Release into Freedom

I’m nervous about this week’s blog being a picture-poem. Calligraphied pic-poems since a teen, but didn’t share lots til recently (mostly in oral tradition). In fact, I usually make them only for my own use. As is the case with the one below. But then decided to share it. Sharing my poems when they’re a pic-poem is intimate, feels even more risky than sharing my usual poetry! So…gulp. (Though others would differ, I find this barely a picture poem, but I’m compelled to share it. If you like it, then I’ll share wilder, more pictorial pieces.)

If the pic-poem isn’t big nuf, click on it. When a new window opens, be sure it’s open all the way; the image’ll be larger.

This picture poem is a contemplation, ritual, vision…ok, I’m being a bad bard. Bad mystic, bad! The ecstatic path unfurls itself, if you let it. Which is part of what the pic-poem is about, so I’d better try to walk my talk! So I’ll let the pic-poem speak 4 itself. Blessings on our day, moi

Release Into Freedom, Picture-Poem by Francesca De Grandis

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12 Responses to Release into Freedom

  1. Ellen Isaacs says:

    …the topic takes my mind back to your “Gentle Heart, Palm Up” class. I am feeling inspired to pull out those notes again. Peace…

    p.s. I have always loved the ways you illustrate your poems. Like a beautiful cloak I can wrap myself up in while breathing in the scent of your words… love, ellen

    • francesca says:

      Ellen, thank u!!!!!!!!! It feels risky to share my calligraphy this publically. I mean, I do it some in the old Faerie Nation Mag, but by and large I don’t. So it is nice that u like this. And yr mentioning how u feel about illustrated poems that I gave u as handouts in class makes me feel so good! It’s also funny u mentioned it reminds u of my Gentle Heart Palm Up class. I don’t publish my oral trad curriculums. There are two exceptions: Gentle Heart and one other class were written with the intention of also being books someday. Even so, each book will have to be way different from the class. For many many reasons. But why I mention all this: I have calligraphied stuff for the Gentle Heart book that is not in the class, as a way to deal with challenges a BOOK has with the material that couldn’t be overcome with typeset words! Co-inka-dink!

  2. Mae Anna says:

    Francesca, I was saying my thanks to you last night as I finished Chapter 3 in Goddess Initiation. I was glad someone thought of those of us who are meant to walk the solitary path and learn the lessons in our own way and in our own time. This picture poem speaks volumes to me as I watch the news, listen to the heart breaking stories of those I work with and witness the rotten bologna business people do to one another. Your poem is a power filled statement that reminds me to check in to my core and line up with my life compass. Thank you and blessings sister.

    • francesca says:

      Mae, o Mae, bless u! I don’t know if u can imagine what yr post meant to me. I am ALL about each individual having their own path. Channeling books (instead of repeating current dogma and exercises) that are a process to help one find one’s truth in one’s own way isn’t easy. “Goddess Initiation” took me 13 years. I get a LOT of flack for what I do, not just from the mainstream but also from many fundie pagans, heathen though I am. Unless I’m mistaken, (correct me if I’m wrong) u and I have never met, or spoken before, but your little pep talk means everything. Thank u!!

  3. Grasshopper says:

    works for me. there is something authentic that comes through when I can see your handwriting as well as your pictures, that is not there in a typed poem. I trust you know what I mean. 🙂

    • francesca says:

      Hiya, Grasshopper, so glad y’r here!! Yeah, I get it. Calligraphy moves the written word a TAD toward oral tradition. As to the question deleted from yr post, I’ll explain y if u call me (speaking of oral transmission) and will answer the question. This week I’ll finally have time for a jaw waggin fest if u still do

  4. Vara says:

    Thanks! It felt good!

  5. francesca says:

    thomas, thanks for your kind words re my work, and your comments on this blog and on my I’m not Normal blog. I so appreciate it all! Truly!

    Elise, Nina, you guys are great! I sooo need u to be here and participate in this crazy thing I’m doing so that i’m not all alone in it! Thank u for being crazy like me. And this is yr 2nd post, nina, yay!!

  6. elise says:

    I love this, and look forward to more. Your willingness to share so much has enriched my life, thank you!

  7. Nina says:

    I love the movement and passion. Thank you for sharing. Blessed Be.

  8. thomas byrnes says:

    Love it ! Love your books , your music and you ! My health issues are not as serious as yours , but I’m a cripple nonetheless . Thanks for helping me be less ” crippled inside ” ! Light , Peace & Health !

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