Phoenix Pendant

Rommy, check out the pic below. I had my painting of a Phoenix laser-engraved on wood, to make a pendant.

This is not something I will sell. I wanted to wear my painting as a pendant for so long, but couldn’t find an economically viable way that was also aesthetically pleasing. Finally found Deborah Ross, who did this custom work for me, beautifully and affordably.

You’ve said you love this painting of mine so many times that I had a second pendant made, in case you want it. It would be a gift, not a purchase.


I want this pendant going to the right person. So let me know if you feels like it’s “yours.” If not, I won’t be offended. I’ll just know it belongs to someone else. And I’ll give you a gift someday that suits you better, LOL!

If you’re not good at crafts, so can’t do it yourself, I’ll make a pretty metal loopy thing that I’ll put through the hole at the top of the pendant, so you can hang it on a chain, leather cord, or whatever you prefer.

The bird is patterned on two traditionally painted wooden boxes that, during my childhood, were possibly some of my favorite things in the whole house: their sincere and evocative beauty stood out in a decor that, in a lot of ways, was 1950s bland. As far as I know, my father brought them back after World War II. I don’t know where he got them, perhaps Germany. There were birds on the boxes.

Blessed be.


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2 Responses to Phoenix Pendant

  1. Rommy Driks says:

    Oh my goodness! My mouth is open with how adorable this is! I’m super stunned. The day before this post I wrote a poem about the phoenix! I’m floored at the synchronicity in this…I was kind of looking for a sign and am overwhelmed with how perfect this is! Your art always makes my heart smile. 🙂

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      I love you! And I love the synchronicity.

      Rommy, thank you for your kind remark about my art.

      Now we will have matching pendants. Except the metal loopy thingy on yours and mine will be different, so that yours suits you and mine suits me.

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