Breath Work and Sound Healing Classes

Lately, more people are talking to me about speaking—and living—their truths:
“I want to say what I really think.”
“I want the confidence to be me.”
“I want to express my creativity.”
“I want to be of service.”
“I want to live my truths more than ever.”
“I make a positive difference for people but want to do more.”
“I don’t know what I believe in anymore.”
“Everything feels so uncertain.”
“I’m not sure who I am anymore.”
“I’m a pretty together person, but I feel powerless today.”
“ Everyone tells me thinking big is stupid. But I believe in a world where I can do something huge.”

Two upcoming courses help with all those concerns:

Learn Shamanic Breath Work and Sound Healing

These Techniques Help You Live Your Truths, Express Your Beauty, & Own Your Power

The above painting represents a sacred circle of individuals who are speaking and living their truths of morality, compassion, joy, service, and more.

As a shamanic guide and ritualist, I want my work to support and strengthen such individuals and those struggling to become one. So mote it be!

Please join me in one or both of the upcoming courses if you want to embody your beliefs and wisdoms.

In these upcoming courses, you’ll learn to apply Sacred Breath and Sound techniques to find and stand on the solid ground innate in you—including the beliefs that make you unstoppable and confident, keep you going despite challenges, and affirm your magical and mundane ability to manifest what you want.

And you’ll receive many other benefits, described below in pink text and the boxed class outlines.

Perhaps you lose sight of your truths, were never sure of them, or have another problem with them. If you’re like me, you can forget the magnificent powerful competent person you are. You can forget what you trust in.

Some days, I constantly move into that uncertainty. If fear, other inner blocks, or circumstances distract me from the wonderful things I deep down know to be true about myself and life, I use practices that I’ll teach you. They settle me back into the reality that I believe in deep down. These methods also return me to my most effective, happy, giving self.

Holy Mother, Holy Father, Your breath moves upon the atoms of our being. Help us not resist.  May our cells dance to the rhythm of Your heartbeat. Francesca De Grandis

Our exhalations, inhalations, and the sound of our heartbeats can weave with the exhalations, inhalations, and heartbeats of Gods. Then we can saturate our beings with joyful health and join in Gaia’s dance of abundance, strength, and kindness.

What is breath work?

Breathwork is the use of breathing exercises to transform yourself and the world. In the particular methodology I created, we also honor our natural, innate breathing patterns and, in the process, learn self acceptance and more, which I’ll discuss below.

Course One: Breathing Your Truths. Learn shamanic breath techniques that empower you to * Convey your truths—from standing up for yourself and others, to telling a friend they’re wonderful, to selling your paintings. * Be your most powerful self consistently. * Express yourself as a free spirit, artist, innovator, or otherwise. * Love and honor yourself exactly as you are.

We’ll also learn how breath work supports sacred sound techniques, but the course emphasis is the breath.

Historically, breath work has been overly complex to the point of being intimidating. It’s also been foreign to our physical makeup, thus systematically—and thoroughly—alienates practitioners from their bodies, spirits, and the immense, easily accessed shamanic potency in their innate breathing patterns.

My breathwork is atypical. I believe our natural breath is sacred just as it is. You’ll learn to unlock and support that most natural breathing, and use my simple, transformative methods that rely on natural breaths.

I also believe that whatever one’s breathing is like, it is sacred. We’ll work with that in the course.

I combine simple methods with more technical and complex ones. More about that below.

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is using vocalization and other noises to create positive shifts in yourself and your environment. Sound rituals can be loud or subtle. Ancestors hear the echo of my quietest breath and respond by blessing me. My heart’s a drum calling tribe, “Come! Come!” Sound is magic.

Course Two: Heart Drum. Learn shamanic sound techniques to: * Journey within, where the entire cosmos resides, that all powers may be yours. * Drench body and spirit with health and delight. * Center into your core wisdoms. * Return to that sure knowledge when distracted by hurtful messages oppressors prefer you believe. * Align your cells with your truths so you can embody them. * Follow through on visions of serving others. * Live in the real, where Gods take care of you.

We’ll do some breath work that supports our sound healing, but this course’s emphasis is on sound.

Additional benefits from both courses:

The Old Gods’ love for us manifests as a flow of blessings throughout creation. My sound and breath rituals weave us into that flow, so prosperity and all other blessings can more easily come to us.

This is gentle work with tremendous results. E.g., certain breath exercises and resonances open our atoms—on all planes—to seeing our truths and embodying them with our individually unique paths to prosperity, love, peace, and more.

The classes also help us leave the past behind, enjoy the present, and move forward.

The system I developed for these courses isn’t available elsewhere. That might be obvious from reading this page, if you’re familiar with breath and sound work. If not, let’s look at two of many differences from typical approaches:

1) We’ll use shamanic rites I developed that support our breath and sound work, so they’re remarkably effective and happy-making.

2) I mentioned embracing the natural breath, the techniques I have built on that, and the benefits thereof. Here’s more about that: I sang professionally sans voice lessons. Then I received the vocal training for opera. The earlier experience revealed a need to create simple, natural breath and sound methodologies. The later experience taught me singers’ highly technical breath and sound techniques that inspire my more complex rites. So you’ll learn methods that range from the easy, powerfully effective to the more detailed polishing.

Before 2020 started, I made a commitment it’d be the year of speaking and living my truths more than ever. Then the pandemic hit.

I decided my commitment was all the more important if I was to survive, be happy, and be of service.

Journal Entry: Affirming Life and Eternal Truths, 2020-4-13

A supposed reality has been thrust upon me—a fabrication in which I am powerless and uncertain. My fears believe that lie is true.

But it is not real.

I refuse to live in a world defined by fear.

Today, I will live fully, in freedom, by living in the eternal and living in the moment.

I embrace eternity, by acknowledging that losses and joys
inevitably come.

I live in the moment, by accepting its losses and joys.

I find and honor the magic in the moment. I use it to make a better world, both for myself and others.

When my fear and selfishness distract me from what I hold dear, I will turn my attention to my truths:

I was put on this planet to serve the earth and all its children.

I was put on this planet to savor the earth and all its children.

My Gods want me to learn from my sorrows and my joys.

My Gods help me to live in freedom.

My Gods help me find certainty.

Goddess, today, please help me remember what eternal truths I need cleave to.

Both courses have three dynamic parts:

1) Experiential hands-on lessons, one per week, for three weeks. Lessons are via group phone calls. To participate, just dial your phone.

Enrollment limited to 16 people so participants who want individualized attention can receive it.

2) I’m available for one-on-one support by phone, should you want to privately discuss a problem, or you have a concern that’d take too long to discuss in class.

3) Direct spiritual transmissions for three weeks, five days a week.

“Spiritual transmission” can mean different things. I don’t do anything to you; I don’t inject you with energy, rearrange your energy, or even dust off your aura. I simply give off a blessing energy during a transmission, much like burning incense gives off specific magical energies in a room.

One of each week’s transmissions is during the group lessons, deepening experiential learning.

Between meetings, transmissions settle you further into your truths, ideals, powers, and beauty.

My transmissions also increase the serenity, strength, and safety of your shamanic process, further personal growth, and add luck when you do anything to improve your life.

Enroll in either or both courses. The first course, Breathing Your Truths, meets Thursdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST, three consecutive weeks, starting June 25. Reserve Thursday July 16, same time, for a makeup meeting, in case I’m unexpectedly unavailable for one of the planned sessions. The second  course, Heart Drum, meets Sundays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm EST, three consecutive weeks, starting July 19. Reserve Sunday August 9, same time, in case I need a makeup meeting.

Full cost for one course—that’s three ceremonies, three weeks of spiritual transmissions, and one-on-one private support—is $250. Your carrier might charge you for phone calls into the group meetings.

Save $100: Enroll early in both groups by midnight June 3. Total cost: $400.

Use the drop-down menu to select one of four enrollment options. Then pay securely with PayPal:

Pls give yr phone number.

Upon payment, your place is reserved. You receive course details—e.g., the phone number to dial to participate in meetings—by email. No refunds. To discuss payment plan, trade, scholarship, or semi-scholarship, or if you have other concerns, call me.

Every inhalation and exhalation can open wondrous possibilities.

My every atom is ready to sing me happy and free me to act as I want.

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6 Responses to Breath Work and Sound Healing Classes

  1. LISA HALE says:

    Francesca, what does scholarship entail? It is something I may look into. I have followed your books in a solitary fashion for years and have always wanted to attend a class but am in an extremely low income bracket due to disabilities. thanks!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Lisa, I feel honored and humbled that you follow my work.

      I’m glad to talk with you about scholarship. Give me a call. (My phone number is above in a graphic. I won’t type it out here because then I’ll get spam phone calls.)

      I’m easy to reach, catch as catch can, 11 AM to 7 PM, Eastern standard time. If you reach neither my phone machine nor me, I’m likely on the phone with a client, so please wait an hour and then call back.


  2. Virginie Ponnelle says:

    Dear Francesca,

    Unfortunately I can’t afford it and also doubt I will have enough time to attend it. I am sure it is worth it.
    Kisses love

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Hi, darling,

      I’m sorry you’re not going to be able to attend.

      If money alone was keeping you from it, we could discuss scholarship or trade or whatever is viable.

      If your schedule changes, let me know. ❤️??

  3. Paula Amero says:

    I just want to honor and acknowledge the good vibes you put forth on this page.

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