A Pinch of Faerie Dust

Elder Flower Witchery


I’m an empty-my-cupboard-into-a-bowl-and-see-how-it-comes-out sort of cook.

OK, I don’t cook that randomly. But I do often look through my cupboard to see what’s there and experiment with it.

So today I’m making a custard of milk, eggs, bananas, raisins, lemon zest, grated nutmeg, and … a sprinkling of elderflower. What the heck!

I love elder flowers and hoped their sweet delicacy might perfectly complement the light flavor of custard and the richness of banana.

Also, adding them felt like adding a pinch of Faerie dust. Kitchen witchery!

(If I added anything else to the mixing bowl, I’ve already forgotten it, LOL.)

Above is a pic of the custard ready to go into the oven. Here’s hoping the custard tastes good. If not, it is fun to experiment. And it almost always creates a wonderful dish … or at least a good one … or at least a palatable one.

… Later: the custard was Fey ambrosia. I’m so glad I feel the freedom to experiment.

I might not ever be able to duplicate this dish, because I wasn’t writing down what I put in it, but to have tasted it just once is one of those things that makes life worth living. So glad I experiment!

… Oh, wait, I made a big bowl of this stuff. I’m going to get to taste it a couple of times. Thank you, Goddess!


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