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Update on the post below: Someone claimed the Graven Images deck. But I’ll keep posting giveaway blankets, each with a Tarot, Lenormand, or other divination deck, whenever I have time to photograph a deck, til all the decks are spoken for. So the next few months, watch both my sites’ blogs for the giveaways: new blogs appear at , and at


Welcome! Here’s the second item on my giveaway blanket:

If you missed my previous post: I was gifted a lot of Tarot, Lenormand, and other divination decks, and am giving away a handful of decks that don’t suit me.

The first deck was claimed, so now the deck on the blanket is the Graven Images Oracle. It’s in excellent condition, unboxed, and has an instruction booklet. I suspect the deck’s been used only a little.

I didn’t check whether all the cards are there, though I imagine they are. But then, I’m happy to read with an incomplete set, because it makes the deck unique.

It’s a wonderful deck, so I’m not sure why it’s not right for me. Someone’s going to love working with it.

The following photo shows a few cards, the cards’ back, and the book:


BTW, if you do a Google search, using “Graven Images Oracle” as the parameters, you can learn more about the deck, to better help you decide if this is a deck for you.

I want to spread the bounty by only giving one deck per person.

Do you want this deck? Here are instructions:

1) In the comment field below, write the name of the deck: Graven Images Oracle
2) Email me a postal address (U. S. non-military address only) to which I can ship the deck. I will pay for shipping; I really want this to be a complete giveaway.
3) Include your phone number in the email, in case I have trouble shipping. My email address is outlawbunny at
4) Put “Graven Images Oracle” in the subject field of the email.

Important: First person to do all four steps of the instructions receives the deck. If someone’s already written the name of the deck in a comment field, it’s not necessarily too late for you. Often, people will do part one of the instructions, then forget to do the rest.

I’ll update this post to let everyone know when the deck’s been claimed.

I’ll blog more “blankets,” each with a deck, whenever I have the chance to photograph a deck and write a description of it. So the next few months, stay tuned to both my sites’ blogs for the giveaways: this site’s new blogs always appear at , and my other site’s blogs at

Heh, if you claim a deck, you do me a favor, by helping me spread the bounty that was given me. Otherwise, I’d be like a miserable miserly Dragon, selfishly coiled around decks I would never use. Ooh, must insert word play: When we are selfish we actually lose the self, heh, heh, heh. Blessed be!


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