Talisman Set #5: Oak, Ash, Thorn

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This set’s available only to someone traveling alongside me: one of my students or other newsletter subscribers. Being a shamanic guide keeps me too busy to create many talismans, except for myself. (Well, I paint original digital talismans for my students constantly, but the previous sentence refers to talismans on the physical plane.)

This handcrafted talisman set consists of three unique charms. The set is one-of-a-kind and suited to one buyer who’ll think, “This is mine.”

The charms are meant to suit that individual over the long haul, working both as a powerful grouping and also separately. In other words, when you want to use only one or two of the pieces, store the other one(s) away.

When the set has sold, I’ll update the listing to say so.

This set has three pieces. Each is from a tree in the witches’ classical triad: oak, ash, and thorn:

The first item in this set is an oak wand that feels like pure enchantment held in your hand. The cord is at the handle end.

I sanded any blunt edges off the tip end without making it pointed or rounded like a ball. I like to shape softly tipped wands. I almost kept this one for myself, it’s so beautiful physically and psychically that it will really inspire you to do magic.

Oak is a standard wand for witches, druids, and others, since it represents power.
Are you ready? I’m thrilled. During my entire process with this oak wand … drum roll … I crafted it physically and psychically to also function fabulously as a household lintel ward and blessing—in other words, it protects and blesses the home. When you’re not using it as a wand (or if you never use a wand), hang in your home as a blessing and protection.
This amulet will do its magic when placed by or above the door, another opening to the outdoors, or anywhere else in your dwelling. You could instead use this charm as a protection and blessing for a space other than a home.

Oak symbolizes strength, prosperity, protection, and overall blessings. Oak is also a door into Fey realms and their mysteries.

To add to the piece’s potency as both a wand and a threshold talisman, I pyrographed oak leaves and branches, spirals, the ogham letter for oak, and dots, on the wand. (Pyrography is the art of burning designs in wood.) The art and blessing I did on the piece call forth protection and blessings from Gaia, as well as from the Green God and Elen of the Ways (the Green Goddess).

Look at the handle end. I left a tiny bit of bark by one of the holes where the cord goes through. That wild touch represents Herne, the God of the forest, viewed by some as synonymous with the Green God:

The glass is Preciosa, a traditional Czech bead. Translucent cobalt blue is sacred to me and holds mysteries of the Green God.

This set’s second amulet is a pendant made from the wood of an ash tree.

The Tree of Life, otherwise known as the World Tree, is often often considered to be an ash. The Tree of Life represent the entire cosmos in union. This amulet embodies my experience of ever-present care from the Tree of Life. It gives us magic, as well as sweeps us up into its branches to hold us safely and grant us all its fruits.

When I remember that, in any situation, I’m held in the loving care of the World Tree, I can move fearlessly into the activities my Gods ask of me.

To add to the amulet’s power, I woodburned a spiral, a moon, and the Ogham for ash. The latter is the five burnt lines that start at one edge of the pendant. Oghams were often etched at the edge of a stone or piece of wood, the edge representing the perpendicular line of the Ogham.

Since most of this wood is not pyrographed, I found myself touching its nicely smooth front and back, just for the tactile experience. It felt calming.

I left the gorgeous bark on, and I sanded it so it’d be comfortable against your skin:
To benefit from the ash tree power when you don’t want to wear the pendant or otherwise carry it on you, put it on your altar.

This set’s third talisman is a hawthorn pendant.

In the triad of trees often associated with witches—ash, oak, and thorn—hawthorn is the “thorn.” It has become one of my favorite woods. This hawthorn pendant invites the Faerie Queen, drawing Her blessings, adding Faerie power to your spells, and bringing Fey enchantment into your day.

I experience the attributes of hawthorn viscerally, magic made tangible. The wood grants me an enchanted sense of itself that is deeply personal to who I am, moving me at my core. I don’t know if other people would have the same reaction, or it’s the result of my affinity for hawthorn. Many people view hawthorn as the quintessential Fey tree. I experience that myself (though, long story short, other trees can hold their own), and I myself am utterly Fey; perhaps the Feyness of the wood and my own being combine to create the reactions I note in this paragraph.

The green and white bead dangle at the bottom adds Fey colors.

This piece of wood has a history special to me. A friend gifted me a stunning, long, hawthorn wand from my favorite wand-maker. But I wasn’t using it because I prefer short wands. I cut the wand in four pieces: a short wand, and three pieces to craft into pendants.

The craftswoman who made the wand has high standards for her work. I have equally high standards, so I couldn’t just coast on her work. What makes a good wand does not necessarily make a good pendant.

The thick, rough bark was gorgeous, so I kept some of it on, but it needed to be sanded smooth to feel nice against your skin. I also sanded bark on a knot to reveal wood there.

But the big change was the overall shape. The wand maker had achieved a beautiful pointed wand tip, perfectly symmetrical all the way around. This pendant is that tip. In its new life as a pendant, the piece of hawthorn wanted to be organically shaped, crying out to be less pointed, more rounded, and a bit asymmetrical. And the bottom end of the pendant didn’t want to match the top; though the bottom asked for a good amount of narrowing and rounding, it was not as much as the other end has. This overall shape felt like organic harmony for that piece of wood.

I also sensed some beads added to the pendant would make the overall shape just right. Yup, I found the perfect beads. (I’ve had that little white glass bead at least 10 years, waiting for the right use.)

Since the pendant is strung vertically, it might rotate on the cord when worn. Each side looks different and, from some angles the pendant is slightly askew, clearly an organic little creation instead of machine-made.

From one angle, the pendant looks like a tiny Faerie cottage built into part of a tree—in other words, built without detaching the cottage from tree:
Hawthorn carries Fey wisdom through the veil, along with a wild otherworldliness. It makes sense this piece would look like a happy home for a wood sprite.

Cost for the entire set is $130 plus $5 shipping. I ship only to U.S. non-military addresses. Scroll down to pay securely with PayPal.

If this set calls, grab it. I’m constitutionally incapable of repeating my designs.

Your set will arrive with simple care instructions to keep the wood beautiful. I’ll also enclose a print up of this post about the set.

Each amulet is coated with a natural beeswax and oil treatment, and then strung on waxed cotton cord. The wood was ethically harvested.

I ritually blessed all three amulets. Now they can flow to whomever they are meant to serve.

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