Hundred People Update

The direct spiritual transmission can happen because we have 100+ people! Thank you! Thank you!

After I announced the project, your enthusiasm about my “weird” proposal touched me deeply!

imageYou added immense love to the project by sending the announcement out into the spiral of life and community.

I’ve received a lot, without even giving the transmission yet. Other folks said the same.

Some free events garner no response. I don’t think folks became part of 100 people simply because there is no cost. Instead, there was a profound response of “We’re all in this life together.”

I thanked most of you individually. I apologize for missing a few of you: Personal events made it impossible to know who I missed.

I took time with each post on the 100 People page:
* Many of you are new to me. If your post linked to your website, I enjoyed checking it out.
* Others of you I knew but hadn’t heard from in a while; it was deeply touching to see your post.
* Others are immediate in my current spiritual journey. Continuing that is a spiritual lifeline for me.

imageHere’s an example of how strangers and friends from different communities worldwide joined to support 100+ people:

Between checking out websites, and already knowing some participants, I learned that the majority of the 100+ are healers. This shows healers who, devoted to growth, want to cooperate with another healer’s work. Wow, stunning love!

There’s a theory: When enough people make the same shift, a critical mass is hit whereby many other people automatically make an identical shift, whether or not they’re in proximity to anyone in the original group or have knowledge, even by example, of the original group’s transformation.

You created a possibility whereby, when I finish the direct spiritual transmission on we hundred, hundreds more may also experience new wholeness. Be proud of you. You did this.

I’m available by phone if you want to discuss the 100 people project. 814-337-2490

imageDrumroll! Details of the 100 People direct spiritual transmission:

I’ll start the transmission Thursday October 17 and continue it over the course of a week. I’ll take two days off from it at some point during the week, then start up again. The last day of it will be Oct 23.

To receive the transmission, you don’t have to show up at an event. You don’t have to meditate. Just go about your business. This is solely about you having a chance to simply receive whatever would make you more whole. (Which means, you don’t have see this post in order to receive the transmission!)

No matter how far or little one has come, one is capable of greater wholeness. That will come in different forms for each of us. It might be peace of mind, freedom from longterm illness, confidence, or anything else. For some people, greater wholeness might be a combination of things—e.g., trust of their own wisdom, money coming in, and a resurgence of hope.

Disclaimer: My treatments may not work for some individuals. A shamanic treatment is not a substitute for care by a trained physician, psychiatric counseling, or other therapeutic treatments. Participants are personally responsible for the consequences of their voluntary participation.

A few suggestions (not requirements):

imageDon’t expect a spiritual transmission to feel a certain way, even if you’ve received them previously. Even if you received them from me, this one is unique unto itself. Open to new experiences.

Acknowledge small gifts. Don’t tell yourself, “That’s too small to be important.” Small gifts can be the beginning of large ones or might prove vital in themselves.

Let me do this for you instead of you feeling you always have to struggle to grow. As I said above, you really get to just receive.

Worrying about whether you’re in the “correct” state to receive or are “worthy” might block the divine flow to you.

Remind yourself on awakening that this practice is being done for you.

Post-transmission suggestions:
* Sit with experiences you had/have, letting them sink in deeper.
* Eat well and get enough rest.
* My transmissions can bring you to new places, return you to places you’ve lost, or deepen experiences of familiar places. Only you can keep yourself in those places. Do/learn the spiritual practices needed; take the spiritual journey needed.
* Don’t kick yourself if you regress, it can be part of the process. Love heals us, not harsh judgement. If the transmission does not seem to “hold,” you might need to love you exactly as you are for a time before change can fully “take.”

Below, you are welcome to post experiences you had leading up to, during, or after the transmission. Or ask questions. I’d love to hear from you, and am sure it would help others, too.

In gratitude and awe of you, Francesca De Grandis

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37 Responses to Hundred People Update

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  2. Felicia says:

    Greetings, Francesca, I want to thank you for this lovely experience. I actually forgot when you were going to start the transmission and noticed that I felt unaccountably good starting on Thursday afternoon. I thought it was the approaching full moon – my apartment window had a glorious moonrise view – and, maybe it was, but it hit me the next day that you had probably started the transmission, and I checked…and so you had. Very much like the first transmission that participated in…I felt absurdly happy through the whole weekend and walked around with a fool grin most of the time. The sensation toned down a lot by Sunday or Monday and maybe picked up a bit again by Tuesday. I also experienced a run of good luck throughout the period. And my chronic back troubles eased to the point where I mostly forgot they were there.


    As for backlash…maybe felt a little hollow a few days later…I had been prepared for the likelihood that a high like this wouldn’t last indefinitely and had decided that even if it didn’t, it was worth it just to have experienced it, and I was able to draw on that in the last week. Interestingly, I came down hard with a nasty sinus infection (to which I am prone) last Friday after too long out in high winds…but with good self-care it passed in a few days…and, curiously, left me with a lot more pliability in my muscles…from the high fever, I’m guessing, a sort of silver lining that complemented the already-improved mobility from the previous week.

    Whew, that was a long post! But I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated this experience. Many, many thanks!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Wow, you are so welcome. And I love a long post when it’s a list of wonderful things I’ve done for somebody, LOL. Thanks! I really needed your feedback. And your post shows how positive and upbeat you are, I bet you can make the healings the transmission gave you remain! Best wishes.

  3. Kestril Trueseeker says:

    It has been a very hard month – one of the hardest in my life as I said goodbye to a friend with a terminal illness and two weeks to the day later I had to put down my beloved corgi Faye. I think that the transmission helped with me keeping my faith up – because I’ve been so down, crying so much, but I always had time for a simple meditation and holding on to the hope that my friend and my dog were doing OK wherever they were now. Oddly, it’s that bit of extra hope that kept my inner witch fed, even though I had more than enough reason to just sit in a corner and suck my thumb. Every time I lit that candle and cleared my mind I found moments of peace through the sadness. And it’s helped, a lot.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      My dear Kestrel, I am so sorry to hear about your losses. Am grateful the transmission nurtured you during this time. You are very kind to take time to post your experience here when you are feeling immense grief. But that is the way you are, you are so giving. If you need anything, just tell me. Know that I love you.

  4. Francesca De Grandis says:

    Wonderful. I finished the hundred people transmission tonight (Wednesday) at about 10:30 PM. So mote it be! (Oh, it’s no longer Wednesday. It’s 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning.)

    But, tada! The good energy is not over yet! The energy I sent will continue to reach out a goodly while. And my transmissions nudge internal shifts that continue after the transmission.

    (This comment is blog length, but I hope more folks will see it if I post it here instead of in a whole new post.)

    I hope we feel internal shifts for months to come, whether or not they overtly are related to this community project. But I want to take a couple of weeks to absorb the initial flows, let it carry me and, once we’ve digested it, I hope to hear what you have to say, and to share my thoughts in return.

    As to today, I’ll admit, I alternated between being really high from sending the transmission and feeling terrible backlash that I had to work thru. Teaching a Faerie shamanism class tonight helped me move through the backlash. And the class, just in itself, was another wonderful thing that happened to me today, it felt yummy.

    I want to share a bit of my process: The transmission coincided with when I was astral traveling toward the Arctic. Don’t ask, it’s too long an explanation. Besides, everything in life connects. Oh! What a cool day: I arrived at the North Pole tonight. Where I will remain as one of Santa’s elves til a couple months after Yule. (If you don’t know me well, or only recently starting reading my blog or seeing my tweets, etc: Long story short, Santa is in my pantheon, I work as one of his elves, and for the next few months, I’ll post from the Arctic.)

    So I watched my first holiday movie tonight. (I sing Jingle Bells all year, but I wait til the Arctic to start a favorite pastime: My annual holiday movie binge, which might continue months after Yule. Consider it a religious rite, if it makes sense to you no other way. Hmm, a holiday movie binge may make even less sense as a religious rite. Oh well.)

    So it’s been an awesome day. What happened to you today? I do not care if it is related to the transmission or whether you were one of the 100+ people. After all, I was just babbling about Santa! And everything is connected. I hope your day was as good as mine. But if it wasn’t, I want to hear that too. Maybe you had a terrible backlash like me, either from the hundred people transmission or from other personal growth you are doing? If you were part of 100+ people, what was your last day of our ceremony like? How did that impact you? Post yr experience below. Hugs!

  5. Johnny J. says:

    Got my start date for the new job…. no longer in career limbo, all this accomplished with Mercury in retrograde! I am impressed… Thank you Ms DeGrandis 🙂

    ((((Hugs)))) Much positive energy and love your way!

  6. Jeanine says:

    Thank you SO much!! What a kind and wonderful thing you are doing. Though I had it on my calendar, I still forgot to check on the 16th and am just seeing this now. Yay that we did it, and thanks, again, for your work. And for telling us not to worry about if we’ve missed it or are in the right space to receive it. I am just the sort who would consider both, LOL! From today forward, I will remind myself as you suggested that it is happening and will express gratitude on my own behalf and for everyone else affected. Blessings to you! ~Jeanine

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Jeanine, thank you! Beautiful. There’s been so much beautiful energy in just 3 days. So lots can happen in these last two remaining days. Yay, cosmos!

  7. Megan Rich says:

    I am six months into recovering from events that could have been devastating to my life, and I still have a way to go. I have been feeling lately that I would never climb out of the hole, financially or emotionally. Last night I started to feel a lot of things lift off my shoulders, and more so today. The issues themselves aren’t gone, but I’m feeling a lot more focussed on what will be good than on what went bad. So thank you for your gift to us all, I’ll work harder on not giving up.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Megan, my dear, it is terrible that you have gone through such awful events. I respect you for rising above your own problems just to share here on this page. Your post will help someone who reads it. Hey, it already helped me, because it makes me happy that I can help out a bit. Thank you so much for the post!! We’ve got a few more days’ transmission, so much more can still happen!

  8. Thank you so much!!! *hugging you close* <3 and blessings to you, Francesca!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Kallan, The transmission cld not have happend without you and everyone else pimping it. So thank *you.* I can feel your love and hug, yum!

  9. Holly Soutar says:

    Oh, and I just wanted to point out that, despite what I said about “on” or “off”, Francesca is never “off” in that she, herself, is a talisman! Since interacting with her , even in a casual manner (and only online so far), many lucky and enlightening little moments of serendipity and healing have happened. Francesca never interferes with one’s own energy, and is very respectul of one’s personal integrity. She simply is herself, and in being herself, others benefit. As she says, the Faerie Shamanism isn’t something she does, but something she is.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Holly, If you keep saying such nice things about me, my head will explode from the sheer ego size that is developing in me because of your remarks. 🙂

      Joking aside, i really appreciate it, honey. As I said to you on G plus, your kind words are healing some old wounds. I am very happy that we’ve met.

      Yep, Faerie shamanism is what somebody is, not just what somebody does. I want to add something about that, which I suspect you know about me, but it might help other site visitors: People too often get too caught up in learning techniques. Mind you, I think technical training can be essential.But my job is to guide a person to be the shaman they innately are, whether they’ve never used that power or are an adept who needs to hone their ritual abilities. I have a lot of technical stuff I can teach people, but it is part and parcel of helping them have their own gift, instead of the two approaches being opposed.

  10. Chelo says:

    Thanks dearest Francesca for this beautiful act of love and magik. I feel so privileged to be part of the 100+ people who receive this Goddess gift healing sent by you. As i have been at the receiving end of your love and healing before, and I felt like if I had been fed by the whole heavens, I can say beyond doubt that there will be a healing effect this time too…though today it all feels messy in my relationship, and we had an argument, I hope that this ‘messyness’ is what it is needed to highlight what needs our attention and to heal us and make us stronger. I hope you are well and happy and I send my love and deep gratitude to you and all the wonderful Faery nation people here and beyond. Many Blessings from the Emerald Isle. Chelo

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Chelo, Always a pleasure to hear from you, always a pleasure to be of service to you. It is a privilege to serve the amazing people that I do.

      Thank you for your loving feedback.

      I’m sorry you’ve had ickiness. You are wise to think that it can be part of the process. Oh, how I hate those bumps in the road, and oh how I learn from them. Big hugs to your beautiful heart, and blessings on yr beautiful work helping others in Ireland.

  11. Holly Soutar says:

    I don’t know if Francesca was “on” or “off” today, but it sure felt like it was “on.” I had a warm, relaxing feeling in my chest. Despite the onset of a sudden resurgence of illness yesterday for a family member, I was able to remain more calm and send good energy. This hasn’t always been the case before. I did several small but crucial tasks that lead towards the life of my dreams, and that for some reason or other, I had put off. I had fun and laughed at myself. I found some seafood “goodies” at the store for a low price, and made a dish I’ve always wanted to try. Usually it’s much more difficult to get into the “zone” of the realization of such fun and wonderful things. This is great.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Holly, thank you so so so much for input.

      I am sorry to hear a family member is ill, but very glad you were able to stay centered and have a remarkable day.

      As to on or off day, today and yesterday are off days.

      But it does not matter, for several reasons. Here is one (bear with this long explanation, please):

      My transmissions do not change you directly. I am not so arrogant as to decide what you need and then shift your energy accordingly. Ick!! I do not shift your energy, inject energy into you, or even dust off your aura. I would be harmful to meddle. Maybe others can do it safely, I cannot speak for them. But I see too many shamans think they know what others need.

      Instead, my transmissions are not something I do. It is something I am. Unlike today’s pseudo-egalitarian approach to shamanism, ancient shamans understood that each shaman has their own unique gifts.

      One of my gifts is that I am a good luck charm. This is not something I can teach someone else to do, although I can teach how to do it to some extent. But to do it strongly is how I was born; it is not something I do, but something I am.

      When I go into certain states, my presence, even long distance, creates an environment of possibility, among other things.

      That possibility, if one is willing, allows one to experience internal and external shifts.

      And these shifts reverberate far past the days of the transmission.

      Okay, one more piece to it. The possibilities, not being defined by me, are defined by your own beautiful essence, without any effort or conscious choice on your part. All you need is the willingness to change, however small that willingness might be.

      Part of my innate gift is that I affirm and strengthen the beauty in each person. It is a core aspect of my curriculums.

      Long winded, sorry, but do not know how to say it briefly.


      Also, thank you so much for posting your comment both on G+ and here. You posted important things. The more folks who see them, the more folks it might help. It also gave me the opportunity to answer your question on both sites, in case my response is also useful to people other than you. You rock!

  12. Thank you so much for all your endeavors. This is a reminder to me to continue my own studies and sharing my knowledge with others, and some interesting realizations have come to me in the past day or so. Thank you for your energy and your love.

    Blessed Be.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Wendy, nice to meetcha! Thank you for your feedback, it really helps me, and I am sure others. And I’m so glad to hear that the transmission is helping you..

      Yesterday was the second day of transmission. Now, today and tomorrow, I’m taking two days off.

      Monday, I’ll start the transmission again. So everyone will continue to receive it Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

      So we still have a lot more yummy energy to enjoy and be empowered by. I am loving this!

      I hope you come back and update all of us about how the transmission proceeds for you.

  13. Teece says:

    While the last two days have been sluggish and overwhelmed by my ridiculous workplace, last night i began to feel a shift… Everything just seeming more magical, colors brighter, hope a little easier to access. Today, despite the fact that I’m fighting a migraine, the morning feels like something is coming. The first thing i did when i rose from bed was go straight to my altar and call the corners and spirit of the season (full moon, hallows & Autumnal transition), and then Spirit guided me to send energy to you….suuporting you, thanking you. Now my house is filled with lit candles and the smell of pumpkin and spice and feels invigorated and magical. Loving this!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Teece, you are a joy!

      Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback.

      So many folks are overwhelmed now, myself included. Thank gods, my spiritual tools have banished that feeling, but if I try to be alone in my efforts, and therefore not hear others discuss their experiences of being overwhelmed, my own cld return in a heartbeat. We can not manage these times alone!

      I love how you describe the shift you feel. I too have felt more magic and hope from giving this transmission. Hearing your similar experience increases the power of mine.

      I am so sorry your head hurts!!!! Maybe the energy of the work I did thurs and Friday will come to you today and heal you.

      Thank you for kindly sending energy even when you do not feel well!

  14. donna says:

    Dearest Francesca, thank you thank you thank you. I have lately been almost paralyzed, both professionally and romantically. Two, seemingly small things (but hurdles to me) that I did today brought satisfaction in both areas. You are amazing and I hope that you receive as much goodness, kindness, love and magick as you transmit. Correction–receive even more, as you need your strength to help power us all to keep the 100 people energy going.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Donna, Thank u for letting me know that you found significant movement. Not only does that make me so so so happy in itself, but the good news gives me more energy for this process. Thank you for yr kind wishes.

      As day one almost ends, I am watching the beginning of The Hobbit on DVD—a good bit of magical fun to mark the beginning of our own little magical adventure this week, lol.

  15. Francesca De Grandis says:

    Day one, morning: Started the 100 people weeklong transmission today. It is rocking my boat. Are you feeling it yet? Little wondrous bits? Huge portents? Or…?

    8:15 pm EST: It’s already had beautiful impact on me. Am not done with it 2day yet, either, woohoo!

    On social media, some folks reported feeling really good shifts. That makes me happy.

  16. Marie says:

    i am experiencing the rooting of a transformation that has been coming along for some months now. today i, became conscious of all the changes and the healing that has been happening. felt like kissed by fate. thank you for supporting my path.

    and, as a present for my fellow wanderers… here what i wrote (and deeply felt) today…

    depression taught me the art of happiness. refusal the art of love. loneliness the art of freedom. mobbing the art of individuality and strength. my darkest nights taught me the art of positivity, because i always experienced a morning, no matter how dark and long the night was. never complain about the challenges of life: they might be the greatest present in disguise.

    love to you all.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thank you for letting me know. It will not occur to some people that the transmission supports work they’re already doing. Bc of your comment, they might notice the same happening themselves, and be empower by that recognition in all sorts of ways. Also, I have to add, your comment is so eloquently spoken. Thank you again!

  17. Kirsten Soler says:

    This is a huge undertaking, Mom. If you need support along the way don’t hesitate to ask. I know She is giving you what you need, but if you need a little extra I’m waiting in the wings. I’ll have my altar set with Francesca stuff and send energy to the Goddess in case you need reserve. I love you so much.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      I am good as is right now, but if I need help later I will let you know. Honey, you are a doll. Thanks for the offer!

  18. Kari says:

    I’m in the midst of a major life transition (including a move to a new city, moving in with my partner, changing careers and looking for work), and have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed, discouraged, despairing, and just simply in (psychological) pain. The past two weekends have been especially bad, leaving me feeling like I’m at the end of my rope in terms of what I can handle. Yesterday (coincidentally the 15th) I remembered the 100 people project. After replying, I had largely forgotten about it. So I checked back to see if 100 people had replied — to see if the transmission would go through. Although I don’t know what to expect from the transmission, just knowing that it will happen has helped calm me down a bit, and relax in the knowledge that somewhere, someone is working with the universe to send some of the help I need. 🙂

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Kari, I am so sorry to read of all your challenges and pain. But I am glad you felt this is a safe space to mention it all. I look forward to starting the transmission, bc I hope it gives you some part of what you need. I believe in my heart and bones that it will. Let us know. Take good care of yourself.

  19. Teece says:

    Oh dear sweet one, having read your book and loved it years ago, i was thrilled tofind a way to connects with you just magically spreading within my own spiral, and at a time when my life is in a pause for prayer and reflection. I’m excited for the hundred people project for many reasons and i send you thanks for the work you do, as well as love and support for all the energy that you are sending out there. Blessings to you on huge shimmering wings!!!

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Thank you for such a hugely loving post. Yes, it is so cool to go online and connect with new people, such as you. I am drinking in the love of your post!

  20. Holly Soutar says:

    Well, I felt the sense of critical mass building as Franscesca popped up in my direct stream of life again. I had been doing a few of the Third Road practices over the years, and also exploring other esoteric practices, along with conventional things, and really getting into the idea of the quantum universe and deliberate creation of one’s life (from some of the lesser-known, better thought-out sources on the subject not seen in the mainstream). I also got into hypnosis in a big way and am continuing with that, something that completely surprised me. What I found out is that the ways I have taken have all dovetailed nicely and are blossoming into a weird, wondrous amalgam of Spirit-Stuff, and the ongoing link of the Third Road practices has helped gather, simmer, and downstream the dovetailing going on in my life and the lives I intersect with. This is such a rich, meaningful, exciting time! Thanks for all the help. Now it’s my turn to help others, too, and pass on the word.

    • Francesca De Grandis says:

      Hi, Holly. Thank you for your kind words!

      Meeting you online a few weeks ago has led to exchanges I have truly enjoyed.

      It might comes as no surprise that one of my goals as a guide is to support people to integrate their supposedly disparate interests into a working whole. So it is affirming to read that my books do that for you.

      I am sure you are a source of Spirit for those you meet, bc you’ve already been one for me.

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