Wow! 100 People Update #2

If you missed the first update, check it out. A lot of folks, including moi, posted their experiences:

Now that the 100 People direct spiritual transmission is over, I hope we continue to feel internal shifts for months—if not years—whether or not the movement seems related to this community project overtly.

But I took to take a couple of weeks to absorb the initial effect and let it carry me. Now that I’ve digested it, here are a few thoughts. I hope you will post your own experiences, in turn, in a comment field below.

imageIt would take a whole book to discuss the blessings I received from the hundred people project. But I want to touch on one thing.

Backstory: One of the great gifts of my life was learning that I always have the power to handle life. The even greater gift was learning that I cannot handle it all on my own. My gods taught me that no matter what comes, I am up to the challenge. Sometimes, I rise to the challenge through support from my fellow seekers.

The backstory continues: When I function as a guide in my shamanic consultation and classes, I do not have the notion of, “You are a poor pitiful thing because you need my help. I am so much better than you.”

Instead, I’ve learned over the years that we all need each other’s help, we are all powerful and beautiful, and my particular job as a shaman (I would not presume to say what your job as a shaman or anything else is) is to help you know your power and beauty better.

My students and clients are so clearly my fellow seekers, walking shoulder to shoulder with me. As are many other individuals. End of backstory.

The hundred people project strengthened both my sense of how wonderful people can be, and my commitment to reach out for support when I need it.

This happened from two things:

1) Your support of the project brought the need for mutual help home to me in a whole new way. The generous love you gave by your announcements of the project wrapped around me, lifting me up, filling me, adding so much beauty to my life. I learned more than ever that we’re all in this life together.

image2) As I said in the original announcement, we’d each receive something different from the transmission, suited to our own unique lives. One thing I received was an opening of my heart and mind, an opening to give and receive love, more than ever before, an opening to acknowledging more than ever the love that humans and the rest of the cosmos bestow on me. So I was able to feel your love in deeper ways than I might have previously. (Since I am the one who sent the transmission, the Gods sent it first through me, which means I received what I personally need from the Gods, just like everyone else who received the transmission.)

I’ve seen the disasters caused by people who think they are Oh-Great-Shaman-Who-Doesn’t-Need-Help-from-Anybody. A truly great shaman knows when they need help. So I’vr been asking for more support, and it has * really * helped me.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, because your support of the project helped give me one of the most important of all the lessons and powers I received during the 100 People project.

If you want more about my experience with the transmission, check out my blog, The Faerie Queen’s Innocence. It details another lovely blessing I received

I know the transmission and your loving support for the project will fuel my work and personal life for months, if not years.

Yes, good energy is not over yet, tada!

The energy I sent will continue to reach out a goodly while. And my transmissions nudge internal shifts that continue long after the transmission.

I would love to know your experience. And if you already posted how the hundred people transmission impacted you, what is it like now that it’s been a few weeks? Post below.



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12 Responses to Wow! 100 People Update #2

  1. Evelyn says:

    Hey Francesca,

    I wanted to connect with you again about the 100+ people project because it has opened me up to really shifting my ways of being and to getting honest with myself about my dreams and my vision in this world! I know that my calling is in serving others, but I had not let myself enjoy the process. Now I am committed to creating clarity for myself in the realm of my career path.

    Since your transmission, I’ve come to interrogate integrity in my life– integrity of my vision for myself in this world, as well as integrity in my family and relationships. I’ve cleared my relationship with my younger sister and created a clear space of communication with my roommates. This has all been such a blessing, and I look forward to continuing this journey of introspection and action.

    I want to acknowledge you for all the work that you put into being such a loving conduit for us through the 100 people project and for being such a stand for people to step into their power and be senior to their circumstances in general.

    I love and thank you from the depths of my heart,

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Evelyn, thank you for your supportive words, they really help. I worked hard on the project so it is great the feedback is making me know it was useful and wanted. And, of course, your praise just feel greats!

      On another note, I honor you for making these shifts. Yes, my transmission facilitated them, and I am delighted I could be of service and make your shifts easier, but you are the one who ran with the transmission and did the internal and external follow-through. Wow, clearing up your relationships with people you love, good for you!

      I also want to add that when folks tell me what they received from the transmission, it sometimes helps me fine tune what I received as a conduit for it. Like you, I am learning to enjoy my work more (which is saying something, bc I luuuuuuv my work already), and your post strengthens that.

      Thank you for your closing words of love, I feel that love from you. Backatcha!

  2. Mari Powers says:

    I had the deepest most challenging and powerful Samhain ritual ever. The Mighty Dead came through with the most powerful presence I have ever felt, and I am honoring them still. It is a season, not a day when the veil is thin. I learned about better communication, taking down time for me and that the ancestors, when asked, do speak through me in service.
    Another blessing I received is the ability to “take a compliment and a heartfelt than you” with grace and a real feeling of gratitude (that does not make me squirm). Even with tears in my eyes and real acceptance, I can now hear how I have been of service without being nervous and trying to brush it off. A sincere “you are welcome” is easy now.
    And I am feeling there are more blessings to come. Ashe’

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Mari, thank you so much! It means the world to me that you woul let me know I was able to be of service. I am also really happy to hear how well things are going for you, because you deserve it. Hugs.

  3. Vara says:

    I am clear about how I create every situation in my life. I have more peace and love as I am addressing deep wounds. Opportunities for support and my oppenness to asking for support is easier.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Vara, thank you for telling me all that. I too feel more clarity from the transmission. In fact, I also experience the other benefits you mentioned. Interesting. I think everyone’s comments will help others.

  4. Natasha says:

    Francesca, At first I didn’t notice any effect, and thought, “Oh well, better luck next time.” but as October gives way to November, I have noticed an huge shift in myself, that I can’t claim responsibility for, and that must be the result of your transmission and the gods’ blessing. In one word, this shift is Gratitude. So many moments of every day, I find myself giving gratitude for whatever gifts or blessings are present in that moment. The blessings were always there, but now suddenly there is space — awareness — in which to notice them. And the accompanying feelings of abundance and trust are the beginning of a change that, I am sure, will continue to transform my life over the coming months and years. Yay! And thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Natasha, I am so happy. Happy to hear of an amazing shift in your life. Happy to have facilitated it to whatever degree I did. And happy to hear someone say that they were open to feeling better in their life when it didn’t come at the expected time—that is remarkable! I love that so much! And I thank you thank you thank you in turn because your joy and gratitude is feeding my own joy and gratitude right now. We’re all in this together, aren’t we?

  5. Holly Soutar says:

    Things seem easier to handle. I know when to give it/me a rest. I can see the flows of energy and cyclical wisdom better, so if something doesn’t work out or seems to be going against me, I can more easily see that the opportunity will come around again.
    Or that “it ain’t me.” And I let other people be, in the same way. As in the popular vernacular ,”It ain’t no thang.” I’m not as attached to outcomes. As in, “Okay, this is the way I feel about x, y, z right now.” Then let it go. Things always change.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Holly, thank you for taking time to give feedback, it really informs me as a practitioner, and inspires me to continue my work. And I am so happy to hear of your headway, that rocks.

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