbreak, or another emotional tailspin.

If you suffer from anything I’ve described above, the course will help you stop changing circumstances—including other people’s reactions and lives—from eating up your time, thoughts, and emotions. Nurturing such independence creates ripples throughout your being and your whole life. Centered in the richness of your soul, you are able to:

* Focus on self-care.
* Follow your star—e.g., your dream career.
* Enjoy deep satisfaction from the small wonders of everyday life.
* Create worldly success in many areas of life.
* Trust in your deep self and its wisdom.
* Experience the ecstasy that comes from wholeness.
* Feel immersed in care from the Divine.

Stephen R. Covey said, “People can’t live with change if there’s not a changeless core inside them.”

Finding that core during life’s constant changes is a challenge. I’ll show you how to conquer that roadblock. At the end of the seven weeks, you’ll be able to say with confidence, “I know how to fill my soul so I can live in my true self, with all its power, wisdom, and joy. The internal void provides an opportunity to flourish!”

The Internal Void Is an Opportunity to Flourish

Responding with knee-jerk denial to the idea of having a spiritual void is easy for any of us because society has gone to great lengths to create blindness to this soul wound.

Society wants us emptied of ourselves so we become
* needy enough to be easily influenced
* overly reliant on our oppressors
* and no more than consumers

Even insightful, independent thinkers can unwittingly have a degree of emptiness that hurts them.

I’m not preaching from on high. Though the decades have allowed me to grow lightyears past this problem, I’m not exempt from it. I still recognize—and overcome—patterns in myself.

Before your busy day requires you leave this page, please consider whether this prevalent soul wound should concern you personally. Don’t miss a chance for incredible empowerment.

Psychological therapy can be an insufficient solution (though it can be helpful) because the spiritual void is not psychological, but spiritual and energetic, hence the effectiveness of shamanism at filling the soul.

In this experiential learning process, you are blessed by the Cosmos’s otherworldly healing powers, and connectivity to Divine love and guidance infuses the class meetings.

Fey Witch mysticism is soul healing, solves real-life problems, and otherwise helps you create an amazing life on the spiritual and material planes.

Suited to all levels of experience: accessible to newbies, yet adepts experience depth.

Spiritually-evolved individuals who are independent overall and have a rich inner landscape can still occasionally—or often—find themselves fruitlessly looking to people and circumstances to fill the void discussed here.

Shamanism offers both adepts and beginners connectivity—union with the Cosmos, the Earth, and all Her children. Shamanism also creates an inner union, all aspects of the self weaving together harmoniously. This course provides steps toward a personal wholeness that allows us greater connectivity with everything else. Each step toward wholeness within ourselves allows a more satisfying and beautiful connection with other people.

This course can serve as one of the two electives required before advanced Third Road training.

The class meets by phone. Just dial your phone to attend.

You receive spiritual transmissions in every meeting, which increases your ability to fill the spiritual void.

Enrollment is limited to 16 participants so we can perform ceremonies that can only happen in a small group, allowing old-style oral tradition in which immense headway happens quickly. A small group also allows each participant to receive individualized attention, should they want that support. This tailors a lesson so you receive the exact help you need.

You can phone me if you have a concern that might take too long to address during class or that you prefer to discuss privately.

Starting January 16, we meet Sundays 6:00 to 7:00 pm EST, for seven consecutive weeks. Reserve Sunday March 6, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned dates.

Full cost—for seven classes, direct spiritual transmissions, and one-on-one private support should you desire—is $200 a month for two months. Your carrier might charge you for the phone calls into the meetings.

Pay securely with PayPal. Choose one of two options:

1) Use the Pay Now button below to pay tuition all at once one, and you’re taken care of!


2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two payments of $200, one now and a second one automatically a month later.

If you do not receive an email confirming your payment within a few days, please check your spam filter and spam mailbox. If the email isn’t there, or you want to discuss a payment plan, trade, or scholarship, or you need additional info about the course, please call me. Upon payment, your place is reserved. Refunds unavailable. A few days before our first class, you receive an email with the event phone number and other details.

Photo of Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis 2021

Francesca De Grandis is the best-selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of Fairy shamanism. She has worked professionally as a community shaman for four decades.

The course might be a one-time event, and enrollment is limited. Take advantage of this opportunity now.

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