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Long term trauma, shamanism, bodhisattvas. Alice down the rabbit hole sees a tiny door. Hear me when I say, “You will triumph.”

If trauma is the door to shamanism, can long-term trauma make you a bodhisattva?

Yes, I made a joke. But not entirely.

What doors do you neglect?

What door is in front of you right this second?

If it is inaccessibly small, like the wee door Alice found after tumbling down the rabbit hole, search for a way through it.

No matter what’s happening, I urge you, do what you can, even if that is simply holding on for dear life, despite hopelessness. Holding on is a door.

If you try many doors, you will get through enough of them, and you will triumph. Hear those word: You will triumph.

I know this because I fell down the rabbit hole.———————————————————————————————

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