Joyful Tears

Keep scrolling to read why the following photograph made me break into tears.

I recently sold the ritual robe in the photo. Its buyer, Evangelina, kindly sent me the above photo of herself in it. When I saw the photo, I cried like a fool.

I phoned a friend, and was sobbing joyfully, because the photo showed me that Evangelina belonged in this wearable art. And I was sobbing because she had made the decision to buy it. And I was sobbing because the smile on Evangelina’s face was beautiful.

Those would have been reasons enough. But I continued to cry for an additional joy.

Backstory: I’d long ago embraced the lesson that it is good to earn your living doing what you love, but there’s always new layers of a lesson.

A typical artist, I find pricing my art challenging, particularly if a piece needs the high end of my prices.

Click on this photo to see it full size.

Click on this photo to see it full size.

This was the highest price I’d ever set on one of my paintings. The robe is hand-dyed, all hand-painted, and a one-of-a-kind work. I made it for its one unique buyer (though I did not know who it would be). This dress took immense time. End of backstory.

Evangelina’s purchase worked magic on me, helping me trust more than ever the propriety of earning my way with my art (that includes teaching shamanic classes, which I consider one of my art forms).

Then Evangelina’s photo caused an even newer layer of that lesson, causing the aforementioned additional joyful tears. Because one of the purposes of my work hit me more than ever: Here was this woman in all her beauty, and I had been given the privilege of adorning her. She is a goddess. I am crying again as I write this.

Look at the pride shining in Evangelina’s eyes. I got to adorn that healthy pride.

Evangelina’s photo will help me never again doubt that we should offer what we love as our profession.


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14 Responses to Joyful Tears

  1. Vara says:

    “Evangelina’s photo will help me never again doubt that we should offer what we love as our profession.” That line blew through me a strong wind! I felt myself caught up in a whirlwind as the Gods called me to their attention. “Look here! Feel this!” Haha!

    “Am housebound, but I send my energy into the world through my art, and get to connect with awesome people like you.” This is a reminder to me that I get to write for fun and surrender to it. I get to be with my family, and love them, and have time for me, too, to make writing a way to live my love!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Vara, thank you for sharing your reaction to the post. It was really good for me to read it. And thank you for taking time to express yourself so eloquently.

  2. Robyn says:

    Blessings to both of you, Francesca and Evangelina!
    It is so fantastic to see it is possible to earn our living doing what we love, have people see and appreciate that, buy what people made with love and do the seemingly impossible.
    You are giving me lots of faith, both of you!

  3. Jennifer Rasmussen says:

    You have no idea how much I needed this. I have just started a business with my sister and I love what we’re doing. My Mom doesn’t approve of my lifestyle choices and it is hard for me to deal with. This just reminded me that I am doing the right thing by following my heart and staying true to myself. Thank you.

  4. Chelo says:

    The robe is absolutely stunning…and the picture and post so delightful. If I was to be hand fasted (again) I’d love something this beautiful

  5. Evangelina says:

    Dear Francesca,
    I am so very touched by your blog entry. Your lessons also resonate with me. I agree we should do what we love as our professions. I think you have shown genuine integrity starts with being true to oneself. It helps us take that leap of faith, find joy in difficult times, and be grateful when we are doing well. The smile in the picture is a reflection of my great appreciation for your work. Your creation has helped me celebrate life and a significant victory. I battled cancer two years ago and won. I lived to see my 40th birthday, and my 41st. By the Goddess’ grace, I will see many more…

    Blessed be,

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Oh my God, Lina, you’re amazing. I was so happy with our whole interaction that it never occurred to me that anything would happen to make me feel even better about it. But your post has done that. You are a brilliant light in the world: Your attitude in the post subtly speaks of an underlying wisdom, optimism, and integrity. Plus, in the middle of your post, you’re still praising my work, when you have so much to praise about your own.

      BTW, we share more in common than you might know. I have MS, should’ve died in 2006. I’m alive by the grace of the Faerie Goddess, and because I’m stubborn, LOL. Am housebound, but I send my energy into the world through my art, and get to connect with awesome people like you.

      I am going to tell everyone to read your comment, bc you are a real role model.

      Bless you bless you bless you. Thank you so much for being willing to post your personal journey here. Warmly, Francesca

  6. The robe, Evangelina, and this post are very beautiful! Thank you for sharing them all…

    And it’s a strange thing, learning how to price our art, isn’t it? Still working on that one as well.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Aidan, thank you for yr kind words and for sharing. Best of luck with pricing! It is definitely something artists struggle with. I have to support some of clients around it. It is so important bc, by earning our living doing what we love, we ‘d give our work days to beauty and healing and other important things, and what a different world we would create if everyone could do that! Imagine the breakthroughs in medicine and other fields, if every scientist was doing what they love! So, yes, again, I wish you the best re pricing!!!

  7. Paula Amero says:

    It’s really, really beautiful.

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