Self-Acceptance—A Blessing

Self-Acceptance—A Blessing

I send this blog into the world as a blessing. It takes less than a minute to receive:

* Touch the pic,

* then take a deep relaxed breath—nothing fancy, just the sort of yummy breath that, for example, someone might automatically take at their desk just before they stretch a tight muscle

* then be open to Divinity’s love of you. It will help you love yourself. Already love yourself? There is always room for more love!

Being open to Divinity’s love is not the same as worrying about whether you will receive that love, attempting to figure out how you will receive it, frantically trying to feel that love, hoping you are “worthy” of it (we are children of the Divine, born with innate worth and beauty), or otherwise filling up with so much fear, tension, and busyness that there is no room for Divine love.

Being open can mean just relaxing best you can (you don’t have to do any part of this blessing process anywhere near perfectly) and taking a few more deep breaths. Whatever happens, don’t judge yourself or worry; even if you feel nothing, it doesn’t mean nothing happened, the whole day awaits!

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4 Responses to Self-Acceptance—A Blessing

  1. Bonnie Lynne says:

    Thanks Francesca for this beuatiful and healing gift.
    Peace and love, Bonnie Lynne

  2. ellen says:

    did it 🙂 thanks! ellen 🙂

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