Staying Calm midst Holiday Madness

Home for the Holidays 

The phrase “home for the holidays” causes a wide range of reactions. For one person, it might elicit cherished memories of Mom’s freshly baked cookies, still warm out of the oven. For another person, the phrase might strike something akin to terror in the heart, because the holidays were always a time of family squabbles. However, for almost all of us, this time of year tends to be overwhelmingly busy and at least a little dizzying.

So I decided to play with the phrase. What if “home for the holidays,” along with everything else it might mean, also implied that you felt at home in yourself? In other words, during the season’s hustle and bustle, what if you had a place inside yourself where the season was exactly what you wanted, even if only for a minute? 

Examples: Perhaps you’re someone who likes to ignore the holidays. Then for you being home might mean being serenely oblivious of all the holiday hubbub. If you’re someone for whom spirituality is important, then “home for the holidays” might mean focusing on serving others, or being in tune with what nature is doing this time of year. 

One way to find your inner home is to ask yourself what’s important to you. In this particular instance, I don’t mean what’s important in your life overall, but what’s vital to you right now, this month. Come up with one thing. Then find one thing you can do to embody the truth, priority, or other answer you gave yourself. Don’t worry if all you come up with is the tiniest act, attitude, or . . .  Better something than nothing at all. 

The one important thing I choose is to find wonder. My reasons: Wonder is important, it lifts the spirits, which is needed midwinter. Finding our inner wonder provides us with a sanity-inducing touchstone midst Dec’s madness. 

Being so busy busy busy with my Etsy shop, one thing I will do to find wonder is to keep reminding myself that I’m one of Santa’s busy busy busy elves, spending months making things the old-fashioned hand-crafted way to fill his sleigh, so that everyone gets truly magical gifts this Yule. This makes me enjoy my work sooooo much! (Yes, a bunny can so too be an elf!)

Love love love love love, and jingle bells, FDG  P.S . The above blog is an update of a piece I wrote 2006, which felt appropriate to share again, with a little update!

Maxim and Painting by Outlaw Bunny

Maxim and Painting by Outlaw Bunny

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