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Hiya, I’m excited to have finalized the book’s cover so I can share it with you:


Though untrained as an artist, I felt compelled to do the cover’s art and overall design. I wanted to put my heart in this book, every way possible.

The manuscript is dear to me. Its shamanic approach to the marketplace will help people do what they love for a living. The text also shows how professional self-fulfillment inherently helps build an economy no longer based in war and hate but in love and community service. I’m over the top happy: together, we can work toward creating a world of beauty, moral decency, and human dignity.

After years of work, the manuscript was supposed to be published late 2013. There was only about a month’s work left to be done on the manuscript. Then there was a big delay, and I only could get back to work on the project recently. But now I finally finished the manuscript. Here’s a photo right after completing the last edit:


Rather than getting tangled with a profit-hungry corporation, I’m trying to walk my talk regarding the book’s philosophy, by formatting the manuscript into an e-book myself. It’s a big learning curve for me, for two reasons. 1) I’ve never done this before. 2) Being print disabled, most of my leisure reading relies on audiobooks, so I haven’t read tons of e-books. I want to do this job right for you, which leads me to a question:

What format e-book do you want this book to be: PDF, ePub, or mobi? I’m not asking what you think other people read, because I already have statistics for that. I don’t make decisions based only on statistics—I care about you as an individual. What format do you read? Put your preference in the comment field below, or tell me in social media if that works better for you. Though not sure I can accommodate everyone’s preferences, I am going to really try.

I expect the book to be available in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more info.

Love, peace, and self-fulfillment to you,

Francesca De Grandis

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43 Responses to Upcoming Book

  1. Mary Louise Herman says:

    Dearest Francesca, 

    I am enthralled to embark on my philanthropic journey with you by my side. Your beautiful book “A Sacred Market Place”, could not have come at a better time in my life. I have three more chapters to finish from “Be a Goddess”!  Your guidance and teachings have taught me how to re-train my brain to think in a more assertive and positive light, as well as help me heal negative belief systems from my past experiences. The epub file is easy to upload by just clicking on the icon that you included in the proof of purchase. I am currently reading it on iBooks on my apple mac laptop. Honestly, I have had the best experience with apple appliances which make everything accessible and easy to use, anyone can do it. The technology has progressed so much that even someone like me who is “computer illiterate” can upload and read your book. This is my second ebook beside the Art History book that I downloaded for school. I usually only like reading had held books but, I have to embrace the future as well as technology. I know that your book will direct me on the path to achieve my aspirations instead of just dreaming about my goals.. I HAVE BEEN STUBBORN ABOUT USING THE COMPUTER BUT WHEN i found out your new book was an ebook I realized that I have to conform to technology. Here’s to 2016 I’m ready to become the  business woman of the future!

    Much Love Always,

    Mary Louise Herman

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Mary, thank you for your enthusiastic support and feedback. Good for you for moving past being “computer illiterate”—to use your words— and instead jumping in to embrace your dreams. You have such a positive upbeat outlook! Thank you for bringing that into my day, it is lovely for me to experience. I wish you the best of luck as a businesswoman!

  2. Carol Anderson says:

    Um…. I found where I can get it… I just clicked on that list to the right on A Sacred Market Place…. and it took me to the page for purchase info… Thanks…

  3. Carol Anderson says:

    I’m new here and think I could use your new book. Has it been published yet? Where can I get it? I usually like a hard copy for a book so this will be my first time downloading an ebook. I don’t have kindle or any of that electronic stuff except a computer and cell phone. Thank You.

  4. Johnny J. says:

    I can pretty much read any format you choose 🙂 That Picture is totally awesome!!!! I think you are totally Awesome!!!!

  5. Beth Brown says:

    If I can get it on my iPad, I’ll read it. I’m not sure what format that would be 🙂

  6. Brooke says:

    I will read anything I can download for Kindle! Whatever format that is, I will buy.

  7. Jenn says:

    WOHOOOO! Congrats! So happy for you and I can’t wait to read the book! 🙂

    I prefer PDF!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      My dear, Jenn. Thank you! I just left you a phone message, after reading your remarks, because I’m so surprised that most people are asking for PDF. I would’ve thought they’d prefer more modern technology, so I almost didn’t mention PDF when I asked for preferences. I left a phone message because I thought that you, as a fellow e-book writer, might be interested in discussing this preference. Love you. ✨?✨?✨?

  8. Anith says:

    I’m probably misremembering and mangling the quote horribly, but I remember you saying years ago, “Every time I try to save someone’s soul, I have to write the marketing plan!” It sounds like you’ve accepted the calling and embraced it with joy.

    (And you don’t look a day older than when I saw you last, so the joy that is feeding you must be a great diet to be on!)

    Class reunion definitely– so good to see Stephanie on this thread. I think of you every time I use my Sacred Circle deck.

    Big Bright Blessings,

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thank you, Anith, lovely to hear from you, i’m glad we’ve stayed in touch.

      Interesting observation about embracing the calling and, yes, you mangled the remark, lol, because I’m not trying to save anybody’s soul, I’m a Pagan. I try to be helpful in practical ways.

      But I’m flattered you remembered the remark, and I love your observation about it.

      And you got the drift of the quote: “Why, every time I want to save someone’s life, do I have to come up with a marketing plan?” It’s from my book, Share My Insanity.

      You are a big flatterer saying I don’t look any older than ten years ago. I love being flattered. ✨?✨?✨? Take good care of you.

  9. elaine reardon says:

    Love the cover– it conveys your message , and love your photo; hope that’s perhaps in the book– lots of conveying with your photo too. I do epub; seconded by kindle and if this book is available in a bigger mkt place, (amazon?) let us all know; we can do reeviews, and then it will get ‘bumped up’ when people are looking for books that are similar. I know someone that did all her work herself, like you, and then sold thru amazon; it didn’t cost her anything.

    heaps of love to you, elaine

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Elaine, you are so sweet, thank you!

      Even though I’m doing the book myself, it’s still costing me substantial money. I have a knack for doing things at no cost or low-cost but, for example, the open-source application I was using to convert the manuscript into an e-book just isn’t working well enough for me to feel confident in the conversion’s quality, so i have to buy software.

      But the costs are worth it, because it gives me control over my own book. A Sacred Marketplace won’t even be on Amazon—this is indie, big time!!!! That makes me proud, bc the intense degree of independence is creating a better book for its readers.

      I’m needing community support, for sure, so thank you again for yr kind offer. When the time comes, I’ll send you a suggestion for an easy way to get word out.

      Heh, now that I’ve written this to you, I can use some of it as book promotion, LOL.

      Great to hear from you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Claudine says:

    PDF. 🙂 Congrats on completing the book!


  11. Maura says:

    My lovely,
    any format will surely do but, as far as I know, everyone can handle a PDF. The cover is an explosion of pure love and energy! A Big LoveBang 🙂 Baci & meow

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Maura, grazie, mia cara. I’m so glad you like the cover. Your description of it is exactly what I was trying to convey. baci & ?

  12. Julia says:

    I want to wave wildly, this thread is like a class reunion!! <3 PDF is what I mostly have, but I also use a Kindle so whatever that format is… I don't even know! LOL CONGRATS!! The picture of you is divine, I can just feel that finished-ness! <3

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Julia, you’re so funny! Your wit always dazzles me. Thanks for your compliment, honey, and for letting me know what you prefer. Rock on! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. I only have access to pdf e-book formats as far as I know. I have Amazon Kindle’s pc version to read books on my computer.

    I am excited to read your new book! I have been wanting to work in a job that fulfills me and so far have been unable to; but it’s my goal. I do believe our world will be much more peaceful and happy when people follow that one special path that’s music to their spirit.

    Maybe your information will give things in my life a much needed push. 🙂

    Thank you,


    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Nicole, Thanks for your input about the format. Yes, I think the book might give you what you need. ❤️

  14. Kathy says:

    Congratulations FDG!!! I’ve only ever used the PDF format. Big hugs!

    Kathy Crabbe
    Creative Soul Guide & Artist

  15. Sarah josey says:

    I prefer PDF because I can read it on a computer, tablet, or a phone and it prints easily if I want it to!

  16. I love this cover and I can’t wait to get this book. I think for me this will help with my dreaded fears of promoting myself, and furthering my community service as a psychic reader and witch. Francesca, as always, you’re amazing!

    As for the reading, I am traveling so much I only own a few precious books in print anymore and my heart hurts for that (YOUR books are in my print collection). I find I like the PDF and ePUB the most as they tend to be the most compatible with my devices.

    Love and Blessings!
    AKA The Fey Witch

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Hi, Stephanie, what you’re hoping to get from the book are some of the things I’m hoping people get from the book, yeah! Thanks for input about format!

      • Francesca De Grandis says:

        Ps, thanks for your kind words about the cover and my work, I’m so glad you relate to what I do, and I’m honored that my books remain with you.

        • Thank you for writing the books! Truly, they have changed my life. I know I’ve said time and time again, but without you, I would not be the woman and Witch I am today. I am a much stronger person with my shit a lot more together than when I found your books. The classes and my training with you have been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself; I invested in “me.” Thank you for all you’ve helped me with on my journey.

          • Francesca De Grandis says:

            Thank you again, Stephanie. You are an amazing spirit, and all I did was facilitate. I know you will just keep on growing and investing in you. Xox

  17. Laya says:

    Ooh! Congrats on the book Francesca. Thank you for your hard work— you are a deliciously needed voice of authenticity, authority and vibrancy. Your words have great reach and here’s to furthering that via this new book!

    To answer your question, PDF is my preference format-wise.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Laya, Thank you very much for all your words.

      I am blown away, humbled by your effusive praise.

      Sometimes I think that almost no one reads what I write, which I guess is silly to think but I still think it now and then. So you’re remedying that.

      I’m finding it interesting that here and in social media most people are telling me they want a PDF. Til now, I’ve thought most folks would want newer tech, so the feedback is very telling. Blessed be!

  18. Brianne says:

    I’m so excited for your new book! I personally like pdf as it transfers between my computer and tablet easily. Cant wait for it to come out!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I read it all, but as i travel a lot now, i am reading more and more ePub and PDF as my tablet supports them easily. but either way, i am getting it however it is published! Your work has been so very important to me over the years. Thank you for doing this.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Elizabeth, thank you so much for your input and for your incredibly supportive words. Bless you. Makes my day!

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