Wearing Joy: Talismanic Clothing


I am so happy that if I don’t share, I am going to burst. I am excited bc not only do i get to adorn moi, but my art has really taken a leap forward.

For the first time in years, I was able to add a slew of gorgeous pieces to my wardrobe. Had great fun as a fantasy artist, making myself fey-touched clothing that is street wear instead of costume. I painted and/or dyed all of it, including items already in my closet, which got radically upcycled, yay!


I consciously created a wearable manifestation of the inner joy that deepened in me recently. I’ve experienced great ecstasy in my life, so hitting this new level means feeling high high high.

imageThis happiness resulted from tres difficult inner work for a month or two, during which I bounced back and forth between painful breakthroughs and new capacities for joy, which had been blocked til said breakthroughs.

(Click on the smaller pics to see them unblurred and large.) The inner work was necessary to 1) teach the faerie shamanism class I just finished and 2) give a month-long spiritual transmission I did during that time. I’m not complaining, almost nothing makes me happier then being a spiritual guide. And no one in class or receiving the transmission was difficult. Rising to the occasion of truly serving simply requires that I always keep growing. Wheeeee! For one thing, amazing people bless me by being my students and clients; I want to be a teacher worthy of them. For another, I try to nail every single bit I do for them, because I believe it vital that, as much as possible, anything I give as a shaman be amazing and important.

And it just so happens that the past month or so required particularly painful, difficult growth.


Creating wardrobe helped fuel me through the growth. The painting, dyeing, and designing has been a transformative ritual. It was also part of the larger ritual that we (the people in the class and receiving the transmission, and myself) performed. (I look forward to giving them the url to this post.) I love how fabric art feeds me spiritually so that I can be the best possible shamanic guide for my clients. Especially since being a shamanic guide is my primary art form. Isn’t it awesome how allowing all one’s aspects to emerge and combine makes one whole?

SummerWrdrober2013A1WTxtFabric painting as ritual should not be used to avoid honestly facing the pain of growth. Fabric magic can’t replace the daily spiritual disciplines that transform me, get me through hard times, or allow my gods to keep me empowered and on track ethically. But this recent fabric art has been an awesome additional tool for inner growth.

I made more items, some of which I’ll post soon, as part of a blog on clothing oil painting, and the rest of which are not done yet. In the meantime, scroll down for more photos of the wardrobes I already finished.




Thank you for the privilege of sharing my happiness with you.

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  1. ellen says:

    Congrats! 🙂

    I especially like the scarf and the green skirt <3


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