Patience with Wet Felting

Patience with Wet Felting
And the Oddities of an Artist’s Life

Here are two felt vessels made in 2015:


The small one especially pleased me, because my pieces were too often falling short of my visions, but the small vessel came closer. I only started felting in 2015, so I guess it just takes time and patience. My pieces more and more are really starting to be what I want.

I made the smaller vessel by wet felting around a small rubber half-sphere:Brst

A friend sent me the rubber breast, which seemed strange until I learned the reason: My friend mailed me a Yule present. The place where my friend bought the gift also sells the wee breast to raise money for cancer research, so my friend had one added to the present.

OK, maybe it is strange nonetheless that my friend sent me a breast. But no stranger than my creative process: I’m always looking for things I can wet felt around; it was inevitable I’d eventually try to wet felt around the breast, LOL.

I bought the wool for these pieces from wonderful Marie at

The wood piece on the larger vessel is a talisman. I drew a bird, which I commissioned the amazing artisan Deborah to laser-engrave on a piece of wood. Her shop is at

I imbued the bird with magic as i drew it and again after I received the wooden piece from Deborah. I use the felt pieces I make for shamanic purposes.

Patience and a rubber breast. Life is full! I am happy to have my new vessels on my altar.


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  1. Rommy says:

    They came out so cute!

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