Join me in Powerful Fun Ritual

Join me in Powerful Fun Ritual: The Alphabet Oracle Deck Shamanic Journey—Seven Weeks of Fairy Magic for Anything in Your Life

The Alphabet Oracle Deck Shamanic Journey

Fairy Magic for Your Whole Self

Begins Sunday August 30.

Enrollment ends August 26.

To celebrate the release of my new deck, I’m offering a special event.

Magic for Anything in Your Life

For seven weeks, we’ll meet once a week for a magic adventure—a journey into Faerie realms for the change, power, luck, inspiration, and guidance you need right now.

Each week, when we meet, I’ll use the Alphabet Oracle Deck to divine what ritual will best serve us. (If you don’t know about my Alphabet Oracle Deck, click here:

For example, I might use cards from the deck as prompts to spin an impromptu fairy tale—a myth we enter into with the Magna Mater, Great Mother of All Things, that She may grant our wishes, bless us, and guide us about worldly and spiritual matters.

As a bard and fairy witch, I love to channel on-the-spot rituals for a group. Many participants can testify how powerfully relevant and useful these rituals are for them.

Many Magics to Support Material Success and Spiritual Strength:

1) The aspects of the weekly ritual I already described. Plus:

2) Spiritual transmissions, in every meeting.

Spiritual transmissions are an ancient Faery Faith method I use to bless you. The blessings tailor themselves to what you need each week, e.g., hope or confidence. Transmissions also add good luck to your life overall, increase the serenity, strength, and safety of your shamanic journey, increase the power of our magic, and deepen personal growth.

The rituals—including the transmissions—the Goddess channels through me meet you where you are and support whatever spiritual and material goals you’re working toward.

3) One or more mini-readings. At least once during our seven weeks, you receive a one-on-one reading during circle, to support and streamline your journey to power.

4) Your own copy of The Alphabet Oracle Deck, should you want to use it during or between meetings, and after our seven weeks end. You receive a PDF to print and cut up to make your own Alphabet Oracle Deck. You also receive the six page PDF booklet that accompanies the deck.

I won’t teach how to use the deck. This is not a class. And, while using the deck to guide our journey, I won’t spell out the steps of my process. That’d require years to convey.

However, if you learn by watching, you’ll probably find substantial lessons about how to use the deck. In fact, the deck’s booklet doesn’t explain how to use the deck as prompts to channel rituals, but you might learn a bit about that by watching me.

5) One-on-one support by phone, should you want to privately discuss a problem, have a concern that’d take too long to discuss in a group meeting, or years later have questions about our seven weeks. I commit to my students.

Note: I reduced photos to make this page load quickly, which blurs photos’ details. The oracle deck has crisp, clear detail.

A Mystical Connection with the Cosmos in All Its Power

We are part of a larger whole: everything in existence is woven together. Our seven weeks of ritual’ll weave with the greater whole wonderfully—all parts of the dance of life empowering the rest of the dance, including our efforts toward our personal goals. 

E.g., our journey will weave with everything you ever achieved before you met me, what you currently do on your own outside of your work with me, and with the world’s many individuals serving good, plus the weave of all things, which is the manifestation of the Goddess in all Her love. Every part of the weave feeds every other part, making it more powerful—including the work we will do in The Alphabet Oracle Deck Shamanic Journey—and any work we do feeds the beauty of all the cosmos. 

Every week, we will feel this weave experientially, our spirits joining in the cosmic dance of life. 

Can’t wait to see where we go and what we accomplish.

The Great Mother Goddess Is the Weaver and the Weave

Here’s more about the weave of all things being the manifestation of the Goddess in all Her love. It’s another way of looking at the weave of all things:

The Great Mother Goddess has everything in Her. And Her living presence is in everything and is pure magic. So enchantment flows through all existence. In our weekly visits, we’ll settle us into that immense, everpresent flow of magical Goodness, whereby She can take wonderful care of us, addressing our practical and spiritual needs.


* She grants luck, magical power, and pivotal insights about our mundane affairs.

* She gives both mystical and practical guidance that helps us fulfill our dreams, find joy, and serve others well.

* She holds us safe in our sacred journey.

Fun Is Sacred and Empowering

With the release of the Alphabet Oracle Deck, I wanted to have fun with it, while also making substantial spiritual and practical headway in my life. The idea of a seven-week Alphabet Oracle Deck shamanic journey came to me.

Fun is not mere frippery. Call it fun, call it ecstatic spirituality, but it is a mystic journey with down-to-earth results.

Our cells will dance. You might find yourself laughing from sheer joy.

The fun will help us each be renewed by starlight, filled with sunshine and clarity of purpose, and able to focus on pursuing our happy hearts’ desires, less distracted by naysayers, haters, worry, resentment, or other impediments. The fun will also help us each settle ourselves into the Divine synchronicity—or call it magic—that opens the doors we need opened.

The group meets by phone. Just dial your phone to participate.

We meet seven consecutive Sundays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST, starting August 30. Reserve Sunday Oct 18, same time, for a makeup session in case I’m unavailable for one of the planned sessions.

Total cost for everything— everything–I’ve described is $400. Your service provider might charge you for the call. If you’ve already purchased the deck, I cannot refund that portion of the event cost.

Pay securely with PayPal. Choose one of two options:

1) Use the Pay Now button below to send me $400, and you’re taken care of!

Ignore the drop-down menu option for “half-price if you participated in this event before.” This event is brand new.


2) Or use the Subscribe button to make two equal payments of $200, one now and a second one automatically a month later. Easy!

Upon payment, your place is reserved. A few days before the first meeting, you receive event phone number and other details by email. No refunds. To discuss payment plan, trade, reduced tuition, or scholarship, or if you have other concerns, call me.

Diana is the manifestation of the Magna Mater Who wants to join in our meetings.

Magna Mater,
Creator of all,
Patron Goddess of Italian witches,
and Queen of the Fey folk,
may Your beauty and kindness
create paths to this event,
so individuals whom it’ll serve well
might come upon it.
All Gods I hold dear,
please help make these paths.
Thank you.

Francesca De Grandis is the best selling author of “Be a Goddess!” Her work couples Goddess mysticism with practical magic and a down-to-earth philosophy. Raised in a traditional Strega family tradition that has Celtic shamanism in its heritage—the family is originally from France—she practices an ancient European witchcraft that is a form of Fairy shamanism.

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