Heather Talisman and Keppen

I made this post for one of my students public, in case someone else would enjoy it.

Hiya, J,

When I send you your purchase, I’d love to enclose this talisman as a gift. Does it suit you?

The wood is heather. I pyrographed the Ogham for heather on it (pyrography is the art of burning designs in wood) and put it on a black, waxed-cotton cord.


If you’d enjoy seeing how the heather looked before I worked on it, your talisman came from the one of the sticks in this photo. I got them from a merchant in the British Isles. She harvests ethically:

Wear the pendant or otherwise carry it on you, or put it on your altar or wall, to benefit from the magical properties of heather and the blessing I put on the piece. I enjoyed adding Faerie mojo for you.

The piece is also a keppen (small wand).

And, tada, it is your initial, aka the first letter of your name!

Below are magical sensibilities I perceive in heather. They are what I know from my own experiences of the plant, not something I read about in a book or heard of elsewhere. Of course, if I had these experiences, other people might have.

* creativity, whether in the arts or in problem-solving or anything else
* beauty
* the sacredness of beauty
* lovely productive fantasies
* the sacredness of fantasies
* bardic artistry or any art
* dreams
* the sacredness of dreams
* romance, not just in the relationship sense but also in the sense of myth—adventures of epic proportion

J, you’re an explorer, so you might already know other properties of heather, or enjoy researching them online or elsewhere.

Care: the simple instructions I gave you for your stang will work for this too.

To anyone other than J:

I make talismans for people traveling alongside me: right now, it feels true to who I am and to my magic to craft amulets only for my students and newsletter subscribers (when I have time. Being a shamanic guide/teacher keeps me pretty busy). I make talismans from wood, beads, and/or cloth. I also paint digital talismans. I love making charms and the benefits they provide folks.

If you receive my newsletter already, phone me to discuss a commission—the perfect talisman(s) for you. If you don’t already receive my newsletter, click the button below to subscribe.


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