May My Shamanic Visions Not Diminish My Serving as a Shaman

imageMy visions are dear to me. They are more than ecstatic, they are also my life’s sustenance. But as amazing as I experience them to be, that is only my experience. Therefore, they must not imply rules for others. Visions—no matter how mystical and heartfelt—must not diminish my moment-to-moment mundane-vision regarding the actual needs of my clients and students, must not blunt my hearing to the needs they state (as opposed to my opinion of what they need). So I pray, “Spirit, may each thought regarding one of my students or clients—or even potential students and clients—focus on serving their needs, not on any grand agenda I might have regarding You. Spare me from false ego. Help me always see the best way to serve. Whether someone is suffering or on top of the world, show me how my services as a shaman can help them in their actual circumstance and mindset.”
I am delighted to announce Archetype Coaching in a one-hour appointment—instead of only as part of something else (e.g., a class)—as has been the case til now.

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