What Is a Direct Spiritual Transmission?

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I have been asked more than once “What do you mean when you say that you give direct spiritual transmissions?”

I can’t give an “official” definition of direct spiritual transmissions because I do not know how anyone else does it. However, someone told me that the name for what I do is “direct spiritual transmissions.” I can describe what I myself do. Though perhaps, as you will see, a better way to put it might be that I can describe what I am.

It feels important to add that it’s taken me a lot of years to come up with the words for this. It has always felt more important to be and do than to name. Much as I love words, mine have been more focused on helping folks be and do than on proclaiming who I am. In fact, had I been looking for identification instead of being, I might never have found my gift of the ability to give transmissions.

A transmission: I go into a state whereby others benefit. I do not do anything to you. I do not inject you with energy, I do not even dust off your aura. I feel it would be unethical and dangerous to go about rearranging people. Not to mention arrogant to presume I was someone who should do so. Besides, I have enough on my hands just bit by bit changing myself, slowly over the years. And i do not give these spiritual transmissions on the false assumption that I am better than others, because i am so far from a perfect being that it makes me smile, in good humor at myself. I was simply born as a human good luck charm. I do not know why the Gods chose someone as flawed as me to give this gift to. But people are transformed big time in ways they want when I am in that state I mentioned.

Francesca De Grandis, 2012

The transmissions happen naturally when I teach, lead ritual, or spiritually counsel. But I also give spiritual transmissions in and of themselves.

I hope this helps you know what I do/am. More important, I hope it explains what I do well enough for you to choose whether it could benefit you. So that we can be fully ourselves rather than distracted by defining ourselves.

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