The Magic of the Oak Tree

Traditionally, oak symbolizes strength, prosperity, protection, and overall blessings.

Oak is a standard wand for witches, druids, and others, since it represents power.

Lore tells us oak is a door to Faerie realms and their mysteries. The name of the Ogham letter that corresponds to oak is Dair. To the best of my knowledge, Dair relates to the English word door.

Oak resonates with the energy of the Green God, often known as Herne, and of the green Goddess, often known as Elen of the Ways.

The triad of ash, oak, and thorn trees is often associated with witches.

(Photos in this post are oak talismans and wands I made, so you get to see the gorgeous wood of the tree under discussion, and because doing woodworking and pyrography—pyrography is the art of burning designs into wood—to make sacred artifacts is precious to me.)

One of oak’s lessons, embodied in its acorns, is the power and potential in that which is small. My personal experience is that an oak keppen (keppen is a term for a wee wand), though quite small, can hold oak wood’s full power.

The rest of this post continues my personal experiences with, and observations about, oak:

Though lore may point to Hawthorn and other trees as being the most Fey, in some ways I experience oak as the most Fey tree of the forest. For one thing, my trance journeys refute the story of Merlin trapped in an oak. My visions show that, instead, he slept in an oak, in order to heal and have shamanic dreams. That is Fey.

Though the ash tree tends to be viewed as the World Tree in lore (the World Tree is a term used to denote all of existence), when I think of the World Tree, I often think of oak. To me, it is the definition of tree, the essential tree, the essential magical tree. Oak has been my longtime, stalwart companion, my primary tree. Therefore, crafting oak amulets is a delight.

Is there a type of tree that, for you, is the definition of tree, the essential tree, the essential magical tree? What tree seems the essentially Fey tree for you?

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